A Kiss is Just a Kiss
Alternate ending to "Inga"

by hawkshotlips1

Inga Halverson yawned and washed her face. She was ready to face the day today... she was interested in these two doctors..She got dressed and walked outside.

Charles was in the Mess Tent kitchen preparing a treat. He sighed and put the wine in the basket. A picnic.. he mentioned a picnic and then Pierce backed off... but he was going to make her Swedish pancakes.. well. that just took the bite off this date...didn't...it.. he would find out more later...

Margaret came out and sighed. She hadn't a chance to talk to the new doctor and she saw her head to the Mess tent kitchen.


Inga stopped. "Yes, Major."

"It's Margaret.. "

"Ah... Margaret.. well.. someone here that is friendly."

"Well. that's right.. I'm head nurse.. Inga... is it all right if I call you that?"

"By all means."

"I wanted to tell you about the doctors.. in the event they put their feet in their mouths.. or try to be fresh..."

"I'm having breakfast.. with one. and a lunch with another."

"Is that right?

Charles came around to the front of the Mess tent and frowned at her. "Margaret."

"Charles.. " she backed up.

Inga looked at them and frowned... no.. did Margaret like the man?. it looked like she did. the way they greeted one another. She felt sad.. but then the other one.. that Doctor Pierce.. he was . very cute.. and he had a nice smile. She looked at Charles again.

"Inga and I are having a breakfast.. alone."

"You are?"

"Yes.. and don't bother us."

Margaret stood there and smiled at him. "Right."

Charles headed to the OR supply room. "I was thinking in here.. .. but..." he opened the door. He had set up a table and chairs.

Inga smiled. "Ah. is this a special place?"

"Seems to be."

"Do the doctors take the nurses here?"

"Why yes."

She sat down. "I see."

"I'm beyond that....I don't stoop to that level.... but. well. I am making an exception."

"So, Major.. you have anyone.. I mean. you like someone?"

She opened the basket and took out the wine.

Charles took out the plate and unwrapped it. "You think I do?"

"I got that impression... from the Major."

"She told you?"

"Oh no.."

"Well. I think she likes someone.. secretly.."

"You should be flattered."

"Inga.. " he took her hands. "Oh.. brother... well. um.. let's eat and I'll try to change your mind.."

Inga took the wrapper off.the Swedish pancakes that Charles had prepared for them.

"I hope you like this."

"So you take her in here."

"Oh.. Inga.. listen.." he kissed her hand. "I'm not.. um.. I don't. um.. well. she is a vixen."

"I see."

Margaret opened the door to the Post Op... so Charles took Inga in here.. the supply room.. well.. she hoped that he wouldn't.. hurt her.. shoot.. that woman needed to have confidence in her profession and not be scared off... she went to put the towels in the bin.

Hawkeye was surprised there were no patients.. but then he need to talk to Inga.. no. at lunch. he smiled and then saw Margaret. She moved to the supply door and put her hand on the knob.. .. locked.. thank goodness.



"Someone is in there.. huh?"


"I'm supposed to have lunch.. um.. with.. Inga.. I am going to make Swedish pancakes.."

"You are?"

"Well... I think she's having a picnic with Charles.. he beat me.. to it.. rats.. she may not want to.. I don't know what he is feeding her."

"A lot."

"A lot?"

"Yeah.." she moved closer. "Hawkeye. I swear.. you try so hard.. ."

"You think I'm after something? Oh. you're jealous.. right?"

She sighed. "Of what?"

He smiled at her. "You tell me."

"Okay.. um.. " she put her hands on his face. "Why don't you.."

"Why don't I what?"

"Kiss me.."

He hugged her closer. "Major Houlihan.. why don't we step in here."

She walked in the change room and stood there. "Yes?"

He sat on the bench and pulled her on his lap. "So.. you are.. admit it."

She moved her hands on him. "You're just a big flirt.."

He pulled her closer. "So are you."

In the supply room.. Inga sighed. "I think we need to find out.. I mean.. look.. we can go for a walk."

Charles sighed and put the things away. "I'd like that."

