July 23, 1958

It was Friday night and Hawkeye kept pestering Margaret about going out that weekend.

"Hawkeye, I'll go, but you've gotta let me get ready," she sighed.

"Jeeze, what's there to do? We're just going to go grab a bite to eat and then go bar hopping," Hawkeye said.

"How do I look?" she asked.

Thank God it's not the do-these-jeans-make-me-look-fat question, Hawkeye thought. He dreaded that one. Every time Julia had asked him that, he'd say he had to go check on Mickey or something.

"You look beautiful," he replied. He wasn't kidding, either. She had on incredibly short denim shorts and a white tank top and she'd pulled her hair back in a ponytail.

"Aw, you're just saying that," she replied.

Good God...there's no pleasing women, he thought.

"No, really, you look great!" he said.

"Thanks," she muttered as she looked in the mirror to see if her ponytail was in the right spot for about the twentieth time.

"You look fine, but if you don't hurry, we're going to be really late."

"Okay, but last time, you were the one who made us late," she said, smiling.

"Okay, so it's true...I don't want that to happen again, so let's go," he replied.

Twenty minutes later

Hawkeye skidded to a stop in front of the restaurant where they were meeting Tori, John, Kate, Tom, and Kate's friend Carlene.

"Jeeze, Hawkeye! Please, learn how to drive!" Margaret teased.

"Hey, Margaret!" Tori called.

"Hi!" she replied.

"What's the story? What are we doing?" asked Kate.

"Well, Hawkeye wants to grab a bite to eat and then go 'bar hopping'...I think we should add the dancing we didn't do last time to our agenda," Margaret replied.

Hawkeye groaned.

Two hours later, they were out dancing. They did look a little out of place because of how they were dressed, but that was fine with them. They were having too much fun to care. Both Carlene and Margaret were great dancers, but the rest weren't too terrific.
Actually, they tried to dance together once, but ended up laughing too hard to continue.
They also had almost everyone in the building staring at them and they weren't sure if it was because they were so good or that they were actually dancing together.

After all of the dancing, they had a real reason to go and try to get drunk: they wanted to forget about how silly they looked while dancing. The bar didn't get quiet once while they were there...they kept it hopping, so to speak. At about 3:00 A.M. they decided to go to Hawkeye and Margaret's place to hang around for a while, since Mickey was staying at Daniel's. They didn't want to go in two separate cars, so they all squeezed into Margaret's car. That was difficult because there was only room for five people in the car, but there were seven people. Hawkeye allowed Carlene to drive his precious car and he squished himself into the back with Margaret, Tori, and John. Kate and Tom were sitting in the front. About three minutes into the forty minute ride, Hawkeye looked over at Margaret.

"Hon? Are you okay? You look really pale..." he said

"I'm fine...I was just thinking about the last time we went somewhere like this...we had one more person..." Margaret replied. She didn't have to say that person's name for Hawkeye to know that it was Ana. He draped his arm over her shoulders and gave her a gentle squeeze. She gave him a weak, forced smile. Half an hour later, they pulled up in front of the apartment building.

"Um...you do have the keys, right?" Hawkeye asked Margaret.

"No...I thought you did," she answered.

"Great...dad has a key, but it's so late."

"Well, what do we do, then? Sit out here all night?" she shot back.

"Okay, we'll bother him."

"Good...I'll be back in about ten minutes," Margaret said as she grabbed the car keys from Hawkeye.

"Margaret! Hello? This is a big city...it's rather late at night...those two things and traveling alone don't mix too well, ya know," Hawkeye said. She turned around to face him and pushed a piece of blonde hair behind her ear.

"Calm down. I'll be fine."

"Uh-uh. One of us is going with you."


"Well, I can't go...I should stay here."

"I don't care. Tori, you wanna come with me?"

"Sure," Tori replied, "but I get to drive."

"If you must," Margaret said, smiling.

Tori and Margaret went back outside and walked to the car.

"I have a different way to get to his place," Tori said as she got into the car.

"Okay. Whatever."

It turned out that Tori's route was a whole other direction from where they were headed. She took a sharp left turn and nearly ran into the car next to them.

"Tori!" Margaret exclaimed.

Then, Tori turned the car around, so they were going the wrong way. She leaned over and whispered to Margaret. "I killed Ana."

Then, their car collided with another. Everything in their sight went black, but not before Tori saw the look on Margaret's face when she found out who Ana's killer had been.

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