*The Next Morning*

Margaret woke up early because the couch was so uncomfortable. She consider going back to sleep, but knew it would be impossible. She remembered the events of the previous night and decide to awaken Hawkeye, who wouldn't be about getting up. Daisy was laying on the arm of the couch watching Margaret. "Daisy, do you want to wake up Hawkeye?" asked Margaret. She picked Daisy up and once she was standing by Hawkeye's bed, she set the cat down on top of him. He woke up immediately. "Get her off of me," he growled. "Me? Touch a cat? Never!" Margaret knew she was annoying him, but didn't care. "Now," he demanded. "Okay, fine, calm down. Don't have a cow," she said as she made Daisy get off of the bed. "Okay, I won't complain about Daisy anymore if you don't use her to awaken me," he grumbled. "Deal," she agreed. "Wait, I wasn't finished. you have to stop sleeping on the couch," he finished. "It was your fault," she snapped. "Please, don't argue; I hate waking up to an argument," Hawkeye said. "Okay, okay."

*Later on That Day*

"I think the couch should be against that wall," Daniel said. "Dad, this is our place and we want in against that wall," Hawkeye said, pointing to the other wall. "I was just stating my opinion," said Daniel. "Dad, please just keep an eye on Mickey. Oh, could you make sure that cat, er, Daisy doesn't get in the way? I'd hate to clean up squished cat," he said. "Especially if it were Daisy. Then, you'd have a mound of trouble," laughed Daniel. Hawkeye laughed, too. "Are we going to move this couch or leave it in the middle of the room?" asked Margaret. "Okay, okay, we'll move it," Hawkeye replied. Within five minutes, the pale blue couch was up against the wall. "We should move it out a little bit," suggested Margaret. So they did. "Okay, that's perfect," Hawkeye said.
"I like where that chair is," he said. "Hawkeye, if someone sits there, they'll have to yell to have the people who are on the couch hear them. We're going to move it over there," she said, pointing. "I think it should stay there," grumbled Hawkeye. "Son, I'd be quiet...you could make a Big Mistake," Daniel teased. "Or end up with a bloody nose," Margaret teased. "Okay, okay, I'll move it over there," agreed Hawkeye, grinning. "Much better," Margaret said. She thanked him...in Korean. Hawkeye's face registered shock.
"What's wrong?" Margaret asked. She was concerned. "Nothing...that's the first time since Korea I heard that is all," he replied. "Okay," Margaret said, shrugging. "What did she say?" asked Daniel. "Nothing...she just said 'thank you' in Korean," Hawkeye replied. "Oh," Daniel said. Yeah, big deal, thought Margaret.

*Two Weeks Later*

The alarm clock went off. Margaret was tempted to throw it up against the wall. Who wants to get up ant five in the morning, anyway? Well, they didn't exactly have a choice. It was their first day of work there and they were both looking forward to it, despite the early hour their shifts were to start at. "Wake up, Hawkeye," she said. He remained asleep. Well, she thought he was asleep. "Hey, you, time to get up," she said. No response. All of a sudden, he sat up and grabbed her. "G'morning," he laughed. "Ha,ha," she replied. "Is your dad coming over here to get Mickey or are we dropping him off at your dad's?" Margaret asked. "Um...I forget...I'll call him in half an hour," Hawkeye replied. "Fine." About an hour later when they were on their way out the door, Hawkeye realized something crucial, "Margaret, where are the keys?" "You don't have them?" she asked. "No...I don't even know where they are," he said. "Hawkeye, you had them last," Daniel put in from the other room. "Hawkeye, if I can't find them, you're dead," Margaret said as she started to rummage through the drawers in the kitchen. "Ya know, Hawk's infamous for losing keys," said Daniel. "Great...and he's going to start keeping track of them as of right now...you loose 'em, you look for them...ah-ha! Here they are...Hawkeye, how on Earth did you manage to put them in with the silverware?" Margaret said. Hawkeye had a very intelligent answer: "I dunno." "You can drive...but give me the keys when we get out," she said, grinning. "Okay," he replied.

*That Friday*

"I'm so glad this week is over!" Margaret said. "Me too," agreed Hawkeye. It had been far from what might be considered routine. At one point, a patient was brought in with superficial wounds, and there were more serious patients to be treated, and Margaret had the job of explaining this to the patient's husband. So, when the man heard this, he got mad and said that his wife was more important and threatened to kill Margaret and the doctor, who happened to be Hawkeye, if his wife wasn't treated immediately. Needless to say, things turned out fine. As she collapsed onto the bed she said, "Thank God for weekends!" "Time to spend with family," put in Hawkeye.

