"Margaret, I hope I'm not hurting your hand!" said Cathy Jo

"Not at all!" said Margaret

"You're not hurting mine either!" said Hawkeye as he held Cathy Jo's other hand

"The head's out, Cathy Jo! I need you to push a couple of more times to get the rest of the baby out!" said Charles as he was delivering the baby

"The baby's got more hair than the father! Charles, you're holding up well, and Cathy Jo, you're doing great!" said Hawkeye as he wiped Cathy Jo's forehead with a cold face cloth

"Charles, can I push now? I really need to now! Ooh, ooh!" said Cathy Jo as she winced in pain again

"You're doing great! Okay, the baby's out now and I'm cleaning the fluids out of the mouth and cutting the cord!" said Charles as he held the baby in a blanket

"Waa, Waa!" cried the new baby

"Charles, what is it? Is it a boy or a girl?" asked Cathy Jo as she heard the baby crying for the first time

"Sweetheart, it's a girl!" replied Charles as he smiled at his newborn

"Charles, you did a great job delivering you own child. I'm proud of you and so glad you didn't faint while in the process!" said Hawkeye as he looked at the newborn

"You were right, Pierce, it was a wonderful experience!" said Charles as he handed the baby to Margaret to get weighed

"Cathy Jo, I'm just cleaning your little girl off while she's being weighed!" said Margaret as she placed the baby on the scale

"Margaret, how much does she weigh?" asked Cathy Jo

"She weighs 6 lbs, 8 oz, and she's 21 inches long! I think this little lady should be with her mommy now!" said Margaret as she put a diaper on the baby

"Cathy Jo, I need you to push to deliver the placenta!" said Charles

"Alright, but that's all the pushing you'll get out of me today!" said Cathy Jo as she pushed

"Okay, it's out and there doesn't look to be any signs of bleeding!" said Charles as cleaned Cathy Jo off and finished her exam

Margaret hands the baby over to Cathy Jo.

"Hello, little lady! We're so glad you decided to make an early appearance at our party! I'm your mommy and that bald man over there is your daddy! Charles, she smiles just like you and she has your nose and chin!" said Cathy Jo as she held her baby for the first time

"She's beautiful! She's got brown hair and hazel eyes like her mother! We have to give this little one a name!" said Charles as he looked at his wife and daughter

"How about Jessica Isabella? I always liked the name Jessica Isabella!" said Cathy Jo

"I like it! Jessica, there's a couple of people I want you to meet, this is Hawkeye and Margaret Pierce, a couple of your mommy and daddy's friends!" said Charles

"Cathy Jo, she's beautiful! I can't believe that Maggie and Ben were ever that small!" said Margaret

"You picked a beautiful name for a girl! Margaret, speaking about Maggie and Ben, where are they?" asked Hawkeye

"Mom and Daniel's watching them!" answered Margaret

There's a knock at the door.

"Come in!" said Cathy Jo

"We heard we have a new visitor! Can we have visiting hours now?" asked B.J. as he opened the door

"Okay, but one at a time!" answered Hawkeye

"Hawkeye, it's alright! Everyone come in! I want to present Jessica Isabella Winchester to all of you!" replied Cathy Jo

"Congratulations, Winchester! Here's a cigar for you!" said Sherman

"Thanks, Sherman!" said Charles

"May you be blessed with many happy years with little Jessica!" said Father Mulcahy

"Thank you, Father! I was wondering if you would baptize Jessica the next time you're in Boston!" said Cathy Jo

"Why, I'd be delighted to!" said Father Mulcahy

"Charles, you did a great job! I told you that delivering babies was a piece of cake!" said Trapper

"Thanks, Trapper. You and Pierce were both right!" said Charles

"She's so small, but she looks like her mother!" said Radar

"Oh, Radar, I think she smiles like Charles and she has his nose and chin!" said Cathy Jo

"Cathy Jo, she's an angel! I'm going to be feeling the same way Charles is feeling right now! You'll make a fine mother!" said Klinger

"Jessica takes your breath away! She has the honor of being the first baby to be born in the Pierce home!" said Daniel

"She's adorable! I think she looks like both of you!" said Jean

"Thank you all for your support! I hope I didn't ruin the party!" said Cathy Jo

"You did no such thing! You just made the party more exciting!" said Mildred

"Radar and I are planning to start a family soon!" said Patty

"B.J. and I plan to give Erin a little brother or sister!" said Peg

"Cathy Jo, I figured you would have the baby here because you told me on our trip up here that you felt that baby kicking!" said Louise

"Louise, I didn't know that I would have this baby today! I never knew what to expect from labor!" said Cathy Jo

"Is childbirth as bad as they say it is? I'm going to feel that way in a few months time!" said Soon Lee

"Soon Lee, it wasn't as bad as I thought! I'm definitely having more children! I was more relaxed having Margaret and Hawkeye coaching me and having Charles delivering our baby!" said Cathy Jo

"Does this bring back memories for you, dear?" asked Margaret as she held Maggie

"It sure does! Did you ever think about us having more children?" asked Hawkeye as he held Ben

"No, I think having twins is plenty for me! Besides, we have both a girl and a boy! I never would have thought that three years ago, I would find true happiness with the best husband in the world!" said Margaret

"We have two beautiful children and I wouldn't trade them in for the world! It's hard to imagine that three years ago, we couldn't stand each other, I always thought you hated me!" said Hawkeye

"Hawkeye, like I said before, I've always loved you, but I didn't want to tell you when Frank was there because he'd have a fit! After I got divorced from Donald, I saw a different side of you! When you were sick with the flu, I didn't want you to die! When you lost your sight, I was hoping that you would get it back and you did! When you had that sneezing fit, I was so scared because I didn't know if you would survive the illness! When you had appendicitis, I couldn't keep my feelings for you bottled up inside me any longer, so that's why I told you that I loved you as you were put under! I was scared you were going to die!" said Margaret

