MASH Fanfic Timeline

By Rob Morris

Warning: This will contain spoilers for my present stories, and perhaps even some future ones --- Rob

Cosmic PreHistory - The beings who will one day be known as The Prophets Of Bajor are formed/born outside of linear time

Earth's Prehistory - A hybrid dinosaur species, the Gojirasaurus, is born in a remote valley; King Ghidorah, The Ancient Destroyer, comes to Earth to destroy it, sensing a potential to destroy him. He is successfully turned back by Gamera, Mothra, and Battra, the Earth's protectors. Surviving members of this species will one day be known as Godzilla. Ghidorah, weakened by the failed attack, loses the megameter-large form of The Ancient Destroyer.

3,000 BCE - The Immortal known as Methos is born. Eventually, he joins with three other Immortals to form the Four Horsemen, who conduct a reign of terror over Europe and Asia that continues until the BCE/AD line.

1000 BCE - The Horsemen wipe away the Barbarian tribes of The Russian Steppes, including The Kurgans. One remaining Kurgan is inspired by all this, and carves a hideous legend unto himself.

6-4 BCE - Birth Of Christ in Bethlehem; Father Francis Mulcahy is present, due to a time-travel 'gift' from The Prophets Of Bajor. Fearing this birth, Herod orders The Slaughter Of The Innocents. Unable to get either his own soldiers or the Soldiers Of Rome to perform this, Herod agrees to help Kronos, leader of The Four Horsemen, find Methos, who has vanished. During their assault, The Horsemen kill the family of Soolaimon-Ben-Moshe, who is himself killed and awakes Immortal. One day, he will be known as Sidney Freedman.

33 AD - Despite his cynicism, Methos becomes attached to the camp of Yeshua-Bar-Joseph, known to his Greek followers as Jesus. He is enraged, though, when his friend refuses to allow him to take his place on the Cross. A disguised Soolaimon-Ben-Moshe tortures Jesus on the path to Golgotha, blaming him for the death of his family. Pulled aside by Methos, he realizes his folly. They both depart the Holy Land quickly, never seeking to confirm rumors of Jesus's survival.

100 AD - Their search for Methos having failed, Kronos declares the Four Horsemen finished, believing his 'brothers' to all be dead. In the Arabian Desert, a distraught Soolaimon-Ben-Moshe becomes student to a merchant, an Immortal who shows him how to survive at the fringes of The Deadly Game. In his honor, he takes the man's surname as his given name. He becomes Siddig-Ben-Moshe thereafter.

Circa 500 AD - On the shores of Loch Glenfinnan in Scotland, the barren Queen Morgause finds a foundling. Naming him Bedivere, he is raised less at home and more at the court of his Uncle, Arthur Of Camelot. Rising to become Arthur's First Knight, he is quite successful at defending the realm, quite less so at understanding it all. During this time, with Merlin's aid, the Knights successfully fend off King Ghidorah, the three-headed dragon. When Arthur's kingdom falls, Excalibur is entrusted to his care. He also persuades his mother and two aunts to suspend their feud with Arthur long enough to get him to Avalon, where he might one day be healed.

750 AD - With Arthur receding into legend, Bedivere finds a secure hiding place for Excalibur, then departs for Scotland and Loch Glenfinnan, the place he was found. Founding a town there, he changes his name to Brymr B'Loch. Also at this time, Siddig-Ben-Moshe becomes a student of the Mystic Immortal known as Cassandra, who shows him how to use The Voice. A fellow student, Roland Kantos, tries to betray them both.

888 - A plague washes over Europe. The woman known as Amanda dies and becomes Immortal. Glenfinnan town is depopulated, and so Brymr B'loch signs a treaty ceding it to the Clan Macleod.

1000 - Seeking work in Saxon-held lands, Brymr B'loch changes his name to Henry Braymore.

1100 - A thousand years after the destruction of his teacher, Simon Magus, Siddig-Ben-Moshe again pursues Kaballic wisdom and magic.

1518 - Birth of Connor Macleod in Glenfinnan

1536 - Killed in battle by The Kurgan, Connor is banished by his clan when he awakes Immortal. Later, he is trained by Ramirez, who is killed by The Kurgan.

