One Dream Can Do So Much!

by Nikki Haan

Editors Note: I hope you like this story. Its an alternate ending to: 'Welcome To Korea' but, it also doesn't feature everything in the episode. I just hope you like the fanfic. If you have any comments please email me at:

"What do you mean its over?" Trapper asked his wife.

"Its over and I am taking the kids to my sisters and you can have everything that is in the mansion other then what me and the kids need." She said. With every tear was a needle stabbed in to his broken heart,

"You mean your taking Kathie and Becky? Your leaving me over the fact that I helped a few nurses when I was in the war? And pulled a few stunts on Frank? What happened between ..." Trap was interrupted by Becky.

"Daddy, Mummy what's going on? Why are you two fighting?" Becky asked.

"Please take your sister out to play in the back yard Becky." Trapper's wife said.

"What happened between us?" Trapper finished.

"We are leaving Francis!" His wife yelled, " Good bye! And don't worry all the suitcases are in the car! You need to do nothing." She said as she was heading out the door, " Kathie, Becky get in the car were leaving. Good bye Francis and I never want to talk to you again!"

Each word was like a a thousand needles into his heart. As the door slammed in his face he could feel tears run down his cheeks.

Trapper awoke and wiped his cheeks to find that there were tears. He got up and put on his robe and went for a walk. "Where you going Trap?" Hawk asked half in a daze.

"Out for a walk." Trapper said miserably, as he opened the swamp door.

"Are you okay Trap?" Hawk said with concern. " I mean you sound miserable. I will come if you want."

"Nah I will be okay I mean it was just a dream right?"

Hawk got up and put on his robe and went with Trapper, "What do you mean it was only a dream? Want to tell me about it?" Hawk said.

"No!" Trapper snapped.

"Are you okay I mean you seem a little grouchy." Hawk asked. As Hawk went to get on his boots at the end of the bed Trapper was still at the door.

"I just want to be alone Hawkeye!!" Trapper almost yelled. As hawk got up to go with Trapper, he pushed him down on the bed and yelled," Just leave me alone Hawkeye!"

Just then out rang a voice over the compound, " ATTENTION all personal we have incoming wounded. Not much folk's just one ambulance! But you better hurry before we run out!"

"Just great! All I need now is one that wont listen and freaks out!" said Trapper with an attitude.

Hawk didn't say much as they ran to meet the ambulance. Trapper wasn't needed in OR for the fact that there were only 3 wounded. " We don't need you in OR Trap. You better get some rest, you look like an ad for death!" Henry said as he scrubbed up.

"Gee thanks" Trapper replied with sarcasm.

Trapper headed back to the swamp. As he opened the door it hit him like a brick wall, " I knew it! No one needs me anymore. The wounded come in pairs or in threes so they don't need me. Hawk doesn't need me and neither does my wife. All these letters I got make sense now! She don't need me, no one here needs me." He pored him self a container full of Martini and wrote a note for Hawkeye that read:

Trapper placed the note on Hawks bunk and walked out the door with the shirt on his back and some martini.

Hawk walked into the swamp and noticed that Trapper wasn't anywhere. He ran out to Henry's office to see if Trapper was there, " Have you seen Trap?" Hawk asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

"No why? Is he not in the Swamp?" Henry asked not looking up from the papers he was signing that Radar was placing in front of him.

Both Radar and Henry said at the same time, " I / you will go look in the swamp." Radar headed right to the swamp.

"Henry I can't find him anywhere. I know that he wouldn't be in the Officer's tent because it isn't open."

"Its okay, we will find him. Don't worry. You're acting like he's your kid!" Henry said with a chuckle.

"Listen Chuckles he's a really good friend and I will worry about him if I want." Just then Radar burst in with the note.

"Hawk I think you might just want to read this!" Radar said as he handed hawk the note that Trapper read.

"Hawk would you mind reading it out loud?" Henry asked.

"Alright it reads: 'Look I see it now that no one needs me'" Hawk looked up then carried on, " ' so don't bother looking for me I am going for a long walk. I don't know when I will be back but you know for sure that you meant a lot for me and you did your best to keep me sane but there is nothing you can do now. Your long time best friend, Trapper John McIntyre' What does he think he's thinking" Hawk said in an outrage, " I am going to go looking for him right now. Henry don't bother trying to stop me he's my best friend and he means a lot and I want you to go looking for him!!!"