She stood up."Out here." she opened the door. She sighed and moved to the OR and then she looked around. It was clean and she saw the curtains to the change room. Was that clean? She heard the survival rate was very high and they were very clean.. and she moved the curtain. She stood there and her jaw dropped and she backed up. Charles set the basket on the desk and moved in the OR.

"Inga.. are you checking up on us?"

She stood there. "I am not." she had tears on her face.

"What is wrong?" he moved to her and put his arms around her.

She moved her head against him. "I got the wrong one."

"The wrong one.. I have no idea what you are saying... "

"The wrong one.. Major.. I thought it was you.. "

He kissed her forehead. "Look. you want me to look... there's something on your mind."

She wiped her eyes. "Would you?"

"For you.. anything." he moved to the curtain and went in. His jaw dropped.

Hawk had Margaret on his lap and he cradled her in his arms. They were kissing passionately. Charles sighed.


Hawk sighed and moved his head. "Charles.. didn't you have a date?"

"I did.. but um. she wanted to check.. on something... and I guess she found it.. oh.. are you a jackass."

Hawk frowned. "You dare you.... listen.. you are arrogant and pompous.... and also a jackass."

"Now simmer down.. you're already hot.. aren't you... well.. you should behave properly and curb your appetite."

"Oh yeah.. well. it's just fine. .I mean.. oh.. you're jealous.. is that it?"

"Jealous of what? I don't find your tactics for romance to my taste..."

Margaret sighed. "Boys... listen..." she moved her hands on Hawkeye's face. "You don't have to get upset... what is a little kissing?"

"It's not what I call a little kissing.. Major Houlihan.. it's what I call... a lot.. the way you are attacking each other.. you know there's a little lady out there.. "

Hawk sighed. "A what? You mean.. Inga? She saw us.. kissing?"

"Oh did she.. and you promised her a lunch.. Pierce.. that is just so tactless."

Margaret sighed and moved to sit up. "Tactless... is right.. I mean.. we shouldn't even be in here."

Hawk pulled her to him. "No.. I want to.. I didn't.. promise Inga a thing.. nothing.. really I didn't."

"Why are you telling me? You should tell her.. your intentions... and by the way.. what are they?"

"Margaret.. it's not the time to discuss it.."

"Guess what.. this operation... you were doing... I'm better off anesthetized.. because then I won't feel any pain." She moved off his lap and walked out.

"See what you did.. Pierce.. you wounded two females.. one of whom is your lover and the other one.. well. I don't know what she is.. to you.. but you should explain that to both of them.. so you don't wear yourself out."

"Charles.. I'll thank you not to tell me how to run my love life."


Hawk stood up. "Oh yeah.. well. you want to stand in line.. I mean.. I already have a fight on my hands.. with Margaret and then I have to apologize to Inga for my behavior... if I didn't know better I think you were a scorned lover.. and in that event.. which one?"

"Which one? You're implying that I have feelings for them?"

"I think you must.. otherwise you don't act this way."

"Well.. you are really a barbarian... if you want to do your love.. whatever you do.. in public.. there are times and places for that."

"End of discussion.. Chuckie boy.. I'm leaving.'" Hawk walked out

Margaret had walked out of the OR and she saw Inga walking to the VIP tent.

"Inga.. wait..."

Inga stood there."Ah Margaret..."

"We need to talk."

Inga stood there and she nodded her head. At that second...

"All personnel to the OR and on the double.. we have wounded!"

Margaret sighed. "How about after.. okay?" she headed back to the OR.

"There goes that lunch date." Inga whispered.

"Come on.. forget about it... we have to get in here.. listen.. are you going to be okay?"

"I hope to be.. I think I will."

Inga watched them and she went to work. She had to do this and prove to herself she was as good as they were.. She didn't need them putting her down and for her techniques. She was pleased the Colonel praised her work. She knew that Margaret was on her side too. It was long and tiresome in here. She kept going and then finally was tired.

Everyone put their scrubs in the bin and walked out. It was now early morning. Inga knew she would be going home tomorrow.. she knew that the days were temporary.. she was here to learn.. she was here to see how this camp did it. She headed for the showers and saw Margaret. She waited and then went in. Margaret stood inside.