"Margaret, it's okay, I'm here now and I'll always be here for you! I'm not going anywhere! Did you really think that I was dying every time I got sick?" asked Hawkeye

"Yes, Hawkeye, I didn't want to lose you so soon, and I'm not going anywhere myself! The scariest time for me was when you were in that psychiatric hospital with Sidney, I was all alone with the twins raising them myself! I was scared that you would never be the same person and I was so scared that you would leave me and our babies behind! I wasn't sure how you would react with our own children after that incident!" said Margaret

"Oh, Margaret, I didn't know if I would ever be allowed out of there again, but I missed you and the twins and you and dad convinced me that I didn't kill that baby, but the mother did! I was trying to protect my family!" said Hawkeye

"Hawkeye, I'm still going to stand by you like our marriage vows said, and my children need their daddy!" said Margaret

"I love you, Margaret!" said Hawkeye

"And I love you too, Hawkeye!" replied Margaret

They kiss each other and watch Cathy Jo as she gets acquainted with Jessica.

"Charles, sweetheart, could you get my smaller suitcase out of the car? I packed baby diapers and baby clothes and baby supplies just in case I had the baby here!" said Cathy Jo

"Sure, darling! I love both of my girls!" said Charles as he kissed both Cathy Jo and Jessica

"We love you too!" said Cathy Jo as she started to breast feed Jessica

"Cathy Jo, I was just going to ask you whether you were going to breast feed or bottle feed, but I see you've already decided! I bottle fed my kids!" said Margaret

"Oh, Margaret, I knew for a long time that I wanted to breast feed! I feel that this method brings a mother and her child closer together!" said Cathy Jo

"Hawkeye, can I talk to you?" asked Daniel

"What's on your mind, dad?" asked Hawkeye

"Well, since Cathy Jo gave birth to her baby in our house and since she'll need her rest, I was wondering if she and Charles and Jessica would like to stay here until she's strong enough to travel back to Boston! I could put your old cradle here in the spare room so that Charles and Cathy Jo could have the baby in the same room with them!" said Daniel

"Dad, that's a great idea! I'll talk to Margaret to see what she thinks!" said Hawkeye

"Honey, dad had a great idea! He wants to put my old cradle in this room so that Cathy Jo, Charles, and Jessica can stay a few days until Cathy Jo has rested up enough to go home!" said Hawkeye

"That's a great idea! I'll ask them!" said Margaret as she walked over to Cathy Jo

Charles walks back into the room with the suitcase.

"Cathy Jo, would you and Charles and Jessica like to stay here for a few days until you feel well enough to go home? Hawkeye is going to put his old cradle in this room for the baby to sleep in!" said Margaret

"I'd love it! I'm sure Charles will too, won't you sweetheart!" said Cathy Jo

"Anything for my two favorite girls! Pierce, Margaret, that's very nice of you!" said Charles

"Charles, don't worry about us! Louise and I can stay at the Crabapple Cove Inn for a few days! We'll call it our second honeymoon and we'll call our girls and tell them to stay with their friends for a few more days!" said Trapper

"Trapper, that sounds wonderful and so romantic! We haven't been away together without the girls in years!" said Louise

"Trapper, Louise, why don't you stay at my house! It's only next door and you can still have lots of privacy for a second honeymoon and it won't cost you a cent! Besides, you can check up on your friends anytime you want to!" said Jean

"Jean, that's sounds terrific! What do you say, Trapper!" said Louise

"That's a great idea, Mrs. Houlihan, you're one fine lady!" said Trapper

"Why thank you, Trapper!" said Jean

"You're welcome!" said Trapper

Later that evening, Charles and Cathy Jo were sleeping comfortably in the spare room with Jessica sleeping in Hawkeye's old wooden cradle.

"Waa, Waa!" cried Jessica, wearing pink sleepers

Charles hears the baby crying and gets up and turns the lights on. He notices his wife sleeping comfortably and decides not to wake her up, since she needs her rest after having a baby.

"What's wrong little Jessica? You're not wet or hungry because we just changed you and fed you not long ago!" said Charles as he picked Jessica up from the cradle

"Charles, what's wrong, is she okay?" asked Cathy Jo as she woke up

"I think she's just getting used to her new surroundings! Why don't you get some rest, Cathy Jo, you had a busy day!" said Charles, wearing his blue pajamas

"Charles, she's so perfect, I can't believe I went through so much pain to get this little angel! I could go through it again to get a little brother or sister in a couple of years!" replied Cathy Jo, wearing a black nightgown

"Sweetheart, don't worry about Jessica, she's a very healthy baby! I checked her over for everything I could possibly think of!" answered Charles as Jessica stopped crying as she was placed back in the cradle

"Jessica's lucky that her father is a doctor. I'm lucky that my husband's a doctor because I know he'll protect both of us!" said Cathy Jo

"And I'm lucky to have such a wonderful wife too! She loves me and I love her too!" said Charles

Charles gets back into bed and kisses his wife and turns the lights out for the night.

It was an unforgettable reunion party that lasted the whole weekend. B.J., Sherman, Klinger, Father Mulcahy, Radar, and their families all stayed at the Crabapple Cove Inn for the remainder of their vacation since they had reserved rooms well in advance. That September, Soon Lee gave birth to Maxwell Quincy Klinger Jr. By that time, Cathy Jo was still adjusting to being a new mom, so she and Soon Lee kept in touch to give each other baby tips.

The End

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