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Old and New

by MajorBaby

It was a few weeks after that fateful day, when the members of the 4077th had found out that their colonel Henry Blake had been shot down while flying home. Trapper had left, and so had Frank. One day, there was an announcement over the PA system...

"Attention, Attention! Will Captain Pierce, Major Houlihan, Father Mulcahy, and Corporal Klinger please report to Colonel Potter's office at once!"

Hawkeye glanced up from his latest magazine. "I wonder what Potter wants with me, Hot Lips, Father and Klinger? "

BJ shrugged. "Beats me. Have you played any tricks on any of them?"

Hawkeye shook his head innocently. "Who, me? I would never do something like that!"

BJ laughed, and Hawkeye got up and wandered over to his colonel's office.

When he arrived, he went through the door to find Margaret, Mulcahy, Klinger, and Radar already there. Puzzled as to why they were assembled, he sat down. He glanced around, and could see that he wasn't the only one that was confused.

Hawkeye finally voiced what everyone was thinking. "Okay, Colonel, what's going on?" Everyone else nodded, glad someone had asked the question they were all thinking.

Colonel Potter looked around the room. He had a strange look on his face, a look of awkwardness and nervousness.

"Well, folks, I called all of you here to discuss something that happened recently, before I arrived here."

Instantly everyone knew what he was talking about. Colonel Blake, whose plane had been shot down over the Sea of Japan. Everyone's faces instantly changed from confused to upset. They still felt the death of their former leader intensely, especially Radar. He was staring at the floor, trying to hide the tears in his eyes.

Colonel Potter looked around at them, glancing at their faces. "I know you were very close to your former colonel, and I know you still feel his death. I want you to know," He stopped, unsure of how to say what he was thinking. "I want you all to know that if you need to talk about anything, I'm here."

Although he had said very little, the words he said touched everyone. In the short time they had been in Potter's office, they felt closer to him, and felt a new sense of respect for him.

Hawkeye was the first to speak. "Thank you Colonel. That means a lot to me, to all of us," he said, glancing around at everyone. They nodded. Now they all had tears in their eyes. Radar was on the verge of crying. Hawkeye reached up and squeezed his shoulder reassuringly.

Potter's voice was uncharacteristically soft when he spoke. "All right, folks. I'm sure you all have work to do, so..."

Everyone stood up. Hawkeye and Margaret headed to Post-Op, Father Mulcahy and Klinger went to the Mess Tent, and Radar went into his office. They left, thinking about the old and the new.

The End

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