"Hawkeye shut up will ya" Trapper says from the back.

"Yeah shut up!" Margaret says agreeing.

"Well thank you music lovers" Hawk jokes, "suction nurse."

"Can't we have some military actions here?" Frank shouted!

"Good idea Frank, Baker through out you chest," Hawk joked,

"Why it looks good from here," Trapper joked along.

After 6 hours of surgery, Trapper had still 3 hours in Post-op before he could get relived and he was past tired, " What time is it Breslin?" Trapper asked with a yawn.

"Its 9 O'clock Trapp. Why don't you get some sleep we have an empty bed, and you can still be on duty I will just wake you before the Major comes in." Breslin said.

"Your just a little rule breaker aren't you?" Trapp said with a joke. He walked over to the bed and fell right asleep.

Twenty minutes before Trapper was to be relieved Breslin looked out the window to see Margaret coming. She ran over to Trapper, " Captain wake up, Major Houlihan is coming."

"Huh what?" Trapper mound.

"Trapp get up."

"I'm up! I'm up!" Trapper responded. He got up and went right over to one of the patents to look as if he wasn't asleep. Just in time as the Major came in, " Good evening baby!" Trapp said as a joke.

"Its Major to you Captain!" Margaret ordered.

"Alright then Major Baby!" Trapp said with a laugh. Margaret as usual found no humor in this.

"I am not here to talk to you Captain McIntyre." She turned to Breslin, " I am here to relieve you early Breslin."

"Thank you major!" Breslin responded.

"Your welcome," Margaret said as he went to the desk and worked on some paper work.

Trapper was looking over some patents when one looked in lots pain, he ran over to him, " Nurse this one is in pain! Get me some pain killers now!"

"Yes doctor, " Margaret said. She came over to Trapper with the needle, " here you go!"

Trapper injected in and the pain seemed to magically go away.

About 5 minutes left of Post-Op duty Trapper waited. Then Hawk came in. Out of uniform as usual. He wore his robe. "Thanks Hawk, I am so tried right now I could fall asleep as I walk back!" Trapp joked.

"Well your duty is over and mine is has just begun." Hawk said as he walked up to one patent.

"Have fun I will be here around noon!" Trapp said has he opened the door to the compound.

"Cya then!"

As Trapper set off to the Swamp he bumped into Klinger, " Halt who goes there!" Klinger yelled.

"Klinger it's me Trapper I need to get some sleep, I am just heading to the Swamp! " Trapper said with a yawn.

"What's the...." Klinger was interrupted by snipers shots. "Get down Captain!"

Just as Klinger yelled that at Trapper he screams out in pain! Hawk hears Trapper screams and runs out the door to see trapper lying in the middle of the compound knocked out. Klinger was under an Jeep

"Trapper, Trapper can you hear me?" Hawk yelled fearing for the worst. There was no answer.

"Klinger get Radar to get on the horn to get rid of the sniper. NOW!" Hawk ordered. Klinger crawled out from under the Jeep and started running for the door, as he got shot at.

Hawk ran under the Jeep, hoping to get a better look at Trapper even though Trapper is still a good distance away," Trapper can you hear me? Trapp answer me!" Hawk said with a fair amount of worry in his voice.

Hawk was just about to Trapper when another gun shot fire rang out! " I have to do something to get to Trapper. " he said to his self, " But what? Wait a minute" Hawk said as he had a new idea.

Hawk crawled out from under the Jeep to be shot at. He ran to the driver's door, and got in the Jeep. He crouched down so he cant get shot. As Hawk starts the Jeep to get closer to Trapp and help him, shot rang out, ricocheting off the Jeep. Hawk turns off the jeep as he jumped down to his knees to check Trapper.

"Trapp, Trapp can you hear me?" Hawk asked as the shoots kept on ricocheting off the Jeep, and then a tire was blown out by a bullet.

As Hawk, checked over Trapp he found the bullet wounded. It was set in his left shoulder. As Hawk looked it over closer he makes the decision that the bullet is logged near the heart and he need surgery immediately.

Hawk grabs the medical back out of the back of the jeep. He starts to clean the wound the best he can with what he has, just then Trapper mound in pain.

"Is just me Trapp, I have to clean the wound," Hawk said as he was cleaning it.

"How bad is it," Trapper just got out.

"Bad! But I will try to get you into OR" Hawk replied.

"Alright" Trapper said. Hawk applied presser to the wound to stop the bleeding, Trapper screamed out in pain.

"Sorry Trapp but I have too!" Hawk said with concern in his voice. Trapper said nothing for he has passed out due to the extreme pain.

Hawk did the best he could to get him and Trapper in the jeep with out being shot at. He crouched down as started the jeep. He drover over to OR and Klinger and Hawk got Trapper in to Pre-Op.

After operating on Trapper Hawk was still to be on duty in post op. It was about 8 am when Trapper finally woke up, to see hawk was sitting in a chair beside him.

"Hawk," Trapper asked weekly still feeling the side affects of the sleeping gas.

"Trapper! Your awake how do you feel?" Hawk said with relieved that his best friend is alive and still kicking! Though there is still the knowing that he was operated on and got shot!

"Been better and been worse." Trapper whispered.

"Well you better get some sleep!"

Just then Frank came charging threw the door, " Hawk your to be on duty. Not chit chatting! And get back to work!" frank demanded.

"Frank if you haven't notice I am tired and Trapper just woke up! I am aloud to talk to my patient and you can't do anything about that! So sit on it!" Hawk said with outrage!