"I have a problem.. as you say."

"Well.. just go with it.. and see. the OR session interrupted that lunch you planned."

"Hawkeye is cute.. as you say."

"Cute? If you tell him that.. he'll fall all over you."

"Major Winchester is interesting."

"He seems to be.. and he can be.. he's hard to admit if he's wrong."

"If he does.. what about Hawkeye?"

"You tell me if he bothers you... I'll tell him off."

"I think we have a problem.. if we both like two men."

"Well. if Major Winchester likes you.. and you like him... I'm guessing there is a problem if you like Hawkeye."

"But.... supposing... it was Hawkeye? I mean you kissed him?"

"What's a friendly little kiss?"

"Very confusing.." Inga pulled on her robe over the towel."I think you Americans.. have very complicated relationships."

"Why don't you get some rest.... and try at breakfast... "

"I'll do that."

They each went to their tents... Inga lay down and sighed. She wasn't sure of which one and as Margaret told her.. she had to figure it out.. .. she thought that Margaret liked Charles. because of the look on her face yesterday for the breakfast.... and then.. she thought it was Hawkeye as they were kissing... and then she asked Charles and he denied it... but he said.. Margaret liked someone.... oh.. well.. she had to decide.. which one for her.. .. and she closed her eyes.

Margaret lay there and sighed... she knew that Charles had to like Inga.. and a lot.. and she was figuring it was the way Charles stood up for her.. when Inga found she and Hawk kissing... he acted so hurt for her. And Hawkeye was mad and he didn't know how to react... he admitted he didn't do anything wrong.. and then.. what if he felt something for Inga? She had to know.. but then.. she figured that Inga was leaning for Charles.. more because she didn't have the lunch yet, but then Hawkeye could go with the charm and totally disarm her. shoot... she really cared for Hawkeye.. and she didn't want to admit this... but she had to let him know or he would just fall for more nurses and it was time he grew up and went for her.

It was nine and Inga walked out to see Hawkeye. He gave her a smile and walked to her and took her arm.

"We missed our lunch date.... I was thinking those Swedish pancakes for breakfast... you know?"

"Hmm. Hawkeye.. we make them together... is that okay?"

"Very much... okay."

They walked to the back of the kitchen and went in Hawk found the recipe and looked at it. "I asked him to get some things for the ingredients... here.. "

"I don't want you to make them.. Doctor Winchester.."

"Oh great." Hawk turned off the stove.

She sighed. "I'm sorry."

"So you want something else?"

She nodded her head. "Yes."

Hawk grinned. "A kiss?"

She kissed him and he stood there. "Oh boy." she whispered.

Hawk sighed. "Inga.. I think you're going too quick for me."

"Hm.. we have a problem.. Captain.. don't we?"

"We do?"

"Well. I think there's someone who likes you and then there is someone who likes her.. and then I can't figure who I like."

"Can you help me on this one?"

"I think Major Houlihan likes you.. or Major Winchester.. and he likes her and then he likes me. and I like you."

Hawk grinned. "I think we need to figure it out."


"And you leave tomorrow night?" he kissed her forehead.

She sighed and looked at him. "You go really fast."

"I never met a female doctor.... at the camp.. I mean.. the nurses pale to what you know."

"Just because I'm a doctor.. doesn't mean.. I know it all... I feel intimidated.... and put down... I'm not treated equally."

"Is that all.. well.. you're doing just fine."

She took it and sighed. "You're just being really nice to me."

"Let me kiss you.again" he moved his lips to hers. She kissed him and he pulled her closer. She wasn't sure of him but she gave to him more than she wanted... it scared her.... and she moved away."Inga.. are you trying to lead.. I mean. you can't.. do that.."

"You don't want me to?" she turned her head away from him. She had tears on her face.

"Did I say something wrong? I'm sorry." he put his hand on her face.

"Why don't we not talk about this... I need to think... " she backed away and then walked out of the kitchen. She was really upset now and she didn't know what to feel.

