That night, Father Mulcahy couldn't sleep. He decided to take a quiet walk around the clinic. As he was outside one room, he heard a voice that he recognized as Henry's crying out.

"Hawkeye!! Pierce, get out of there! No...!" The priest ran to Dr. Murphey to tell him about it. They called Sidney in to ask him about it.

"He's had these dreams before?" Sidney asked.

"Never," the doctor replied. "We always have staff walking around. They're supposed to report things like that."

"Good." Sidney looked excited. "The repressed memories may be coming back to him. Let's go see him!" They opened the door to Henry's room. "Henry!" Sidney called sharply. Henry's eyes snapped open. he looked at Sidney and Father Mulcahy. "Sidney? I... my God, I..." Henry didn't know what to say.

"Tell me about yourself, Henry," Sidney requested, containing his excitement.

"I'm Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake, Commanding Officer at the 4077th M*A*S*H in Korea."

"Tell me what a M*A*S*H is, Henry."

"Mobile Army Surgical Hospital," Henry turned to the trio beside him. His blue eyes held a combination of shock, excitement, shock, and even a little sadness. "I remember! I remember everything! Was it really four years ago? It seems like only yesterday that I saw the camp from the chopper..." he trailed off, tears in his eyes. "Oh, God, the plane crash. We picked up a lone soldier who wanted to get to Tokyo. I guess he was going AWOL, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get home. The next thing I know, we're being shot at and I wake up in a clinic surrounded by strangers, including myself. How did things end up at the good ol' 4077, Father?"

Father Mulcahy smiled. "Everyone went home in one piece, except Frank Burns. He went home with fewer marbles, but a higher rank. "

"Henry," Dr. Murphey broke in. "We want to call your family in the States, tell them you're alive."

"No," Henry pleaded. "I want to go home. I want to walk into my house and call out to my family. Lorraine, Molly, Janie...I have a four year old son I've never even met!" He closed his eyes."I want to see how they react when I finally come home. Father Mulcahy, I'd like you to join me." Father Mulcahy smiled.

"I will travel with you as far as San Francisco, Henry. It's time I got back to the States anyway. I think you should stay there for a few days, get yourself re-oriented with civilian life in the US." Father Mulcahy had an idea. He had received an invitation to a party at the Blake home, in honor of Henry. He thought it would be wonderful to let Henry walk into the house during his memorial gathering. He imagined how everyone would react at that. He got up and gave the Colonel a hug. "It's good to have you back, Henry," he said softly.

"At the very least, we'll notify the Army," Dr. Murphey insisted. He grinned and added, "But we'll tell 'em to keep quiet about it until the day after you get home."

They quickly made their travel plans, agreeing that Henry would remain in San Francisco until a certain day (The chaplain thought it would be as nice for Henry to be surprised by the party) and then take an early flight to Bloomington, Illinois.

"Home," Henry said at the mention of the town. he had a soft smile on his face, as if remembering a time long past.

***San Francisco, CA, 1955***

Henry sat back in the uncomfortable airport chair, waiting for his flight to be called. It felt almost strange to have an identity. He had been 'Jack' for so long, but it felt wonderful to be Henry Blake again, to feel like a real person and not just another unknown soldier. He couldn't wait to see the look on Lorraine's face when he walked into his house. He remembered back to the clinic, to others like himself. Other amnesia cases who had been given common nicknames; Bobby, John, Frank. He hoped that someday, they too would find themselves. Henry's flight was called, and he boarded the plane that was headed...home. He slept, peacefully, wanting to be ready and alert when he reunited with his family.

***Bloomington, IL, 1955***

Father Mulcahy tried to keep his mind on what everyone was saying, but without success.He knew it would be a few hours before Henry arrived, but he still kept his eye on the clock. He guessed that Henry would be there by 11:00 AM. It was only 9:00 now.

"Padre, penny for your thoughts?" Col. Sherman Potter's voice broke into the priest's thoughts. Quickly, he covered up without having to lie.

"Oh, Colonel! The orphans wanted to do something for you, so they sent you these." Father Mulcahy pulled out a stack of crayon drawings. Potter shuffled through them, and gave a delighted laugh.

"Drawings of Sophie! They taking good care of her for me, Padre?" he said, referring to his beloved mare that Radar had given him. At the end of the war, Potter gave Sophie to the orphanage.

"She's happy there, Colonel. Spoiled rotten, even! Those kids love to feed her whatever they can scrape up after meals. Apples, carrots, corn. She's just a contented riding horse." Colonel Potter looked relieved at that.

Henry strode out of the airport and looked around at the familiar, beloved town of Bloomington. It hadn't changed all that much in five years. He saw many faces that he knew, but kept his face shadowed so that he wouldn't be recognized. He would make a grand entrance into town with his wife by his side later. He looked at his watch. It was ten minutes to eleven in the morning. It would take about ten minutes to walk to his home, which Father Mulcahy had assured him was still his home. Lorraine hadn't left Bloomington. Henry strolled down the street that led to his home. At the sight of the house, so familiar, and yet strange at the same time, he felt tears in his eyes and he broke into a run. He stopped in front of the house. There were several cars outside that he didn't recognize. He smiled.

Radar broke off in midsentence and put a finger to his lips, eyes wide. "Do you hear that?" Everyone stopped, as they always did when Radar heard something, He heard things before anyone else ever did. A few seconds later, the front door opened.

"Hello?" Lorraine Blake called out to the visitor. "Are we expecting anyone else?" She asked the people in the room. Most people shook their heads, a few said nothing. Father Mulcahy tried very hard not to smile. He knew whose footsteps were approaching the living room. As the figure arrived in the doorway, Lorraine turned around with a smile...and fainted when she looked into the eyes of her "dead" husband.

"I seem to be doing that a lot lately," Henry commented with a straight face. Everyone was silent. Then Henry looked around the room and realized who the people in his living room were. His jaw dropped open. "What the hell are you all doing here?" He exploded, looking at the familiar faces of the 4077th M*A*S*H. Hawkeye Pierce answered. He and a man Henry didn't know were tending to Lorraine.

"Considering that you've been dead for four years, maybe you should tell us what the hell you're doing here!"

Henry looked around. He saw the familiar faces. Besides Hawkeye, he saw Radar O'Reilly, Trapper John McIntyre, Frank Burns, Margaret Houlihan, Max Klinger, and a satisfied looking Father Mulcahy. Henry shot the latter a look. Clearly, the priest had arranged that Henry walk in on the middle of this party. He also saw three faces that were unknown to him. Henry looked back at his wife, who was reviving.

"I'm sorry, Doctor Pierce, I thought that I saw-" she began weakly, but Hawkeye cut her off.

"You did, Mrs. Blake." He said a little too casually. She looked up at Henry, who was watching her expectantly. The next minute she was in his arms and they were holding each other tight.

"Oh, Henry. Henry," She sobbed. "Oh my God, I thought you were gone, that I had lost you."

"Sshh," he comforted her. "I'm here now. I'm here and we're going to be okay. Everything will be fine from now on," he whispered to her. They were both crying, and everyone who was watching had tears in their eyes.

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