As they said their vows, tissues were passed around. Not a dry eye was found. Amidst the tears, Lilith whispered loudly to the group around her "Yeah, like she deserves that white dress. The nerve." Hawkeye, Margie, Sara, Rena, and Charles laughed, earning a glare from the Padre. Rena squeezed Charles's hand, and he kissed her softly. She and Margie were due for a double wedding the next week. Everybody thought it ironic that Charles and Hawkeye would be sharing the alter. But Rena and Margie wouldn't have it any other way.

"...Take Sidney as your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, forsaking all others 'till death do you part?" Father Mulcahy smiled down on the couple.

Anni smiled softly, and replied, "I do."

"Then by the powers vested in me by the state of Philadelphia and almighty God, I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Anni transferred her sleeping daughter to her other arm, and kissed her husband. All over the church, couples kissed. Margie and Hawkeye were entwined in a steamy embrace. Rena and Charles were equally involved. Even Lilith, who was said to be a jaded lady when it came to love, was kissing her obstetrician. Of course, she rolled her eyes at Charles's declaration of love to Rena.

"My darling, I will love you always and forever. Ours is a love without end." Charles kissed first her hand, then her lips. Lilith rolled her eyes.

She wasn't one for flowery speeches.

Margie smiled into Hawkeye's lapis-blue eyes. Hawkeye smiled back, and whispered "You're my world, my heart, my soul. I love you." They kissed again, and again, Lilith rolled her eyes. She turned to Dan with a grin, ready to comment on people's sappiness at weddings, when she found herself being soundly kissed.

Ken, Megan, Radar, Kellye, and Dish all wiped teary eyes as the vows were finished and the kisses were exchanged.

Anni walked out of the tent, amidst rice and well wishes.

*Later that night in Tokyo*

"Look, I'm sorry tonight isn't more intimate Sidney. I do have a newborn to take care of."

"I know. It's just hard to adjust to all this." They looked over at each other and laughed. Falling onto the bed, they decided to make their honeymoon the best ever.

*About 5 AM*

Anni woke up with a start. Kate hadn't started crying at 2 and woken her up. She rolled over and fell out of the bed.

"Damn gravity!" She yelled. Suddenly a pillow flew at her.

"Shut up." Sidney whispered. "You'll wake her."

"This coming from you? The man who 6 hours ago was pissed because she was here?"

"You want to do this with out me?"

"No, It's just that you need to stop being a hypocrite."

"Fine." He handed the baby to Anni and Walked to the door. "I am leaving and NOT coming back."

"Sidney! Wait!" But he was already gone.

'There goes my honeymoon!' She thought. Slowly she got her things together and left for the airport to go back to the 4077th.

'I've got to find him and make it work.' she continued in her mind.

*At The 4077th*

Anni was crying again. "I tried, I really did!" She cried on Sara's shoulder. "I know, and it will be ok. Just give him time." She said wiping Anni's tears. "When he does return, and he will, you can make him beg you to come back."

Famous last words. Beg he did. Or would have. Was prepared to. Really meant to. Planned the groveling he would have to do. But when he came back to the post-op, where all in camp were gathered for a mixed

Bachelor/bachelorette party for the upcoming double marriage, and he saw her from the doorway, she flew out of her chair and into his arms. Both babbled apologies as they hugged and kissed each other. Since the theme of the night was love, they fit right in. Even Lilith, who had declined participating in the marriage the next day on the grounds that she wasn't the 'marrying kind,' was enjoying herself. She and Dan were definitely an item, just not getting married anytime soon. Sara was especially happy--her husband had flown in from the States to be with her. He'd even taken breaks from catching up with Hawkeye to be with her. She and Margie took it well--Margie's revenge was planned for the honeymoon.

Lilith stood up, a drink in each hand. "Anni-girl, you promised to sing that song for us," she called, slurring just a bit. Charles and Hawkeye had presented Anni with a song to sing at the party, dedicated to each man's love of course. Anni nodded, and, after passing Kate to Sidney, stood in the front of the ward. The piano that had been wheeled in played a soft accompaniment played by Father Mulcahy. Sarah shared his bench. Anni started to sing.

"How do I get through one night without you? If I had to live without you, what kind of life would that be? Oh and I, I need you in my arms, need you to hold. You're my world, my heart, my soul. If you ever leave, baby you would take away everything..." As she sang, the people in the room lost themselves in their own personal interests. Ken and Lt. Dish held hands as she sat by his bed. Hawkeye and Margie stared into each other's eyes, and then kissed for all they were worth. Rena and Charles cuddled against each other, her in his lap due to a chair-shortage. Sarah and Father Mulcahy talked softly, as not to detract from the music. Sidney held his tiny daughter and marveled over what he had very nearly lost. Megan and Radar talked in low tones. Nobody knew what he or she was saying, but both were smiling. Lilith and Dan stood on the small dance floor, swaying to the music and kissing intermittently. Anni continued to sing.

"Without you, there'd be no sun in my sky. There would be no love in my life. There'd be no world left for me. And I, baby I don't know what I would do. I'd be lost if I lost you. If you ever leave, baby you would take away everything real in my life. And tell me now. How do I live without you, I want to know. How do I breathe without you, if you ever go? How do I ever, ever survive? How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?"

The End

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