Margaret had taken a walk and she headed for the back of the kitchen.... it gave her peace to stand out here alone on most mornings.... she heard voices and then she crept closer to the door. She looked in and saw the two kissing... it ripped her heart. She had no idea that Hawkeye really did like Inga... that was too much... and Inga seemed to like him. She backed up and bumped into someone.


She turned to see Charles. "Well.. Major... are you a mind reader?"

"No I'm not.. I come here you know."

"I see." she bit her lips and felt more tears. She didn't want him to see her face. She turned around and folded her arms.

"Oh Margaret.. listen..." he stopped and heard it too.... and he saw Inga rush out of the door and he shook his head.

Margaret had seen Inga rush out and she stood there. "Never fails.. does.. it.. he just can't say the right thing."

Charles looked at her and put his hands on her arms. "Major Houlihan... answer me.. this... you have feelings for Pierce?"

She nodded her head. "Yes." she whispered

"Heaven help us.. and that poor girl does too.. unless he made a pass at her..."

"I think she likes you too. Charles.. she told me.. but then.. you have a problem... because she might like Hawkeye."

"I would imagine so.... and so do you.. if she likes him..."

"Can we find out?"

"I think one of you would be hurt to see that."

"Not if one of us has someone to make her feel better.... and Charles.. you are going to get Inga to run in your arms."

"I'm ... to do what?" he whispered.

"I'm going to let Hawkeye have it at dinner... and tell him off in the worst way... and then you come and tell him how to treat a woman... and then.. Inga will be there.. and... well.. it's your choice to follow your heart..."

"Margaret.. where do you come up with these things?"

"I'm a woman."

Charles sighed. "Alright.. let me talk to Inga to soothe her... and you go about your duties today."

"Thank you. " Margaret walked to her tent. She was going to do her duties and she smiled for once and knew this plan would take place.

Charles sighed and went to Inga's tent. He tapped on the door. The door opened and Inga stood there. She let him in and she sat down. Charles saw her record player and found a record. She stood up and walked to him.

"Inga... listen to me.. I was talking to the Major.... she's going to.. let PIerce have it tonight... and.. the idea is to help you...and see what's up... and I'm to help out.. but.. well.. it may turn out wrong.. I mean.. the Major... she...." he stopped.

Inga put her hands on his face. "You like music... don't you? Do you dance?"

"No I don't.. but if you want to."

"So this idea... it's to get me with him.. or what? I can't like someone who is taken.. . he says he's not."

"I think the Major cares for him a lot... and I think he is too pigheaded to see that.. but then he sees a woman.. and he goes insane... but that's his way to be nice... he can't commit... I mean.. I don't think he found the right one.."

Inga sighed. "I'm not trying to go for him.. .. I don't know what to feel. If two men try to get my affection... I have to think and decide.. but then.. if you're sure I'm not getting hurt.. "

Charles heard the music and proceeded to dance with her. "Are you leading.. you know that's interesting... "

"You don't push me away."

"Inga.. I think we'll get along.. during your time left."

It was a long day of surgery and finally dinner time. Inga had cleaned up and went to sit at a table. Charles and Margaret came in and headed for her table.

"Inga... are you ready?"

"I try to be."

Margaret sighed and turned her head. "Well. here goes."

Hawkeye entered the tent and saw them and he headed for another table. Inga got up and walked to him to sit down.

"Inga... we have a movie tonight.. would you like to go?"

Inga sighed. "I don't know.. Captain.. we didn't hit it off so well at breakfast."

"Captain? Listen... I'm not trying to hurt you.. "

Inga shook her head. "I'm going now." she got up to leave the tent.

Margaret walked over to him. "Captain Pierce.. you want to go outside."

"Margaret.. . you want a fight.. fine.. we'll have it out out there." he opened the door and then they stood there.

Inga had stopped and she turned around. She had to get a good look at this and she moved to the side of the tent.

Hawkeye looked at Margaret. "Alright.. out with it."

"How dare you treat her that way? You think you're a good catch.. well. excuse me. you're not.. you don't have any manners... you think the ladies will fall right at your feet."

"Ah... that's it... you want me.. huh?"

