It was three days later....Margaret held her hands out and tried to flex her fingers. She frowned and looked at the two. "Can I get up?"

"Charles don't you think a shower is in order for her?" BJ smiled.

"That's right.. a shower.." Charles nodded. He took her pulse. "Margaret.. that would make you feel better."

"So.. why don't you help me?" She stood up. "Oh great. I didn't mean that .."

"I'm married.' BJ tried not to smile.

"BJ... please don't do that to me."

"Margaret... you're breaking my heart." BJ put his hand to his heart.

She sighed and took his hands. "I am going to call Peggy about your fooling around."

"Who's fooling around?" BJ held her hands.

She shook her head. "BJ Hunnicutt.... I swear... you're just like Hawkeye."

"Why don't you and he kiss and make up?"

Charles walked outside and to the swamp to find Hawk lying on the cot. "Pierce.. one of those showers is busted."

"You came in here to tell me that?"

"Yes and a line of people are waiting to take a shower." Charles walked out.

Margaret took BJ's arm. "So.. where is your swamp rat buddy?"

"He can get those bandages off for your shower."

"I'd rather take them off by myself.." she opened the door and went in the showers.

Charles walked up to the shower tent ."He's on his way."

"You want to hear a big fight?" BJ whispered

"We can stand out here and not let them out." Charles whispered.

Hawk walked in the shower and she stood there and backed away.

"I'm here to fix the shower."


Potter heard the yell and he ran out to the showers and opened the door.

Margaret backed up. "Get him out of here."

Hawk walked out to see Potter and he frowned. "She's being unreasonable... it's just a way to get me here.. and that shower works fine"

Potter walked in to see Margaret and she put her head on the divider.

"Margaret... I thought you were hurt."

"Not like you think... Colonel.. just my.. heart." she winced in pain. "I need to shower.. could you. not be in here?"

"Be sure it's nice and cold Margaret." Potter tried not to smile and walked out.

It was the next morning.... and Margaret sat on her bed. She moved to the pillow and put her head down. She didn't sleep that well... but she was in her own bed.

In Potter's office.....

Father Mulcahy and BJ stood there. They tried not to smile.

The Padre smiled. "I heard the call of a banshee when he opened the door".

Potter sighed. "I don't know what to do... I tried calling in for a purple heart."

"Why not just give her one?" BJ whispered.

The door opened and Sidney Freedman walked in. "Hey.. men.. is this the monthly poker marathon?"

Potter sighed. "Well. Sid.. it is.. but we have a problem."

"That's what I'm here for."

"Hmm.. why not do it.. I mean.. a purple heart.. she certainly deserves one for putting up with Pierce. "Potter tried not to smile.

Sid smiled. "Well. that's interesting.. isn't it?"

"You can't say you don't know?"

"Of course I know.. Hawkeye called me.. "

"Sidney, you can't keep any secrets around this camp. "Potter walked to the door.

BJ smiled. "Hawk may think you went with his idea of a fake promotion."

"Really a fake promotion... now that's as bad as Klinger."

"Sherman.. just go for it.. and see what happens... "Sid walked to the door

"Sidney, you know Margaret did get some injuries.' BJ whispered.

The four walked to the Swamp and then saw Charles.

Charles sighed. "What is this?"

"Winchester get in there... and I'll get Margaret." Potter walked to Margaret's tent.

She opened the door. "What now?"

"We need you in the Swamp."


'That's it."

She walked with the Colonel to the Swamp and looked at the others. They looked at her. Hawkeye sat up. "What is this?"

"Pierce.. you want the honors?"

Hawk's jaw dropped. "For what?"

Margaret frowned. "No.. you don't.. I'm not sitting here for a promotion for Pierce... you must be nuts."

Potter blocked the door. "Not so fast..."

Charles stood up. "Pierce is getting a promotion.. are you nuts?"

"Winchester take a seat." Potter held the cluster. "Why are you so competitive?"

Hawk shook his head. "I am not taking this... "

"That's right.. he's not. " Margaret moved to where Hawkeye was.

Hawk looked at her. "Listen.. when I want your opinion.. "

"PIerce.. I swear... you really take the cake.... trying to sweet talk me.. and all along you knew you were getting a promotion."

"Major... do you and he want a demotion?"

Margaret sighed. "Colonel... you mean because.. he and I...."

