Oct. 21st: 0230 hours

"Major Winchester!" The corporal shook the surgeon's shoulder. "Wake up, sir!"

Winchester moved the pillow over his head. "Go away." He moaned.

"Sorry, sir. Lieutenant MacAllister needs you in pre-op."

"Do we have wounded?" Now alert, the doctor reached for his robe.

"Yes, sir. There's been a fight at Rosie's. Captains Pierce and Hunnicutt are hurt."

"Leave it to those two to ruin the first good night's sleep I've had in a long time." Winchester complained as he pulled on his boots. He didn't bother to lace them. "How seriously are they injured?"


"Howdy, sir." The nurse on duty greeted him. "I'm sorry to have to wake you, but I needed a sober doctor." She grinned and then said, "Main injuries: Pierce's scalp laceration and Hunnicutt's thumb dislocation. Minor cuts and abrasions on both."

"Charles, look what we brought you!" Hawkeye spoke. He fumbled with the pocket of his bathrobe. "See!" He waved a lacy brassiere. "It's a sling shot! Do you like it? We traded one of your silk ascots for it."

"You traded...!" Winchester swallowed his anger. "All right, you've had your fun. Now, be a good little boy and let the doctor look at you." With his penlight, he examined the man's eyes for pupil reaction. "Let's get him into the OR. Set up a suture tray and a local." The surgeon instructed.

"I don't need a local." Pierce slurred his words. "I'm already feeling no pain." He swayed, leaning towards the edge of the table. Sarabeth quickly pulled him upright again.

"That's for sure and for certain." MacAllister recoiled as he breathed on her.

Moving to his next patient, the major reached for his tent mate's swollen hand. "Klinger, get an x-ray---just in case. In a wheel chair," he added as Hunnicutt tried, unsteadily, to stand. "We don't need him breaking anything else. Also, contact HQ and see if we're expecting any real casualties anytime soon. Then, go over to Rosie's establishment and see if there are any additional pugilists who require treatment." Winchester ordered.


When the company clerk returned, he was supporting a bleeding soldier. "HQ says no wounded, sir." He reported as MacAllister helped him with the patient. "But there's about ten more people with injuries over at Rosie's."

"Wake the colonel and announce to the camp that all semi-sober medical personnel are to report for duty, immediately." The doctor didn't look up from his suturing.

"Looks like a busy night." The nurse commented from her table.

"Is this better than counting thermometers?" Winchester asked.

"It's more challenging, anyway, sir." MacAllister answered with a laugh.

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