"Are you crazy?.... All I'm saying you don't know how to treat a woman right.... you have a lot to learn."

"And are you an expert on how to be treated?"

"That's cruel.... you are so pigheaded.. Pierce.. .. and as for your kissing skills.. I can find someone a lot better than you."

Charles came out. "Aw... children.... let's stop the discussion."

"We're not discussing.... we're having a fight... " Hawkeye frowned. "And we're not finished."

"Fine by me.. don't let me interrupt.. a good clean fight."

Margaret sighed. "Pierce... you think you have it all.. don't you.... well you don't."

"Margaret.. you can't even keep a man... "

Charles sighed. "I don't want to hear this.... listen.. why don't you learn from someone.. Pierce... say me.."


Charles looked around and then saw Inga. She had moved away and was heading for her tent. He waited and then walked to her. "Say.. Inga.. did you hear that fight?"

She nodded her head. "Ja."

"How about we show them up.. I mean you want to come over here?"

She walked with Charles and they stood there. Charles pulled her in his arms. She frowned at him. He gave her a smile. She put her head against him.

"Sh.. Inga.. just go with me.. I promise you will not be hurt."

She moved her chin up and looked into his face. "What do you want me to do?"

Charles moved his face to hers. "Nothing... just let me.." he kissed her.

She was so shocked and pleased. She put her arms around him too. She thought he was interesting and she liked this... she didn't have to lead the kissing... he did... and she didn't want to break away.

Hawk stood there and his jaw dropped. He looked at Margaret and she tried not to smile. He moved to her and took her arm. "Did you see that?"

"I think it's very nice.. Hawkeye."

"I had no idea."

"You think she was playing with you?"


Margaret moved her other hand to his face. "You sure?"

"You think they like each other?"

"I would guess so."

"She was asking me if I was taken... I told her no..."

She sighed. "Are you?"

"I'm not sure.." he moved his face closer to hers. "I have to find out."

She kissed his chin. "Are you going to kiss me?"


"If you want."

He kissed her lips quick. "I'd say we go to the movie if you want.. "

"Will you be okay.. about it?"

"If you help me."

"I'll do anything .. Hawk."

"I think you will... Margaret."

"You want to take a walk.. until that movie starts?"

"Yeah." he walked with her away from the tents.

Charles moved his head and looked at Inga. She gave him a smile.

He smiled back at her. "You think that did it?"

She nodded her head. "I don't see them."

"Figures.. they would.. but I'm not interested in that.. you want to see that movie."

"Is that a date?"

"You want a date.. we'll have one.. . so when do you leave?"

"Nine in the morning."

"I see." Charles took her arm.

The Colonel came out and stopped in his tracks... he saw Charles and Inga go to her tent. He smiled at that. He kept walking and then saw Hawkeye and Margaret outside her tent. He stood there and shook his head.

Hawk put his hands on her face. She put her hands on his. "Hawkeye."

He gave her a smile. "You really want to go to the movie?"


"A date."


She put her arm around his... "Listen.. I can hold your hand...."

Inside the tent... Klinger started the projector... the two sat in the back and held hands. Margaret looked at him and he was looking at her. She moved her head to his. Hawkeye kissed her.... he didn't care about watching the movie....

"Captain... " Klinger tapped Hawk's shoulder.

Hawk moved his face. "Huh?"

"You and she want to watch the movie again?"

Margaret sighed and looked at Hawk. "Did we miss it?"

"I'm not sure.. but the way you are kissing."

Hawk smiled at her." A kiss is just a kiss."

"That's what you think." Margaret put her fingers on Hawk's lips.

Klinger sighed. ".It's a good flick... I don't mind.. " he made sure the reel was rewound.. and he turned out the lights. "Say.. which part do you like the best.... I like.. the kiss... "

The two didn't answer.. they were kissing. Hawk sighed and moved his head. "Klinger.. "

Margaret moved her hand to his face. "Play it again.. Hawk."

"Anything you want.. .. sweetheart." Hawk put his lips to hers. A kiss was just a kiss.. but this was not just a kiss... it was more than just a kiss.

The End