Hawk folded his arms. "Say it."

She looked at the group. "I can't believe you're all in this.. and for what.. he's just a Captain. and you can't promote him to..." she saw the Lt Colonel cluster. "You skipped a rank.. is what you did.."

Hawk sighed. "Just give it to her.. she's aching for a promotion.. it's her call to become a General."

She had tears on her face. "Are you trying to hurt me more?"

"Not like you hurt me.. Margaret.."


"How about we have lunch? I'm trying to make amends."

She shook her head. "Hawk.. I don't think...

Hawk sighed. "Shoot Margaret... you want me to say I'm sorry... what am I sorry for?"

She stood and watched him go. "Hawk.. wait.. don't go."

The door opened. "Any one have any thing to donate? "Klinger stood there.

Hawk backed away. "Yeah I do. " he moved to his footlocker and opened it. He pulled out a sweater and then a red package. He wrapped the package in the sweater and handed it to Klinger.

Klinger smiled. "Thank you."

"Wear them in good health." Hawk stood up

Klinger unrolled the sweater and he smiled. "What is this?"

Hawk frowned. "Something that I got for Valentines Day... "

Klinger held them up. "Whoa... Captain Pierce... fancy.."

"Red pjs... are not me." Hawk opened the door.

In the mess tent....

After everyone sat at the table... Hawk pushed his cup to Margaret.."You want to get us more of this?"

She looked at him. "Since when?"

"Since right now." Hawk whispered and he blew her a kiss. He fingered the ring and discreetly dropped it in the food.

BJ looked at Hawk and then smiled. Hawk shook his head and looked away.

"Beej.. the ing.. ray... in the... ray.. tay... "

"Hmm." BJ sipped the cup.

Charles shook his head. "Savages." he took a bite of his food.

Margaret put the cup down. "Everything okay?" she whispered

Hawk took a forkful of food. "Just.. great." he tried not to smile.

Margaret looked around at Potter, Sid, BJ... the Padre and Charles and then took a forkful of food and bit into it.. She needed to eat more and this was as tolerable as it got... Eggs.. well.. it was protein.. and she took more bites and bit into something hard.. She closed her teeth on it and got a napkin....

Potter looked at her. "Major?"

Mmmm......" she whispered.

"Cat got your tongue?" Hawk looked at her.

She put her napkin over her mouth and wiped it. She licked her lips and ran her tongue on her teeth."I said.. I got eggshells in my mouth."

"Is that possible.." Potter pushed his food. "These are powdered eggs.. or the last time I checked.. I told them.. and ... well maybe they're getting wise.."

Charles frowned and pushed his tray. "Help us all.. that's careless."

She sighed. "Alright.. tell me.. who put the eggshells in my food?"

Potter smiled. "Aw Margaret.. maybe it's nothing... "

Hawk looked at her. "Eggshells.."

She looked at him. "You didn't sneak that Lt Colonel cluster in there.. did you?"

"You're blaming me for this?"

"You sent me up there for a refill?"

"Are you having a bad day?"

She shook her head. "I'm not sure." she took her tray and then walked out.

Hawk put the food in his mouth.

Potter sighed."Pierce.. can't you behave?"

"No sir." Hawk walked out He saw Margaret standing outside her tent.

Margaret stood still and then looked at him.

"Major.. um.. about that.. eggshell. in your food.."

She nodded her head. "I nearly choked on it.."

"Can I make it up?" he whispered

She took his arm. "Yeah you can."

Klinger walked over to the two.."Major.."

"Great timing Klinger.. I have some items for you."

Klinger nodded his head. "Yeah." he moved to her door and opened it.

She looked at the box. "Did you donate anything?" she pulled out a sweater. "You gave this?"

"A sweater... "

She held it up. "The arms are kind of long for you.." she put the sweater back and saw the pjs.. no. not them.. he was giving them away.. she held them up and bit her lips.

Hawk moved to her. "Red pjs.. I think that person has lousy taste.. it's one of those gag gifts.. right... Klinger?"

Klinger nodded his head. "I can cut them up for something useful and...."

"You are not.." she sat on the bed. "These are too nice."

Hawk took the pjs. "You didn't put anything in there "

"Give me a chance.'" she moved to her closet and pulled things and tossed them. She moved to a drawer and put more

things on the bed.

Hawk moved closer. "Now that's what I call a nightgown."

