M*A*S*H - The One Year Reunion

by Margaret Houlihan

July 27, 1954. It's one full year after the Korean War ended. Hawkeye and Margaret are still happily married and the twins are a year old and they all still live in Crabapple Cove. B.J. and Peg still live in Mill Valley. B.J. practices as a general surgeon at San Francisco General. Erin is three years old and Peg is a housewife. Sherman and Mildred Potter still live in Hannibal and Sophie was brought to the states and Sherman rides his beloved horse everyday on his ranch. Klinger and Soon Lee live in River Bend and Soon Lee is expecting their first child. Father Mulcahy also lives in River Bend and is the chaplain at General Pershing Memorial Hospital, the same hospital where Sherman and Klinger work. Father Mulcahy got some of his hearing back from that accident in Korea. Radar and Patty recently got married and Radar is entering the Police Academy in Des Moines and he's also a part-time farmer along with his mother. Trapper and Louise are still together in Boston. Trapper practices as a general surgeon at Boston Mercy. Becky is 8 and Kathy is 10. Charles and Cathy Jo live in Boston and they're expecting their first child. Charles is the head surgeon at Boston Mercy. Louise Burns is a widow and still lives in Fort Wayne. She works as a receptionist at a local company. Her daughters are Laura, 14, Christina, 12, and Julianna, 10. Lorraine Blake still lives in Bloomington and works at a local diner as a waitress to support her children. She'll never forget the day that Henry was killed. Her children are Molly, 8, Janie, 6, and Andrew, 3.

Hawkeye and Margaret decided to have a reunion party every July 27 in Crabapple Cove at their home. Hawkeye and Margaret are busy setting up extra tables and chairs in their house and in the lawn. The house is a Victorian era style. There's a verandah on the front entrance and the house is white with green shutters, green trim, and a green roof. There are ten rooms in the house. Downstairs houses the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and study. Upstairs houses Daniel's bedroom, the twin's bedroom, Hawkeye and Margaret's bedroom, a spare bedroom, and the second bathroom. Margaret has made all kinds of food, so that the rest of the gang doesn't have to make anything. Margaret is wearing a yellow dress with white sandals to compliment her blonde hair. Hawkeye is wearing his famous Hawaiian shirt with navy blue shorts and his famous cowboy hat along with black sandals. Daniel is wearing a khaki green shorts set with black sandals. Maggie is wearing a pink sunsuit and Ben is wearing a blue sunsuit and both are wearing white sandals. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Margaret answers it.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" asked Margaret as she saw her mother at the door

"Margaret, dear, I just wanted to know if you need any help with the party!" replied Jean Houlihan as she came to the house wearing a purple dress and white shoes to compliment her light grey hair

"Well, you could try my cooking to see if it's fit to eat!" said Margaret as she and her mother headed to the kitchen

"Margaret, everything looks so marvelous. I'm sure everything's fine! I can stay and help Daniel look after the kids if you want!" said Jean as she opened and closed the fridge

"Sure, mom! You know, it's nice that you're living right next door to me than to live in another state!" said Margaret

"I know. I'm glad I made the right choice!" answered Jean

Hawkeye comes into the kitchen and smells all of the food.

"Hi, Jean! Hello, sweetheart!" said Hawkeye as he kissed Margaret

"Hawkeye! How's my favorite son-in-law?" asked Jean

"Jean, I'm your only son-in-law. I'm great!" replied Hawkeye

"I know, you're still my favorite. Where's my grandchildren?" asked Jean

"Dad's playing with them in the living room!" said Hawkeye

"I'll go and leave you two lovebirds alone!" said Jean as she headed toward the living room

"What was that all about?" asked Hawkeye

"Oh, Hawkeye, you know my mother, she just wants to help out!" said Margaret

"I know. So tell me, what did my little sweetheart cook up for the party?" asked Hawkeye as he hugged and kissed Margaret

"Well, I made some coleslaw, tossed salad, potato salad, chocolate cake, cherry cheesecake, and I cooked some ham and lobster to go along with the salads. All of the food is cooling in the fridge because I don't want anyone to get food poisoning!" replied Margaret

"Well, it's a safe bet! I've been eating your cooking for a year and I've never been poisoned by it!" answered Hawkeye

"I guess it proves that I'm still a good cook!" said Margaret

Hawkeye and Margaret laugh about their whole conversation and the doorbell rings again. They both answer it.

"Well, honey, look, it's the Hunnicutt clan all the way from California!" said Hawkeye as he opened the door

"B.J., Peg, and Erin! I'm so glad you could all make it! Erin, you're turning out to be quite a cutie-pie!" said Margaret as the Hunnicutts came into the house

"Hawkeye, Margaret, we wouldn't miss this reunion for the world!" said B.J., who was wearing his Hawaiian shirt with black shorts and black shoes, and he still had the moustache

"That's right! B.J. planned his whole vacation around our reunion just so we could be here!" said Peg, who was wearing a sky blue dress and white sandals

"Erin, this is Uncle Hawkeye and Aunt Margaret!" said B.J.

"Hi!" said Erin wearing a pink dress and white sandals to compliment her light brown hair and brown eyes

"Listen, dad and Jean have the twins in the living room playing with toys. Erin, would you like to join them?" asked Hawkeye

"Yeah!" said Erin

"I think that means yes!" said Peg as she and Margaret took Erin to the living room

Hawkeye and B.J. are still talking in the foyer when the Winchesters and MacIntyres arrive together.