"Alright Radar you go with Hawk and I will be right behind you. This won't go on his report but if Frank finds out he will want to put this on his report as A.W.O.L, and we don't want that!" Henry said as he got up. They all headed out of his office in attempt to find Trapper

Trapper stopped in at Rosie's for drink. He was deep in thoughts, 'No one even thinks of me. Why does my wife want to leave me for that and why couldn't they use me in OR. I think that I could have been of some use. But I should have known that this day would come but why now?? What have I ever done to any of then When will ...'

"Drink Trapper?" Rosie asked.

"Huh? Oh hi yeah one beer." Trapper responded.

"What not two? Where's Hawkeye?" Rosie asked.

"Not here." Trapper said as he went deep in thought again.

Trapper only took a few sips of his beer then paid Rosie with what little money he had and took off south.

Along the way he saw that the road up ahead turned out to be forked. If he went left he would get hit with shrapnel because the road was being bombed. If he went straight he would go to a dead end and if he went right he would be heading to a small village that was along the side. But the road went straight to Seoul.

So Trapper went straight. He walked for about 20 minutes and sat down in the ditch to take a drink of Martini he had with him. Just then the road started to be bombed. Trapper never moved at all. The bombs were hitting all around him. All Trapper did is when they landed close and exploded he would just cover up his neck and put his head on his knees.

"Why am I here? I should be at home watching my wife leave with the kids to her sisters!"

Hawk slammed on the brakes and parked the jeep over Rosie's. Radar and Hawk walked in to Rosie's place, " Has Trapper been here?" Radar asked, as Hawk looked around. The Place was dead!

"Yeah about a half hour ago! I think he went south. He seemed deep in thought and really depressed. What's going on?" Rosie asked as she cleaned a glass. Then looked up at both Radar and Hawkeye with her beady little eyes.

"Um nothing. Radar I want you to wait for Henry. I am going to go up ahead and look for him," Hawk said as his eyes looked a little worried. And then stared at Radar. He knew right away to listen and then he sat down. Hawkeye headed out to the jeep and hopped in. As he started the jeep and sped away he thought to himself 'doesn't Trapper know that we do need him. He's my best friend. What has gotten into him? Why would he do this? He could get killed out here. Dang it Trapper why?'

Trapper was still on the road that was being bombed. All he was thinking is that he was going to die. He looked back at the fun times they had bugging the hell out of Frank and Margaret. 'Gesh I think back then I was needed. But I don't know anymore. They didn't need me in OR today and my wife seems to want to leave me! Man maybe I should move. The bombs are getting close and I guess I did go A.W.O.L.'

Trapper got up just as a bomb landed right by him and threw him onto the road. He landed about 10 feet from where he was. Shrapnel was covering his chest and right leg. He couldn't move and all he felt was a real sharp pain in his chest. He looked at his chest and it was covered in blood. The shrapnel tore his clothes and his skin. His right leg was all bloody and you could see the bone. Trapper lay there for a few minutes then lost conscious.

He lay there as bombs fell all around him, then it went silent.

Hawkeye went to look for him. He drove for about 10 minutes. The sun was beating down. Hawk came to the fork in the road. He didn't know what way he went. The left road that was being bombed stopped. But there were small pot holes that were caused by the bombs. And the one that went straight wasn't being bombed so Hawk went straight. Thinking that Trapper went that way.

The trees were providing shade as Hawk drove. He drove and it was slowly turning evening. And he came to the end of the road. He waited for a few minutes; the jeep was still running when he heard another jeep coming down the road. Hawks head roses and he noticed it was Radar driving and Henry in the passenger set.

The jeep came to a stop behind Hawk's jeep, " Find Trapper yet?" Henry asked Hawkeye.

"No, I don't think he has gone left on that fork. But why don't we head back to the fork and I will go right and you guys go left. I have a bad feeling that Trapper may be hurt. So you guys have your medical bags?" Hawk said with a hint of worry in his voice as he sat down in the driver's seat of his jeep. They all started their jeeps and drove to the end of the road to the fork.

Trapper lay there in the road, he had just woke up but was really groggy. He lost a lot of blood. He noticed that it was evening. Trapper was in the middle of the road. So with the strength he had he pulled himself to the ditch.

The ditch was grassy, but the problem was that it was a steep slope that you have to go down to get to the bottom. And there were a few small trees that were down there.

When Trapper got there he noticed this and thought to himself, 'If I can get off my coat and throw it too the tree someone will notice and get me to the 4077th or the 8063rd. God this is so going to kill me trying to get my coat off. Arg I am in so much pain. How am I going to do this? At least I am off the road. So a jeep won't hit me! I don't know anymore. Do they need me? Was it all a dream and everything is okay at home? Does she still love me? Man I love her and my kids! God I just want to be in a bed and no pain! God damn it will anyone know I am here? Will someone come?'