1592 - Birth of Duncan Macleod in Glenfinnan

1622 - Killed in battle, Duncan Macleod is cast out by the Clan.

1625 - Found by Connor, Duncan is trained in the ways of The Game.

1650 - By now Kabballa-Master Of Prague and much of The Eastern World, Siddig-Ben-Moshe grows enraged at the treatment of Jews in that part of the world. In his rage, he summons up a nigh-unstoppable Golem, which he then finds he is unable to control. Connor Macleod, repaying a debt owed by Ramirez, helps him bring the creature low.

1800 - Henry Braymore first uses the name Henry Braymore Blake, and immigrates to America.

Circa 1870 - A Native American family that Duncan Macleod has adopted as his own is slaughtered with their village. Until they are avenged, Duncan is uncomfortable with Native American names.

1889 - Siddig-Ben-Moshe, now called Sidney Freimensch, has a party whose attendees include Connor Macleod, Henry Blake, and the mortal Sigmund Freud. Having lost some faith in magic and lore, Sidney is impressed when Freud is able to talk Blake out of one of his blue funks.

Circa 1880-1890 - Methos, under the name Doctor Abel Adams, visits the town of Walnut Grove, Minnesota. As temporary doctor, he develops a friendship with the family of Charles Ingalls. Ingalls' adopted son Albert is killed, but awakens Immortal.

1899 - Birth of Sherman T. Potter. At this time, his grandfather maintains a second family with his African-American maid. Contrary to the times, young Sherman is told to respect this woman and her family, though they may not be publically acknowledged. Later, one of these relatives will become science-fiction writer Benjamin Russell, author of the 'Deep Space Nine' series of sci-fi bestsellers.

1903 - Birth of Adam Kendall, Junior, second son by that name of Adam Kendall and Mary Ingalls Kendall. Death of Adam, Senior, followed by Mary's remarriage to Methos, under the name Abel Adams. As Colonel Kendall, he will serve as the first CO of the 8063rd MASH.

1908 - In a stock scam, Amanda not only swindles Henry Blake out of his money, but steals his Knight's Sword as well. Mistakenly believing her associate Duncan Macleod was in on it, Henry confronts him, only to calm down. This leads to his decision to become a Doctor.

1909 - While surveying the family line of their future Emissary, one of the Prophets Of Bajor spies Caitlin and Patrick Mulcahy, grieving over their infant son, who is stillborn. Unable to comprehend their grief, The Prophet enters the child's body, and then promptly forgets who he was. Proclaimed a miracle by the parents, they name the baby Francis John Patrick Mulcahy.

1912 - Birth of Francis Marion Burns

1914 - Lying about his age, Sherman Potter joins the US Cavalry

1917 - Sherman Potter is part of the American Expeditionary Force in World War One, serving on occasion with fellow Missourian Harry S Truman. He is captured on patrol in the Ardennes Forest with British Medic Duncan Macleod. He is badly treated by the Germans. Successfully taking the head of the man who captured them, a fellow Immortal, Duncan Macleod manages to engineer a mass escape. Potter is witness to both the duel and the Quickening, and is injured in its wake. Birth of Charles Emerson Winchester The Third

1918 - Potter breaks up a lynch mob, permitting vampires Lacroix and Nicholas Knight to escape possible death. Lacroix then orders that no one of his vampire clan shall ever touch Potter or his line.

1919 - Henry Blake graduates medical school, and on occasion, teaches med to students. Death of Mary Ingalls Kendall, lost to the Influenza Plague of that year. Su-Na, later to be known as Rosie, is born in Japanese-occupied Korea to a Korean mother and an abusive young officer

1920 - Birth of Margaret Houlihan

1922 - Births of Benjamin Franklin Pierce, John Francis Xavier MacIntyre, and B.J. Hunnicutt.

1925 - Birth of Maxwell Q. Klinger

1932 - In an Iowa cornfield, Terence and Edna O'Reilly find and adopt a foundling they call Walter.

1935 - Birth of Soon-Lee Han

To be continued...