"Time to sleep aroun - er -in."

"Funny. Time to stay home and relax."

"...to stay out late."

"It seems we have different ideas as to how we should spend the weekend," Hawkeye commented.

"Yeah, it seems that way to me, too."

"Yeah, what are we going to do about it?"

"What do ya mean 'we?' I'm going out tonight with Ana, Tori, and Kate. We are going dancing; feel free to join us."

"I'm staying home with Mickey and dad's coming over. We are going to watch TV; feel free to join us."

"Then, I guess I'll see you Monday at work. Ana, Tori, Kate, and I are going to be rather busy this weekend. Unlike me, they have dates."


"Shall I call them and ask them to hook me up with someone, or are you willing to do this?"

He shot her a Look and left the room.

"I guess I'll be making some phone calls," sighed Margaret. She sat down by the phone and dialed Tori's number. Tori answered. "Hi, Tori, do you think you could find me a date for tonight?"

"Yeah...why?" she asked.

"Well, ya see, Hawkeye has different ideas of what to do this weekend." Margaret raised her voice at that part so that Hawkeye would be able to hear her.

"I thought that you two were..."

"Were what, Tori?"

"Well...um...never mind."

"Okay...can ya think of anyone?"

"Well, Brad's friend is - "

The line went dead. "Hawkeye! What was that about?!"

"I'll go...would I let my girlfriend go out with some guy I never met? No way!"

"Thanks, Hawk," she said and kissed him.

*Later that Day*

"Are you sure ya don't mind taking care of Mickey?" Hawkeye asked his dad for the tenth time."I'm sure...go have fun," Daniel said. He almost had to push Hawkeye out the door. "'Bye!" Hawkeye called. "We're meeting them at that little cafe that's about three blocks from here," Margaret told him. "Oh, okay. I'm driving?" he asked as she threw him the keys. "Yeah, I think so," she said, smiling. He grinned back. They got there about ten minutes late. Kate got out of her car and walked over to them, "What took ya so long?" she asked. "Hawkeye here had to keep asking his dad if he minded watching Mickey about thirty times before we could leave," Margaret replied. The whole time, Hawkeye was staring at Tori who was talking to her date; Brad, and Ana. Hawkeye thought she was beautiful with her long red hair and green eyes. And that pale blue dress she was wearing...wow! Hawkeye, get a hold of yourself! he thought. Margaret's your date, not Tori! "Hawk?" Margaret put her hand on his shoulder, "You okay? You seem out of it." "Oh, I'm fine...sorry," he mumbled. "Are you worried about Mickey or something?" she asked.


"What is it, Hawk?"


"C'mon, Hawk, tell me."

"You wouldn't understand."

"Try me."

"Hon, it's not important."

"If it's bothering you, it is. Now, tell me."

"Um, would you mind if I were to go home?"

"Yeah, I would. Please, tell me what it is."

"I'm going home; get a ride home with Ana and Nick."

"No, if you're going to leave, I'll leave too."

"I'd feel better if you just went out with them and had a good time. I don't want to ruin it on you."

"Kate, Hawkeye and I are going home; call me tomorrow, okay?"

"Margaret, you didn't have to do that."

"Why are you leaving? We haven't done anything yet," Kate said.

"I'll tell you tomorrow, Kate," Margaret responded.

"Okay...see ya!"

*At Their Apartment*

"Okay, what was that all about?" Margaret asked. "I told you that you didn't have to leave, but you insisted on leaving," Hawkeye said. "Hawk, if we can't be completely honest, then what good is our relationship?" asked Margaret. "Okay, fine, you want honesty, I'll tell you what's wrong: I almost had to glue my feet to the ground to stay away from Tori!" he yelled at her. "Why would that make me mad? Hawk, it's not like we're married or anything. If you found someone else, I wouldn't care, so long as you were happy. That's what love is," she said quietly. "After you say something like that, I don't know how I could even think of loving someone else," he said. Hawkeye leaned over and hugged her. "Now, what do you say we change our clothes and spend some time together...just you and me, Margaret," he said. "Sounds great, Hawk," she agreed.

The end?


What happened with those two? Will they ever get married? Will there be another part to this story? Will it be left up to your imagination? Honestly, I don't know! I hope ya enjoyed reading TGND2. Do you think the world needs to know what happens? If ya do, e-mail me at Duokatz@aol.com and let me know...maybe there's a third part to this story in the future....maybe there isn't...
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