"Well, if it isn't Pierce and Hunnicutt, my old Swamp mates!" said Charles, also wearing his Hawaiian shirt and black shorts with black shoes, as he, Trapper, Louise, and Cathy Jo enter the house

"Hawkeye, B.J.! Great to see you again!" said Trapper, who was wearing his famous Hawaiian shirt with green shorts and black sandals

"This is a surprise, you and Charles driving from Boston together!" said Hawkeye

"It was Trapper's idea that we save gas and motel rates!" said Charles

"Hi, everyone! How's everyone doing?" asked Cathy Jo, wearing a black maternity dress with white sandals

"We're great, Cathy Jo! My goodness, you're getting big!" said Hawkeye

"Hawkeye, I'm eight months pregnant! I should be getting big!" answered Cathy Jo

"She has all of the side effects that I had when I was pregnant with Kathy and Becky. I swear, we had to stop at every rest stop from here to Boston!" said Louise, who was wearing a mauve dress and white sandals

"Great to see you, Louise! Where's your kids?" asked B.J.

"B.J., they decided to stay at their friends house the whole weekend while we're gone. I feel so much better knowing that they're staying with good people. Where's Peg?" asked Louise

"She and Margaret took Erin to play with Maggie and Ben in the living room!" said B.J.

"Cathy Jo, let's say you and I go see the kids and leave the men to themselves!" said Louise

"Right behind you, Louise!" answered Cathy Jo as she and Louise headed to the living room

Just as the men were catching up on stories, the Potters, the O'Reillys, the Klingers, and Father Mulcahy arrive.

"Hello, everyone! It's great to be here!" said Sherman, wearing a navy blue shorts set with black sandals, as he and the rest of the gang entered the house

"Sherman, you're looking well!" said Charles

"Thanks for dropping the Colonel nonsense. I'm retired from the army!" said Sherman

"It's great to see you all again!" said Father Mulcahy, wearing a black shorts set with black shoes and his crucifix

"It's nice that everyone's together on a happier occasion!" said Klinger wearing a Toledo jersey and blue shorts with black sandals

"That goes for me!" said Radar, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and blue shorts and black sandals

"Radar, old buddy! Congratulations on the wedding and Soon Lee, congratulations on your new arrival!" said Hawkeye

"Thanks, Hawkeye. Where's Margaret?" asked Patty, wearing a red dress and white sandals

"I wonder if she needs my help getting everything. I bought some pies at Gillis' Bakery & Deli up the street from here. I wasn't sure she had anything!" said Mildred, wearing a green dress and white sandals

"If Cathy Jo's here, we could exchange experiences on our pregnancies. I'm seven months pregnant!" said Soon Lee, wearing a pink maternity dress and white sandals

"Margaret, Cathy Jo, Louise, and Peg are in the living room with the kids. I'll put your pies in the fridge for you, Mildred!" said Hawkeye

"Hawkeye, that's sweet of you!" said Mildred

The women all gathered in the kitchen to chat while the men sat on the verandah and chatted.

"So, how's everyone been?" asked Margaret as Maggie sat on her lap

"Everything's great with Trapper and me. Becky and Kathy are almost teenagers and they decided to stay with friends this weekend!" said Louise

"Sherman is so much more relaxed since he retired form the army. Everything's the same as it was before he went to war, except that he goes for a morning ride with Sophie!" said Mildred

"I'm so glad that B.J.'s back. My life is more complete now that I have Erin and B.J. together again!" replied Peg as Erin sat on her lap

"Max is the sweetest man I know. He surprises me every month with flowers or a candlelight dinner. I've got a pregnant belly to show for it!" answered Soon Lee

"Radar and I like to go out on the town every weekend. He's so sweet and cute!" said Patty

"Charles always surprises me with little gifts. You know, everyday that I'm home cooking and cleaning, I miss him dearly. That's why I kiss and hug him when he comes home!" said Cathy Jo

"Hawkeye and I try to go out once in a while, but we only go out if Daniel or mom doesn't mind babysitting. He surprises me with flowers, wine, jewelry, or chocolates. He took me out for a candlelight dinner on our second wedding anniversary!" replied Margaret

"That's my son-in-law, the hopeless romantic. All I can say is that he's making my little girl very happy!" said Jean

"Thanks, mom. By the way, Soon Lee and Cathy Jo, when are your babies due?" asked Margaret

"Max and I are expecting in September. Max thinks it's a boy, but we'll know when this baby comes out. Sherman said it was alright to travel because he's my doctor!" answered Soon Lee

"Charles and I are due in a couple of weeks. I think my baby is a girl because of the way it moves around. The baby's been kicking me all day!" answered Cathy Jo

"Who's your doctor, Cathy Jo?" asked Margaret

"Charles is. He and Trapper told me it was okay to travel. He's a little nervous because he's never delivered a baby before!" said Cathy Jo

"B.J. had one of his colleagues deliver Erin. He was too scared to do it himself in case of complications!" said Peg

"Sherman smoked his cigars in the waiting room when Evie and Cory were born. One of his friends delivered both of my kids!" said Mildred

"Trapper delivered both Kathy and Becky under the supervision of his obstetrician friend!" said Louise

"Old Doctor Taylor delivered Margaret at the Mash unit Alvin and I were stationed at. It was the happiest day of my life!" said Jean

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