Anthony Fremont - ( Twilight Zone ) - The true villain of the piece, an anti-Mary Sue, if you will. Virtually omniscient and nigh-omnipotent, the Devil in the form of a 6-year old boy. Posessed of a ferocious and mercurial temper, no one native to his universe could lay so much as a glove on him, though many tried. Posessed of massive Psi/PsychoKinetic powers, capable of altering reality at the molecular, though likely not the atomic level.

It was later theorized by the reality-travelers that in 1957 on this version of Earth, the pod containing Will and Penny Robinson failed to bring them to Earth before suffocation. Using the DNA from these Alpha Centaurian humanoids, scientists either cloned or impregnated a woman with Anthony. In any event, he was raised by The Fremonts in Peaksville, Ohio. It was quickly realized that the boy had powers. It is possible that whatever menace killed Alpha Centauri approached Earth, perhaps as little as two years later. Instead of destroying this menace, though, Anthony absorbed it, becoming virtually god-like. On October 31, 1962, Anthony destroyed all life on Earth except for his hometown, over which he wielded a nightmarish control. Utilizing telepathy and psychokinetic molecular control, he killed off the frightened inhabitants until he was alone. Periodically, he would bring everyone back to life, to torment them once again.

On an unknown day many centuries hence, the ageless abomination was physically killed in a very brutal manner by fed-up town residents. However, this did not destroy him. Regenerating his smashed body, he dispersed all remaining life on Earth at the sub-atomic level, but then found he could no longer reintegrate them. His angry mind now reached out into the universe around him, and teleported all life forms into solid rock, killing them instantly. Those that could survive this were merely destroyed.

Jealous and furtive, Anthony sensed the existence of other universes, but lacked the power to depopulate them. One day, for reasons unknown, he sensed the sometimes-anguish of six powerful individuals from various realities. Using one of them with time/space abilities, he drew them all to his realm, intending to punish their 'unhappy thoughts'. One, he had encountered before, only to be defeated. After a long chase through Multiple Alternate Universes, the six combined their abilities to convince Anthony to punish himself for creating 'unhappy thoughts'. The resulting feedback erased the impact he had on his native universe. He had existed, but the cosmos had retained a memory of itself, and 'rebooted'.

Anthony Fremont was able to withstand physical blows from Blake Pierce, who could press about 40 tons in this story. He was able to overpower both Peter and Saavik Kirk, Psis who are able to deflect the lightning from King Ghidorah's heads. He had apparently resisted decapitation, or survived it, and brushed off Quickening-based Energy bolts from Walter O'Reilly. Wesley Crusher, who posesses significant trans-temporal abilities, was only able to hold him still because the boy had forgotten to seize control of time in his universe. Even though DNA-similar Will and Penny Robinson could not be directly affected by Anthony's abilities, they were quite vulnerable to physical manifestations of his abilities, such as his 'pet' dinosaurs. He was also able to follow the travelers through the realities, though in the multiverse his power was merely formidable, not invincible.

In short, be glad he's dead and negated.

Pierce, Hawkeye - A veritable titan of a man, with powers in 2004 roughly equivalent to those of The Post-Crisis Superman. Nothing cosmic--yet. For all that, he is also still the surgeon from the 4077th MASH in Korea. Death has still claimed a few too many of his friends, like Henry Blake, Sidney Freedman, and much of the secondary staff at the 4077th. He has lived a larger life than many of us, but he's never lost perspective : He is a man, who loves a good woman, and has known good friends. The fact that his first CO was a Knight Of The Round Table, his second CO later a vampire, his stepsister a witch, and his former sidekick protege to The Highland Macleods, all only serves to bring back to him how precious life is. When Pierce cried out to a dying patient, 'Don't Let The Bastard Win!' he was not speaking to Cigarette Man, Kronos, or Ghidorah. He was speaking to Death.