Trapper with his last ounce of strength took his coat off. As he did this he screamed in pain. The coat was all ripped up in shreds in the front where shrapnel hit him. There was a mix of green and blood all over the coat. Trapper threw the coat with all his might. It went sailing threw the air and landed on a branch. The branch Trapper figured was high enough that some one would notice. But when he threw it he lost his balance. He rolled down the bank into the ditch.

As he rolled he hit rocks. With each turn he screamed in agony. Near the bottom of the ditch he hit his head on a tree. When he was at the bottom, Trap went to touch his head and found there was a lot of blood oozing from his head. Just then he lost consciousness once again.

Hawk followed Henry and Radar. He felt a worried feeling cover his body. Then the worst of worst thought came into his head. He felt as though Trapper was in serious danger. Images of wounded solders came in to his head and then he couldn't get the feeling to disappear.

When they came to the road 30 minutes later they all stopped, Radar notice the way Hawk looked, "Sir, are you okay? I mean you look really bad!"

"Radar I want you guys to get down that road as fast as you can to see if Trapper is there. And don't stop til you have gone too far! I have a bad feeling. Just go! Henry if you find him and he is okay I want you to give him shit!!!!"

Radar and Henry stood there in shock. Did Hawkeye just swear? They couldn't believe it, " GO!" Hawk yelled at them.

They didn't respond due to the fact they thought they would get their heads bit off. Then went right and head off.

"Sir did Hawkeye just swear?? Did I hear myself correctly?" Radar asked, well more like asking himself.

"I think so! I don't know what to do? I mean I never seen Hawkeye that mad. More like I never seen himself that mad at Trapper, or himself!" Henry said.

Hawk went left and sped up, hoping to find Trapper. He spent an hour driving. Though he didn't know he passed where Trapper was lying. Thinking to himself he got so worried he stopped in the village. A woman was out walking, "Hey? Hey? Have you seen a man walk through here about 1-3 hours ago?"

The woman walked up to the jeep, "Nope no one has been threw here all day! Sorry Joe!"

"Thanks!" Hawk said depressingly. And he drove off. There was a place where he could turn around and just as he did a gut wrenching feeling swiped over him. This time worst then the one before. It felt as though he had passed trapper a while ago. Where the trees where, but there were many trees along the road, but something drove him to move as fast as he could.

Hawk drove as fast as he could. About ten minutes later he slowed right down. " TRAPPER? TRAPPER? CAN YOU HEAR ME TRAPPER?" hoping for an answer but something told him to get out of the jeep and look on foot with a flashlight.

Hawk stopped the jeep and turned it off. Within an instant he grab the radio, flashlight and his medical bag. As he walked along he noticed what looked like a coat hanging from a tree. The coat was hanging from a branch. It was covered in blood and look torn in the front.

Hawks heart jumped and he moved his flashlight to the bottom of the ditch. He noticed what looked like a limp body, 'Oh my God, it's Trapper! Please say he's alive!!'

Hawk jumped and rolled down the ditch to where Trapper was. The radio and flashlight followed. He picked up the flashlight and held it in his mouth and rolled Trapper over.

Trapper moaned as he was moved over, "Thank god you're alive!" Hawk said breathlessly. Then he noticed. Trapper's chest was covered in blood and it looked as if he was rubbed against sandpaper. His leg looked as if someone tore off the skin. You could see the bone clear as day. His head had a deep cut along the left temple. It was really deep but that was the less of Hawkeye's worries.

"Oh God your chest," Hawk said as he grabbed his medical bag and went of the bandages. As he grabbed then he also grabbed the scissors to cut the shirt open, "God these cuts are deep Trap." Hawk said depressingly.

"Hey. Hawk... I'm ... I'm Sorry!" Trap said breathlessly.

"Quiet you need to keep your strength. I am going to have to move you up to the road. Can you make it?" Hawk said worried.

"Well I made it here didn't I? We can try" Trapper answered quietly.

"Lets try it!"

Hawk helped Trapper sit up. He winced in agony, " Are you sure Trapper?" Hawkeye said concerned. " I can call of a Helicopter. Though I don't know if they will get the message."

"No!" Trapper barely yelled.


Hawk helped Trapper to his feet. He flinched again. The look in Trappers' eye sent a message to Hawk to keep on moving. With Trapper on one side and the medical bag, radio and flashlight in the other they moved up the ditch slowly. Nearly to the top Trapper collapsed.

