by Amanda Labonte

This is a letter that BJ wrote home just after arriving at the 4077th.

Dear Peg,

I made it to Korea alive, now the trick is to keep it that way. I have met many interesting people here. When I arrived in Tokyo, I met Walter O'Reilly. They call him Radar. I'm not exactly sure why, but they do. I also met Benjamin Pierce. People call him Hawkeye. He said it came from The Last of the Mohicans, his dad's favorite book. He was upset because he just missed the doctor I'm replacing. They were good friends. The temporary commanding officer and fellow doctor's name is Frank Burns. He's very annoying and think everything should go his way. Hawkeye and him are enemies. And then there's Max Klinger. He's trying to get out on a Section eight by dressing in dresses, but it's not working. He really is sane.

It's been difficult here, Peg. In my first hour here, I was shot at and had to perform surgery in the field. Peg, those boys were so young. Don't worry about me Peg. I'm fine. I miss you and Erin very much. I can't wait to come home. Hug and Kiss Erin for me. I can't wait to feel you in my arms again. I have to go know Peg. Choppers just came in. I love you.

You Loving Husband,