Strength level : Hawkeye Pierce is able to dead lift 100 tons or more

Mental abilities : He is able to calculate an opponents activities up to 200 major series of movements. Much of the rest of his enhanced brainpower is used to take in the information his enhanced senses deliver to him. The rest was destroyed when he became a father. ;)

Speed : Pierce's speed has never been properly determined, except that his wife is faster. He has claimed to be able to outrace jets in flight.

Drink Mixing : No one has successfully survived one of his drinks.

Pierce, Margaret Houlihan - A bit less of a glory-hog than her flamboyant husband, she is the swifter and the smarter of the two. Although only able to press 40 tons, she is the better fighter on a 2 to 1 basis, as many a groping, drunken GI in Korea could attest. She is also more disciplined, but this leads her often to depend on Hawkeye's chaotic nature to get things moving, and to be ruthless with him when he is not true to himself. Margaret's abilities mirror and compliment her husband's, or as she likes to put it, his ablities mirror and compliment hers.

Always a healer first, she once risked exposure of her hidden nature to save a little girl in SouthEast Asia from a group of drug dealing warlords. In the year 2372, the Immortal looker and her husband took their places as Co-CMO's aboard The Enterprise-E ( Starting Over AU ).

Kirk, Saavik Brianna - The version of Saavik from The Ancient Destroyer Universe differs from the canon on several fronts. In this, she is not Spock's ward, but his daughter. But since she was the result of Spock's imprisonment and debasement, for many years he avoided her and supressed memories of her mother, the brutal Romulan Commander Linviaj. As a result, the needy little heart was adopted instead by Captain Kirk, not a year after the presumed death of his nephew/son Peter. Growing up on Vulcan, she suffered torment from a people supposedly free of bigotry and hate. Her only lifelines were her unspoken grandparents, Sarek and Amanda, her adoptive father Jim, and the adoptive brother she rescued from captivity. To her delight, the instant physical/emotional attraction they felt was mutual, and intense. Both are given to hideous rages, the result of ritualistic abuse suffered as children. Slowly but surely, her own psionic abilities came on-line. Like Peter, she possesses massive telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Peter can move a planet; Saavik knows how to move it without breaking it.

The year 2286 saw a number of changes to her life, almost all positive. The most important : She is no longer apt to see herself as the weaker partner in her marriage, which was revealed to be a sense brought about not by their marriage, but by the fact that Peter is also technically her older brother. In 'Infinite Paths' the battles she waged increased her confidence for the upcoming final battle with King Ghidorah. Her strength level, without psionic aid, is roughly twice to three times that of an average Vulcan female of her height, weight, and build. Sadly, this is the result of drugs her captors on Hellguard gave her to keep her from dying as a result of sexual abuse.

Kirk, Peter Claudius - In 2254, George Samuel Kirk, Junior, was found to be sterile. Wishing a child of his own bloodline, 'Sam' asked his younger brother Jim to father a child by Sam's wife, Aurelan Sorel Kirk. On December 8, 2255, Peter was born. Several different heritages mixed together in this seemingly normal boy. The Kirks were part of a lifeforce known as 'The Line'. Much of it is not known, except to certain historians. It seems, at its core, to impart the very best of humanity to a member. Also in Peter's heritage was his mother's father, Thomas Sorel, in reality deposed Romulan Emperor Tasorel The Fifth, also a descendant of Surak, Vulcan's philosopher. Lastly, both Peter and his wife have inherited an odd set of pre-mammalian genes from a creature that would have evolved to fight and deter Ghidorah. Peter posesses the strongest Psi in his native universe, and perhaps in several more. His strength level is over twenty-five times that of a human male his size, weight, and build, without psionic backup. His endurance is immeasurable. Peter has cared for his entire family as a boy, endured beatings from his paternal grandmother as a teenager, gone through ten years of cryonic torture at the hands of Ghidorah's xenophobic worshippers, and survived loving his mercurial stepsister. If he has a flaw, it is his bloodthirsty nature, a remnant of the creature who is his ancestor by way of a freakish mammalian whelp the dinosaur had.

Peter is a lot more apt to shoot first and ask questions much later. But then, if you had lived his life, so might you be.

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