"Were nearly there. But I think you need a break. How are you feeling other then your chest and leg?" Hawk asked.

"I'll feel better after I am dead three days!"

They went to move again. This time with Trapper last ounce of strength they made it to the jeep. Hawkeye got Trapper in the back and made him lay on his back. He reattached the bandages on Trapper's chest and leg.

Hawk started the jeep. Trappers' condition was getting worse. Each bump was agony. Trapper was lying there when a bomb hit the road in front of the jeep. Hawk when to swerve and the jeep flipped. Hawk screamed and went flying through the air. Trapper went flying. Trap went flying farther then Hawk.

When Hawk woke up he noticed that he couldn't see Trapper. Thoughts went flying threw his head, "Trap has been hurt more. I have to find him before it's too late!"

"TRAPPER?? Oh god answer me! TRAPPER! TRAPPER ANSWER ME!! TRAPPER!!!" Hawkeye yelled as he tried to get up. But it was no use because Hawk knew that his ankle was broken.

Hawkeye got on all fours and started to search for some way to get a hold of the 4077th but could find no way. He found Trapper and tried to wake him, "Come on Trap wake up." Hawkeye said hoping to get some sign but there were none. He checked Trappers chest and noticed it wasn't any better or any worse. Hawkeye found a radio and hoped that it wasn't broken, "Hawkeye calling Mash 4077th."

"This here is Radar what is it Hawk?" Radar said over the radio.

"I'm just outside of the camp about 2 miles North and I need a Helicopter or an Ambulance." Hawkeye said.

"Right I will see what I can do."

"Just hurry Radar." Hawkeye said.

Hawk put Trapper's head in his lap and waited for someone to find them. He fixed the bandages that were over Trapper's chest wounded. Knowing that he couldn't operate on Trapper he felt bad, to him Trap was his best friend. Though he couldn't do anything for him now he felt that he had let Trapper down. Hoping that someone would come soon.

Trapper moved his head gave a small cry of pain, and fell unconscious again, "Come on Trapper walk up." Hawkeye said in a soft yet firm voice. Though knowing it would do no good.

An hour later Hawkeye fell asleep still hoping that an ambulance or a helicopter would come soon. When Hawkeye finally woke up he was in a bed in Post-Op across from Trapper. When he woke up he was sore and stiff all over.

Henry came over to check on Trapper, "How is he Henry?" Hawkeye asked.

"Well he will be out for a while. How do you feel?" Henry asked walking over to Hawkeye.

"Like I have been hit by a bus." Hawkeye said resting his head on his pillow.

"Well you have a hairline fracture in you ankle so you won't be up and around without crutches. So that will be fun." Henry said.

"Yea. I just Trap hope will be okay." Hawkeye said.

"He will be, maybe you should get some rest." Henry said as he got up to leave.

Three days later Henry let Hawkeye get up and move around. Radar came running over to The Swamp where Hawkeye was. Hawkeye didn't have to stay in Post-Op no more and was in the swamp drinking lighter fluid and reading a nudist magazine.

"Hawkeye? Can I talk to you?" Radar said as he came into the tent.

"You're here aren't you so tell me what you wanted to." Hawkeye said sitting up.

"Well, Trapper's going home," Radar, said.

"What?" Hawkeye said astounded.

"Yes, he's going home on the next bus heading out of here." Radar told Hawk.

"Now?" Hawkeye said.

"The next bus." Radar said opening the door.

"The next bus is here." Hawkeye said.

"I just got the news and you're the only other person than Henry that knows." Radar said.

Hawkeye grabbed his crutches and took off after Trapper; Trapper was awake and getting loaded on to the bus. Hawkeye ran over to Trapper as fast as he could on crutches, "I guess this means good bye" Trapper said.

"Yeah, I don't know what I am going to do without you Trap." Hawkeye said trying to hide his tears.

"Don't forget about me. Promise to keep safe Hawk." Trapper said.

"I will and promise to write me." Hawkeye said with a smile.

"I will. Hey look when you get back to the States how bout we try to meet up." Trapper said.

The men loaded Trapper on to the bus and closed the door and the bus started and took off. Hawk stayed where he was standing remembering all the times that Trapper and him had. Thinking of how he was going to spend his days without his best friend when Henry came over, and put his hand on Hawkeye's shoulder, " It will be okay, Radar is finding a replacement and I am sure you will be good friends with him." Much the same, a week went by before the replacement came, his name was B.J Hunnicutt and they became good friends.

The End