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Author: Andrew Troy Keller
Title: 'A Letter From the 4077th'
Rating: PG
Codes: None
Parts: 1/1
Series: M*A*S*H
Archive: Best Care Anywhere. No where else without permission.
Summary: This is Hawkeye's letter to his father on 9/12/52.
Disclaimer: M*A*S*H belongs to Twentieth Century Fox,Inc.! This story is not-for-profit, but I own it.
Warnings: None

"A Letter From the 4077th"

By Andrew Troy Keller

Friday,September 12,1952

Dear Dad--

Well, I've lost two best friends. Lt. Col. Henry Blake(deceased) & Capt. Trapper John McIntyre(now stateside). And, unfortunately for me, Maj. Frank Burns is still here, & still being the worst doctor in the unit. Maybe, I'll put a sharp tack on his mess hall seat,so when he suddenly jumps up,all the food will be on the floor. And, maybe it'll have some taste.

Anyway,all's not a total loss. I have a new roomie. His name is Capt. B.J. Hunnicutt. And, already, when me & Cpl. Walter(Radar) O'Reilly met him at Kimpo, we found out what a great guy he is. He's also faithfully married to his wife, Peg, which means more nurses for me. Including, Lt. Maggie Dish, Lt. Leslie Scorch, Lt. Ginger Bayliss, Nurse Margie Cutler, Nurse Louise Anderson, Nurse Bigelow, & the superstar of all nurses, Maj. Margaret (Hot Lips) Houlihan.

I also heard we are getting a new commanding officer. Col. Sherman Potter--Regular Army.

Why us?!

And, about Cpl. Maxwell Klinger, the guy who wears women's dresses in order to get out of the army, I think the blue one goes well with the color of his eyes.

Oh, and Maj. Sidney Freedman said,"Hi".

I hope to see you when I get home, Dad. Take care.

--Your son,
Capt. Benjamin Franklin(Hawkeye)Pierce.