Hawkeye stormed into Radar's office, " Have you done anything on to get ride of that sniper?" Hawk asked

"Yes sir, there should be a helicopter on its way here with our own sniper to get rid of him. Or at lest scare him off!" Radar said hoping that's been the right thing to do!

"I hope it scares him off and doesn't get wounded I have done enough operating today!" Hawk said, just as Frank came in!

"Corporal get this office clean! General Hampton is due here in less then an hour!" Frank ordered.

"Frank, just at what time do you mean?" Hawk asked.

"Well its 9 now and he will be here at 12!" Frank answered.

"Radar what time is Henry due to come back?" Hawk asked.

"Around 12 Hawkeye!" Radar responded as he was cleaning what little he could.

"Frank did it ever occur to you that Henry is due at the same time this idiotic inspection is? Do you think that Henry is going to like this? Don't you think the 4077th is good enough especially with its survival rate being at a 94% average?" Hawk kind of yelled!

"Well no!" Frank admitted

Hawk was in post of talking to Trapper as Radar came in to talk to the two of them. "Uh sirs, can I talk to you?" Radar asked.

"Sure Radar what is it?" Trapper said.

"Um it's the helicopter. It just shot that sniper and he needs to be operated on and Frank wont. I need Hawk to operate, and there is no other doctor here. Well there is you Trapp but I think your kinda wounded, sir"

"Great, I will talk to you two later. Looks like I need to scrub up!" Hawk said getting up from his chair by Trapp's bed.

"Cya Hawk" Both Trapper and Radar said. Trapp gestured to Radar to sit down.

"So uh how are you Captain?' Radar asked kind of nerves.

"Well other then sore and wanting to look around great." Trapper said with a laugh to make everything better.

"Well, Henry is to be coming back today. Bet you can't wait!" Radar joked.

Hawk was in the operating room, "Clamp! " Hawk demanded.

"Hurry Captain I think were losing him." The nurse said.

"Hey give me a little cross action here!" Hawk ordered.

"Yes sir."

An hour later in OR Hawk was finally ready to close. " Okay I think we can close now. Can you do it Barker?" Hawk asked.

"Yes sir."

As Hawk cleaned up and changed he went over to Trapper. Who was walking around, " Hey Hawk! How did the operation go?"

"Great, do you think your strong enough to be walking around?" Hawk asked.

"I don't see anything wrong with it. I didn't hurt my legs did I?" Trapp joked.

"Right. What time is it?"

"Its around noon. The same time Henry is to back from what Radar told me and that General!"

"Right, I think we should head out there!" Hawk said walking with Trapp to the door that leads to the compound!


As they went out side to the bulletin board to read some of the notes and wait for Henry and Hampton, hawk breaks the silence, " Look at this note." Hawk said with a laugh, and he pulled up a bra.

"Yeah that one explains it's self, but who put it there. That I would like to know!" Trapp joked!

Just then a jeep pulls up, "Hey look whom the cat dragged in, General Hampton." Hawk said just as the jeep stopped.

"Yeah and look who is coming, Henry! Oh and hi general, the person you are looking for is in the office. " Trapp said as he pointed to the door that lead to the office were Frank and Margaret were.

Henry pulled up just as the general went into the office. Henry followed Trapper and Hawk into the office.

"Frank what is the meaning of this?" Henry asked.

"What?" Frank said bewildered.

"Having the General here. And get out of my chair Frank." Henry said as he went to sit in his own desk," Hello General. What brings you here to the 4077th?"

"Well, I have gotten a call from Major's Houlihan and Burns about a inspection" General Hampton answered!

"I see, " Henry said as he glared at Frank then yelled, " Radar go get Major Houlihan and send her to my office!"

A few minutes later Margaret walked threw the door, " You called for me ... Oh General Hampton, glad to see you have arrived well at the 4077th.

"Thank you Major, now shall we get on with the inspection?" The General asked.

"Um, sir are you sure you want to carry on with it, I mean I just arrived by from soul and I would like to relax before we carry on with it. If that is okay with you, sir" Henry carried on and on like he usually does.

"Colonel I am on a tight schedule. May we get on with it?" The General suggest more like ordered.

"Yes sir!" Henry said.

During the inspection Klinger was on guard duty as they walked though the camp (only reason Klinger was on guard duty was because he wanted to look crazy for the general of course).

"Halt!' Klinger yelled.

"Klinger!" Henry yelled back!

"Who goes there" Klinger said suspiciously.

"The mans naked!" The general said as his eyes widened with shock.

"Oh come on Klinger, put on a dress or something!" Hawk said with disappointment.

"At lest a slip!" Trapper added.

As Hawk and the rest of them were caring on with the inspection they came to the Swamp.

"Hawk someone came in here and committed a neatness!" Trapper said with shock.

"Frank I thought I told you if you touched one..." The general interrupted Hawk.

"Now this is how a tent should look like. Clean!" the general commented.

"Thank you general shall we carry on?" Henry said as he gave Trapper and Hawkeye that look!

After the inspection and Frank making a fool of himself in front of the General and getting in his way all the time the general, Henry Trapp, Hawk, Burns and Margaret are in Henry's office.

"Oh may I make a suggestion about Major Burns?" The General said as though he has had enough of Frank and the 4077th.

"Yes sir" Henry said quietly.

"Give him on a hi-colonic and send him on a ten mile hike!"

"With full pack" Trapp added.

"Good touch" Hawk commented.

So as the General left Henry asked," So what happened while I was gone? And what happened to you Trapp?"

As they set off to the Swamp Hawk and Trapp told them everything from Frank putting them on 12 hour shifts and Margaret yelling at the nurses (not like that is NOT normal)!

The End

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