Rating: PG

I Always Knew

by Holly Ferguson

I guess I always knew that I loved Hawkeye, but when I got engaged to Donald it was just a fling, I was very lucky to have Hawkeye in my life, Frank was always there for me but he was a ninny. I thought for sure that Donald was the real thing but it wasn't until one night at 2:30 in the morning that I realized I could never marry someone I didn't love.

Margaret: Hawkeye, it's my appendix, I think it's going to rupture.

Hawkeye: Wha, it's two in the morning Margaret, can't you wait?

Margaret: Now Hawkeye it hurts like hell!

Hawkeye: Okay Margaret I'll get B.J you just get to pre op and lie down.

Margaret: Okay, I don't want Frank any where near me when I being operated on, okay?

Hawkeye: Sure thing Margaret.

In O.R

Hawkeye: Okay Margaret let me feel your abdomen.

Margaret: NO WAY, I'm engaged you know!

Hawkeye: I know that Margaret, I came to your party.

Margaret: Oh yeah, fine! Owww that hurt!

Hawkeye: We better operate now, I think it's about to rupture.

Margaret: Okay fine.

Margaret's operation went smoothly and she is now slowly recovering with the help of Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Now, I think you should go back to your tent and get some rest.

Margaret: Okay, your the doctor, will you help me get into bed it hurt's a lot still and I'm so weak, I hate it.

Hawkeye: Sure Margaret anything for a friend.

In Margaret's tent Hawkeye helps her get into bed a plant's a soft kiss on Margaret's forehead, then her cheek and the finally her mouth, Hawkeye had only meant for a small kiss on her cheek but got carried away. Margaret gladly accepted by kissing back, he planted soft kisses all over he face and arms, as he slowly crept into bed with Margaret, she was trying to say something, to Hawkeye.

Margaret: Mmm.. Hawkeye, I'm mmm calling off the engagement... I'm too in love with someone else, to get married.

Hawkeye: Then what the hell am I doing here then, if you love someone else then why are you kissing me, I know I started this but come on Margaret. I really don't fell like getting hurt by you today, let alone ever.

Margaret: Hawkeye wait!

Hawkeye was just about to leave Margaret's tent when she asked him to wait, he waited.

Hawkeye: What?

Margaret: That someone is you Hawkeye, I always loved you, ever since we came over the hill two years ago. I never loved Frank, or Donald. I just needed a man in my life, and Frank was the only suitable man.

Hawkeye: Margaret, you don't know how long I have waited to here that!

Hawkeye walked back over to Margaret lifted her up from her bed and covered her with passionate kisses.

Later that night Margaret put a call through to Donald.

Margaret: Donald I can't marry you, I'm in love with someone else!

Donald: Margaret, but I love you, hold on a sec, Darlene be quite I'll be back in bed in a minute! Now where where we?

Margaret: Who were you talking to? YOU ASS YOU WHERE CHEATING ON ME WEREN'T YOU!?

Donald: Well baby I was but now that the engagement is off we can cheat and not actually call it cheating!


Margaret went, more like hobbled (her stomach still hurt like the devil) and went in to the Swamp to talk to hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Ohh, hi Margaret.

B.J: Hi Margaret.

Margaret: Hi B.J, Hawkeye can I talk to you in my tent?

Hawkeye: Sure Margaret.

Hawkeye went over to Margaret's tent and they talked about the phone call she had had with Donald. Just before Hawkeye was going to leave he gave Margaret a kiss and he just couldn't get one thought out of his mind Hawkeye told Margaret he would be back in a minute, as he went to the swamp to find some ting his father had given him just in case he needed it.Hawkeye went back to Margaret's tent and found he sound asleep, he told him self it could wait till morning.

In the morning, Hawkeye woke up with Margaret beside him, she was awake.

Hawkeye: Margaret I have something I need to ask you.

As Hawkeye got off her bed, and down on one knee he asked her if he would marry him.

Margaret: Of course I will marry you hawkeye.

They had a huge wedding at the camp, Col. Potter walked Margaret down the aisle, B.J was Hawkeye's best man.

The End