She took the red nightgown ."I am not wearing this.. it's a bad joke."

"So why not model it?"

"No chance." she put the nightgown in the box.

"Major. no. that's too nice.. just keep it." Klinger picked up the box.

Hawk opened the door for Klinger and then walked out. He shook his head. "She is really interested in those pjs."

Klinger smiled. "You want to know?"


"Hawkeye.. didn't you get her the red sleepwear?"

"You aren't going to tell anyone are you?"

"No I'm not."

"I really want to see how she looks.. "

"I'm sure she does for you."

Hawk walked inside and stood still. She moved to him. "Well?"

"Major...." he grinned at her.

In the Officers Club... Potter held the cards and frowned. Radar opened the door and stood there. "Sir."

"What is it?"

"I got this.. from HQ..it's important."

Potter took the envelope. "Thank you."

BJ put the cards down. "Looks important."

Charles sat there. "It looks like my promotion."

Potter opened the envelope and went outside. BJ got up and walked out. "Sir?"

"It's a promotion for Margaret.. "

"Lieutenant Colonel."

"If she wants it."

"Why don't you give it to her."

"She refused the honorary purple heart. BJ."

Sid walked out. "Is there a problem?"

Potter smiled. "Not that I can see."

"So, just go and wake her up. "Sid whispered.

Potter tapped on the door and opened it. He moved to the light and turned it on. His jaw dropped and he looked at Sid.


Hawk moved his face "Colonel.. we're having a pj party."

"Can't you two behave?"

She moved closer to Hawkeye. "Sir?"

Hawk sighed. "If you want me for surgeries."

"It's not that Pierce....this is for Margaret.. I was planning to get you a purple heart and elected to give you an honorary one yesterday....then the communication came and well. it's a promotion."

She looked at Hawkeye. "It's your fault."


"Hawkeye.. I'm being offered a promotion in my bedclothes." she whispered.

Sid leaned against the door. "Hawkeye.. red is your color."

Hawk put his face to hers. "Listen.. Margaret.. you haven't made up your mind."

"Colonel... I can't take it.. "

"Does it have to do with Hawkeye?"

She looked at Hawkeye. "Yes sir."

"Major Houlihan.. if I were you... why not take both." Potter grinned.

She put her head against Hawk. "I'm turning down a promotion to be the wife of a doctor.."

Sid smiled at them. "Sounds like she knows what she wants."

Potter held the Lieutenant Colonel cluster.. "Margaret.. you want an honorary purple heart.."


Hawk held out his hand to take the cluster. "I need to pin it on."

"Good luck." she whispered "And I should pin it on your robe.. it's something for you."

"Major....I don't want a purple heart.. I want you."

The door opened. "Colonel Potter... " Charles stood there.

Hawk shook his head. "Charles.. can't you knock?"

"Pierce... you know I've had three promotions... "

"Three too many.." Hawk muttered. "And she's keeping it.. Winchester."

"What? You mean she didn't promote you?"

"What for?"

"I see that Lieutenant Colonel cluster on your robe... and you're a Captain.."

"Winchester.. we're sharing it.'" Margaret sighed.

"There is no promotion... Charles. I was .. seeing how far I could push you."

"Pierce.. red pjs... and her.. in.... in..."

"We're dressed for bed.." Hawk tried not to yawn.

"Well.. isn't that cozy.. a Swamp Rat and a spitfire Lieutenant Colonel "

Potter shook his head. "Winchester out of here."

"But.. Colonel... she can't share the promotion with him."

"There is no rule about sharing a cluster... right Sid?" Potter winked.

Sid shook his head. "I don't see anything wrong with it.." he opened the door.

"IT'S NOT A PROMOTION!" she yelled.

"Margaret.. let it be.. okay.. " he pulled her back to him. "You have more heart right now than Charles does."

She fingered the cluster on his robe. "You get to pin that on me.. when I'm better."

"I think you are better darling."

She leaned her head against him. "Hmmm I like the red pjs."

"Well, heck, you're some hot little Colonel."

"That's Lieutenant... I mean.. I'm not even promoted.."

"Too bad, I never kissed a lieutenant colonel." he kissed her lips.

She moved her face. "What did you say?"

"Not a word... that's what I said.. and I mean it with all my heart."

She nodded her head. "So do I." she kissed him back. And she meant it too with both of her hearts.

The End

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