Ms. Army 1952

by Miriam

In memory of veterans of all wars,your bravery will never be forgotten. To McLean Stevenson and Larry Linville thanks for the laughs.

Dear Dad,

I don't know what is bothering the nurses lately.We have a new nurse here her name is Captain Miri Logan, she is the smartest nurse in Korea.None of the nurses like her very much because she has only been in the Army six years, has a spotless record, and she may be getting another promotion to Major soon.

Capt Logan is my kind of nurse dad,Regular Army.Her father served in WWII with Colonel Potter. She is the only nurse that gives me full military courtesy. Frank would probably drool if he met her,because she is so military.

Hawkeye can't get enough of her although she is not interested in him because she is engaged to someone back home in Annapolis. I have never seen Hawkeye so interested in one nurse before.

She is the first nurse that I can actually call a friend she always invites me to sit with her in the mess tent. Some nurses call her a kiss up but she is truly sincere. Hawkeye calls her Ms. Army 1952.

Did I mention how smart she is? She became an RN at only 25. Then right after completing a year of nursing at Johns Hopkins Hospital ,she enlisted.

Well dad I've been alright. Nothing new is going on.

I hope the war will end soon.

Major Margaret Houlihan
US Army