Rating: G

A Letter From My Sister

by BeccaLeo1972

Dear Ben: Its quiet. I can actually hear my own thoughts. I can't recall the last thought i had that did not involve being here at the hospital. I've been working 72 hr shifts for several weeks. After 1:00 am now and in two hours I'm off duty for a few days. Damon and Peyton begin their first day of school tomorrow! Your nephew and niece could not be more excited to begin the first grade. I am so very glad i will be able to take them. I made sure that i'd have the time off for it. Rob has a meeting with his publisher and won't be able to come with us so i will be taking a lot of pictures. I finally got the hang of using the new camera so these pictures will come out looking good. The kids got the birthday presents you sent and loved them. Neither of them can stop playing with the toys their Uncle Ben sent over from Korea. Enough about me. How are you doing? Whats going on in that mind of yours? Tell me about life at the 4077th with the new commanding officer and captain you were sent. Dad told me that B.J. sounds like a good man and a lifelong friend. He also said that he is the perfect partner in crime for you! Frank still upset over being replaced? Has Margaret come to her senses and ended her relationship with him? She deserves better than Frank. Is Radar adjusting okay to having a new C.O.? I know Henry was like a father to him. At least with Frank he knew what to expect. I'm sure its going to take awhile for Radar to even want to like Potter. I heard Klinger did not make an impression on Potter with the cross dressing. Poor guy. I sympathize with him wanting to get out of there so badly. I wish this conflict would end so everyone there could come home. Especially you. I miss my big brother. I want you home. I want to tell you all about how being a pediatric surgical intern is exciting, exhilarating, and takes everything i've learned out for a hard test drive each day I'm on duty. I love it. I feel blessed to have a husband who is forward thinking and supports my desire to be a surgeon. I thank god every day that i have him and the kids in my life. I could not do any of this without Rob's understanding, patience, and encouragement. Dad is an incredible support system too. He is always willing to help watch the kids and create all kinds of fun for them. They love him and he loves them. I wish Mom had lived to see her grandkids. I think about her often and hope she is smiling down on all of us. She was a great lady with a heart of gold. I'd give almost anything to have her back. All of us would. Sorry to go on i know you are sensitive on the subject. Forgive me. My mind is rambling ahead of me. Aunt Emily and Uncle Sean send their love as do our cousins. Aunt Emily promises to send you her famous dutch apple pie express mail. You will soon to receiving a care package that Rob, myself, and the kids put together for you. We all miss you and want you to come home soon and safely. I miss and love you very much! Please don't hesitate to call me anytime day or night for anything!

Love your sister,