Hawkeye stood there, shocked. Get a hold of yourself, she said she didn't, part of his conscience was telling him. You should tell her off...she shouldn't have even thought about it! the other side of his conscience was telling him. If she had no problem cheating on Donald with you, she could just as easily cheat on you. But she didn't, that's the thing! His conscience was driving him crazy; he didn't know what to do.

Margaret was avoiding looking at him. She didn't want to know what he'd do. Maybe I shouldn't have told him...if I didn't, Mickey might have known and told him, though, and that'd be worse.

Hawkeye made up his mind and said, "I'm not mad. I do want to talk to you about this later, though."

Margaret hugged him. "I thought you'd throw a fit when I told you."

"No...only if you hadn't told me and I'd found out about it would I be really mad...I'm just a little upset."

"I think I'd better go home and let you get back to work," she said. She turned to leave, but then she remembered something she had to tell him. "Hawkeye, I have to talk to you about Ana...and Tori tonight. It can't wait any longer."

That night...

"Hawkeye, I know who killed Ana," Margaret blurted out.



"How do you know?"

"Remember the accident?"


"Well, she thought that we would die in it, and so she told me right before it happened."

"How'd she know it would happen?"

"She caused it."


"I"ll get back to that in a minute. Ana had a daughter. Her husband tried to take care of her, but he can't. He says that he wants to find someone who'll adopt her...um..."

"I know what you're getting at, but Margaret, we don't have room for her!"


"If you can think up a solution, I'll be more than happy to take her in. Now, talk about Ana and Tori."

"Like I said, Tori told me she killed Ana."

"Who else did you tell?"

"No one."

"Margaret! And she tried to kill you?"


"I thought you two were good friends."

"So did I."

"Margaret, I think we should move...that'd be best."

"But what about this great job?"

"You have a choice: keep the job or keep your life."

"Why don't we just move to some place else and still keep our jobs?"

"If we can find a place that's not too far away, maybe."

"Hey...if we do that, then we can get a place big enough for all five of us..."


"Yeah, you, me, Mickey, Kris, and Daniel."

"Okay...I guess that's a good solution..." he said, smiling.

Margaret grinned back.

October 9, 1958

After several months of searching, Margaret and Hawkeye couldn't find a nice house in a decent location. They had really wanted to keep their wonderful jobs, but that seemed impossible. They had agreed on moving to Pennsylvania, but there was a problem...Hawkeye wanted to live in a small town, and Margaret wanted to live in a big city.

Another major change had taken place: Kris had moved into the apartment! Needless to say, it was rather cramped, so they wanted to move as soon as possible.

"Hey, Hawk! Look, this is just what we're looking for! Three car garage, big yard, three bedrooms...it's perfect!" Margaret said.

"Is it in a small town?" Hawkeye asked.

"Scranton...I think that's like a medium-sized city, from what this says...is that good?"

"Well, I guess."

"Does that mean...?"

"Yeah, we're going to be moving - hopefully."

Kris and Mickey had been listening to their parents' conversation and when they heard this, Kris grabbed Mickey and hugged him.

"It looks like Kris and Mickey are happy," Hawkeye said.

"Hawkeye, is your dad going to move in with us? If he is, it's going to be a tight squeeze...three bedrooms, remember? That means Kris and Mickey would have to share a room. It would be fine if Kris was younger, but ya know, she's almost twelve, so she's going to want to invite her friends over and they'll be in her room...it's not fair to Mickey."

"Don't worry. I talked to dad and he says he'll be more than happy with his own place. He'll be able to find a place not too far away, I bet."

December 23, 1958

"We won't get to celebrate Christmas," whined Kris. This was the day that they were moving. Kris and Mickey were mad because they'd miss Christmas. Hawkeye had promised that they wouldn't miss it, though.

"If you want to stay here by yourself, you can do that, but the rest of us are leaving today," Margaret snapped. She was sick of hearing Kris whine about everything.

"Margaret, can I talk to you?" Hawkeye called. She walked over to him.


"Give the kid a break. You're being a tad mean," Hawkeye said.

She shot him a murderous glance. Instead of saying anything in direct response to that, she said, "Let's go. The sooner we leave, the sooner we'll get there."

Luckily, as opposed to the eleven and a half hour trip from Maine, it was only a four and a half hour trip to Scranton. Daniel was going to drive Hawkeye's car because Mickey and Kris had wanted to ride with him, and that would be the best was to do it. Hawkeye and Margaret were going in her truck.

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