In the O. R., Hawkeye and Margaret work on a belly wound, B. J. and Kellye work on the leg wound, Charles and Bigelow work on the chest wounds while Colonel Potter and Jean work on the head wounds.

"Margaret, I'm just wondering if your mother likes me", said Hawkeye

"Oh, Hawkeye, my mother is quite fond of you. I mean, she sees that we're very happy together!" answered Margaret

"Did she say anything about me after I left to put the twins to bed?" asked Hawkeye

"Well, she said that you are very handsome, charming, and intelligent!" answered Margaret

"Really! Your father thought that I was irresponsible, unmilitary, and incompetent!" replied Hawkeye

"My parents have opposite personalities. Mom thinks you're sweet and thoughtful and she wants to spend time with the kids so that we can have a night out in Korea. So, shall we head to the Officer's Club or Rosie's" said Margaret

"Margaret, do you realize that this is our first night out since you gave birth to the twins? I think we'll go to Rosie's, after all, that's where we became engaged!" said Hawkeye

"Sounds wonderful. I love you, Hawkeye!" said Margaret

"And I love you too, Margaret" said Hawkeye

Hawkeye and Margaret kiss each other after Hawkeye closes up the patient's wounds.

"Ah, look at the happy couple. I'm so glad that I volunteered to take the twins, Margaret and Hawkeye need time to themselves once in a while. Besides, Cathy Jo and Klinger also need a break. They've done such a wonderful job babysitting!" said Jean

"Mildred and I were the same way after our kids were born. Finally one night, we got a babysitter and went out for a night on the town!" replied Colonel Potter

"Oh, I've met Mildred at the reunion party. She's a very lucky lady to have a man like you. Alvin never had time to be romantic, that's why I'm so fond of Hawkeye!" answered Jean

"You know, seeing Hawkeye and Margaret act in that way makes me miss Peg even more!" said B. J.

"Well, I can't answer to that because that lady I love is just outside those doors!" said Charles

"Charles, are you ever gonna move on with your relationship with Cathy Jo, or are you gonna go through life wondering what it would have been like being with her!" said B. J.

"Hunnicutt, I've told you before that when I feel the time is right, then I'll ask her to spend the rest of her life with me!" answered Charles

"Just checking. I just love annoying you!" replied B. J.

"I know and you do such a good job doing it!" said Charles

Later that evening, Jean looks after her grandchildren in her tent. Hawkeye and Margaret go to Rosie's with B. J., Charles, Klinger, Father Mulcahy, and Colonel Potter.

"Maggie, Ben, do you realize how lucky I am to have you as my grandchildren. I never thought that it would ever happen, but I love you two so much. Your mommy and daddy love you and Cathy Jo, Klinger, Father Mulcahy, B. J., Charles, and Colonel Potter love you too. The enlisted men and nurses all love you. You two are too young to realize that you're very lucky to have so many people love you", said Jean as she held the twins in her arms

Someone knocks at the door.

"Come in. Cathy Jo, what a nice surprise!" said Jean as Cathy Jo came into the tent

"Hi Jean! I just came in to say goodnight to my little friends, Maggie and Ben!" answered Cathy Jo

"Cathy Jo, you're a very thoughtful lady. Tell me about yourself!" replied Jean

"Well, I'm from Plymouth, Massachusetts. I have one younger sister and younger twin brothers. I went to an all girls Catholic school. I went to Harvard Business School. I'm not married nor do I have any children" answered Cathy Jo

"Do you think you might get married and have children someday?" asked Jean

"Definitely! You see, ever since I came here, Klinger and I have done double duty doing our regular work and babysitting the twins when Hawkeye and Margaret are in surgery. That's why I'm so attached to these precious babies!" answered Cathy Jo

"Did I hear correctly that you've been seeing Charles Emerson Winchester on a regular basis? Margaret had told me about your relationship!" asked Jean

"Yes, Charles is such a sweet man. Most of the people here see the arrogance on the outside, but on the inside, he loves culture as much as I do!" answered Cathy Jo

"Do you see yourself as being married to him?" asked Jean

"I can picture myself being married to him. I just hope he likes children because I want lots, but then again, he and B. J. have babysat the twins while Hawkeye and Margaret were on Post Op duty, so maybe he does like children!" answered Cathy Jo

"I hope it all works out for the best. Alvin and I have been divorced for quite sometime", said Jean

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. How did Margaret take the news?" asked Cathy Jo

"Margaret was devastated, but she soon realized that I was happy and he was happy. That's why I'm so close to Margaret, she always came to me with her problems. She's my only child, so I still think of her as my little girl. I'm so proud of her" replied Jean

"I better go. I'm supposed to meet Charles at Rosie's. Goodnight, Jean!" said Cathy Jo

"Goodnight, Cathy Jo! It was nice talking to you!" said Jean

Cathy Jo walks over to Rosie's and meets the rest of the gang there. The gang have been there awhile having some drinks and some fun.

