"I think your crazy, is what I think." She sighed slowly as she glanced over to where the parent-less child was sleeping peacefully, completely unaware of the major discussions her appearance has created. Looking back to Hawkeye she added. "I also think that we're going to have a lot of explaining to do. Nobody in camp, especially BJ and Potter are going to believe for a second that this is a legitimate marriage. They're all going to know that we're just doing this for the baby."

"Why do you say that?" His brow dipping questioningly.

"Come on, Pierce!" She gave him a look of disbelief. "Anyone can see that we aren't anything more than friends, and sometimes it doesn't even seem that we're that."

Hawkeye shrugged nonchalantly. "That's just a ploy to throw people off the truth."

Margaret rolled her eyes and added. "How about the fact that we both date other people - example Scully or for you every nurse in camp."

"Fact: you and Scully broke up weeks ago." He replied seriously, then his eyes started dancing as he added. "And me and the nurses, well that's just another ploy to throw people off the truth." Margaret sighed in exasperation and looked back to the small child that was sleeping soundly in her footlocker. "We're her only hope, Margaret." He whispered softly to her, his voice full of emotion.

After a few moments she looked from the child to Hawkeye. She carefully scrutinized his face for several minutes, noting the intense look on every feature and the pleading one in his eyes. The look in his eyes got to her. With another sigh she asked. "So what do we tell everybody?"

Hawkeye and Margaret decided to wait to set their plan in motion until after Hawkeye and Charles returned from their meeting at the Consulate in Tokyo. Each hoped that some other way could be found to get their new charge to the States and a happier life.

While the two doctors went to speak to the officials in Tokyo, Margaret worked on part one of their alternate plan. Gathering up the little bundle of joy she was caring for she headed over to Rosie's. She found the saloon owner busy setting up the chairs in preparation for the day's business.

"Morning, Rosie." She greeted with a gentle smile. "How are you?"

"Fine." Rosie replied, her eyebrows raising slightly in surprise. "Surprised fine you here. Didn't think Major drank so early in day."

"Oh, I'm not here for a drink." Margaret told her. "I'm here for some information."

"What kind information?" Rosie's tone showed great interest.

"I was wondering if you happened to know who the mother of this beautiful little girl is." Margaret shifted the baby so that Rosie could see her face.

A look of mild surprise passed quickly over the barkeeper's face. "Where you find her?" She asked curiously.

"She was left on the doorstep of the doctors' tent." Margaret told her. "The mother left a note saying that she couldn't care for her anymore and hoped that we could. Do you know whose child she is?"

Rosie hesitated for a few moments then nodded. "I know." Then holding out her hand she said. "But information not free."

Margaret gave her a slightly dirty look as she pulled a bill out of her pocket and slapped it on the counter. "What do you know?"

Rosie picked up the bill, examined it for a moment and then looked around as if to make sure nobody was going to over hear what she said. When she was satisfied, she leaned over the counter and in a very low tone whispered. "She belongs to a young girl named Kim Lee. Use to live in village but she moved further south."

A look of dismay passed over Margaret's face. "Do you know where she moved to?"

"Maybe. Why you want to know?" The other woman asked curiously.

Margaret hesitated for a moment, unsure how much to deluge just yet about their plan. "There is a couple in camp that want to adopt the baby, but they need the mother's permission to do so. Do you know where she is?"

"Maybe." Rosie repeated evasively as she glanced down at the bill in her hand. Margaret sighed again and plopped another bill into her hand. "She move down road to village about ten miles from here."

"Ten miles!" Margaret exclaimed excitedly. "That's wonderful! Thanks Rosie."

"Anytime." Rosie smiled broadly as she folded the money Margaret had given her. "Always glad to help." Margaret shot her a mildly amused look as she left the bar.

Hawkeye knocked on Margaret's door and glanced around the compound as he waited for her to respond. He and Charles had just arrived home moments before from their not so successful trip to Tokyo. He was feeling very down and discouraged about the whole affair and needed someplace to vent his frustrated feelings. Figuring that Margaret was the only person that truly understood what he was feeling he headed directly to her tent, not even bothering to stop at the 'Swamp' to change out of his dress uniform. After a few moments the door opened slightly and Margaret softly told him to come in.

He stepped inside the door and couldn't help but smile as he watched her play with the baby, who was lying on her cot, cooing and gurgling with pleasure. There was something about the whole scene that made Hawkeye's heart melt. It just looked so right.

"So how did it go?" Margaret asked curiously as she turned her attention from the contented child to her comrade who was still watching them carefully. "Did you make any headway?"

"None what-so-ever." Hawkeye sighed in exasperation as he sat down on the edge of Margaret's cot on the other side of the baby. "That idiot at the Consulate was as helpful to us as Frank is to be to a dying man."

"So what are you going to do?" Margaret asked as she picked up a small fabric bunny that Klinger had made for the baby and handed it to her.

"I don't know." He said as he looked from her to the baby and back again. He let out a deep sigh and dropped his head into his hands. "I just don't know." Margaret felt her heart constrict as she noticed the dejected slump of his shoulders. It was as if an invisible weight were pushing down on them, one that if it wasn't soon lifted might crush him completely. Boldly she reached out and put her arm around his shoulders, pulling his to her. Hawkeye responded by carefully sliding towards her, mindful of the cooing baby that lay between them, and laid his head on her shoulder, his arms around her. They sat like that in silence for several minutes until Hawkeye finally spoke. "How can people be so heartless?" He commented, his voice cracking slightly. He watched as the baby started sucking on one of the rabbits floppy ears, her eyes crinkling slightly as she smiled behind her new buddy. "The jackass at the Consulate was more concerned about his place settings for some stupid dinner than he was with helping save this little girl from a life of misery. Nobody cares about what happens to this child, nobody wants to help her in anyway..."

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