"Hi Charles, I'm sorry to keep you waiting!" said Cathy Jo

"That's okay. Where have you been?" asked Charles

"Sweetheart, I was talking to Jean and saying goodnight to Maggie and Ben. I just love those babies and I can't wait to have my own children someday when I get married!" answered Cathy Jo

"How's my mother handling the twins?" asked Margaret

"Margaret, she was just putting them to bed. Your mother is a sweet lady. Just when I was coming into her tent to say goodnight to the twins, she told them that she loves them and that their mommy and daddy and all of the 4077 loves them!" replied Cathy Jo

"My mother said that! Isn't that nice, she likes everyone here!" said Margaret

"Margaret, you're mother is a such a terrific nurse. She's got a good set of hands on her and she did great assisting me in the O. R. She told me that she's very proud of you!" said Colonel Potter

"Thank you, Colonel! I needed to hear that! Besides, she was a Captain when she in the army and a former army nurse. I guess she's proud that I became a Major when she was only a Captain!" replied Margaret

"Margaret, I still can't believe that your mother actually likes me. Your father couldn't stand me!" said Hawkeye

"Darling, I put in a good word for you and everyone in my letters to her. She's glad that she got a chance to meet you all and she's also glad that she went to the reunion that Peg set up!" replied Margaret

"Oh yeah, I forgot that she met Peg there. Did she say anything about me?" asked B. J.

"B. J., she thinks that you're a lucky man to have Peg and Erin as your family and that they're lucky to have you too!" said Margaret

"I like your mother and I never really talked to her!" replied B. J.

"Margaret, what did she say about me?" asked Charles

"She said that Charles is a decent man, though he doesn't show it very often. She also thought that your parents were nice!" said Margaret

"Well, I also think Charles is a decent, warm, and caring man and I love him!" said Cathy Jo

"And I think that Cathy Jo is a sweet and innocent woman and I love her too!" said Charles and then he kisses Cathy Jo

"Father Mulcahy, would you like to hear what mom said about you?" asked Margaret

"All good, I hope!" replied Father Mulcahy

"Don't worry! She said she's never seen a chaplain that's dedicated and understanding like you and she praises the work that you do with the orphans. She also said that your sister is a very talented nun!" said Margaret

"What a relief that was!" replied Father Mulcahy

"And last but not least, Klinger. Mom has never met a soldier quite like you. Even though he pulls some crazy stunts, he's still a good person. What she means is that you would sacrifice anything for the good of the rest of the camp and she thought that your parents were nice, even though they didn't speak English", said Margaret

"Major, how does she know about these qualities in us?" asked Klinger

"Well, Klinger, mom's been watching all of us during the past few days. I've wrote to her and told her all about you people. She just wanted to know what you were like for sure!" answered Margaret

"Margaret, I think I can say on behalf of everyone that we all love your mother!" said Cathy Jo

"Thank you, Cathy Jo!" replied Margaret

"Hawkeye, I didn't mention this to you, but when mom and I were talking about how she loved Peg's reunion, she mentioned that she and your father have been seeing each other and are just friends and she's quite fond of him!" said Margaret

"Why didn't dad tell me? I think it's great that your mom's become friends with him!" said Hawkeye

"Well, you father probably didn't tell you because you might think that it's a bad idea for in-laws to be dating. Plus, you told me how difficult to see your dad with another woman after your mom died!" replied Margaret

"I did say that, didn't I! It's alright for your mom and my dad to be friends, after all, they share grandchildren. I can't wait for dad to meet his grandchildren and his beautiful daughter-in-law!" said Hawkeye

"I can't wait to meet Daniel either! He was so nice to me on the phone when I called him about your appendectomy a year ago! He knew then that I care a great deal about his son!" said Margaret

"Well, I have an announcement that I would like to share with you all. Cathy Jo, you're a beautiful woman and these past few months with you have been the best since I came here. I never thought that I would be in love when I was so busy with medicine. Will you marry me, Cathy Jo?" asked Charles as he got down on one knee and pulled out an expensive diamond ring

"Charles, I've never been happier with any other man before. In fact, you're the first man I've ever dated. The answer is yes, I will marry you!" replied Cathy Jo as Charles place the ring on her finger and then they kiss each other

"Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. May you have many happy years together!" said Father Mulcahy

"Thank you, Father. I want to wait and get married stateside so that we can have both of our families and all of our friends from the 4077 there too!" replied Cathy Jo

"I have to agree with my future wife on that one!" said Charles

"Cathy Jo, I know that Charles will make you very happy!" said Margaret

"Thank you, Margaret! I want to keep in touch with you, Hawkeye, both your parents, and the twins when the war is over!" said Cathy Jo

"Charles, I never thought you would do it!" said B. J.

"Yeah, you really surprised us all!" said Hawkeye

"Pierce, Hunnicutt, I thought that this was the perfect time to ask her! I've felt that I've known her long enough to tell if she was the one!" said Charles

"Winchester, congratulations! You're getting a great girl. I know she'll make you happy!" said Colonel Potter

"That goes for me too! I think Cathy Jo will make a fine mother too!" said Klinger

"Colonel Potter, Klinger, that's very nice of you both. Thank you!" said Cathy Jo

Charles and Cathy Jo told Jean and the rest of the 4077 about their engagement and the wedding has been set when everyone is stateside after the war is over.

The End

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