Col. Potter approaches them with an urgent message. "The people in the aid station are overwhelmed with the wounded. They are requesting that we send them a doctor and a nurse right away. BJ, it's your turn to go down there."

"I don't want to Colonel!" BJ complains.

"Sorry, Hunnicuttt," Potter says, "Hawkeye, Charles, and I already had our turn."

"Alright colonel," BJ says.

"As for a nurse...," Potter starts to say.

"I'll go," Margaret and Rose both volunteered.

"Rose, you can go with BJ, to the aid station," Potter tells her.

"But Colonel...," Margaret begins to protest.

"You volunteered the last time Margaret," Potter says. "Why don't you let Rose volunteer this time?"

"Rose, are you sure you want to do this?" Margaret asks her.

"Yes, I do," Rose answers.

"Alright colonel," Margaret answers him, "she'll go."

"Hunnicutt, you and Marshall are to report to the aid station immediately," Potter tells them.

Charles grabs Rose's Hands and takes her aside. "Rose, are you sure you want to do this? I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I'll be alright Charles," she tells him.

They rejoin the group.

BJ and Rose are sitting on the front seats of the jeep. Their medical equipment and other necessities are in the back seat. Several people are there wishing them luck and saying goodbye to them.

"Have a safe trip," Potter tells them.

"Take care of yourself Rose," Charles tells her. He kisses her on the cheek.

"Come back safely," Hawkeye says.

"We'll be back," BJ tells them.

"God bless, and have a safe journey," Father Mulcahy tells them. He gives them his blessing.

"Bye," everybody says.

BJ and Rose drive off.

"I hope they come back," Hawkeye tells them worriedly.

"I hope so too," Potter says.

"Ditto," Father Mulcahy says. "Why don't we bow our heads and say a silent prayer for their safe return."

Everybody bows their heads.

"Amen!" Mulcahy says. He lifts up his head.

Everybody says, "Amen," and lifts up their heads too.

It is 1 am in the morning, and everybody is asleep in their tents. The stars are scattered all over the sky and a cool gentle breeze is moving through the compound. Ambulances, jeeps, and helicopters enter the compound interrupting the seemingly peaceful night.

A voice from the pa system announcing, "Incoming wounded! Incoming wounded! There's plenty for everybody!" slices through the night.

Almost immediately everybody leave their tents and start to walk toward the approaching vehicles.

The OR session is full tonight. Everybody is extremely busy working with patients that continue to pour in. Hawkeye is working in the back of the room doing some lung repair work with the assistance of Margaret.

"Give me some more suction Margaret," Hawkeye demands.

"Here you go doctor," Margaret says as she gives him some more suction.

Henry enters the or. He sees many patients inside and outside the OR he notices that they are extremely busy.

"Do you guys need any help?" Henry asks.

"We sure do," Potter answers. "Grab a table and a patient, and get to work. "Nurse Kelly, assist Henry."

Henry and Kelly decide to work on the patient that is on the table next to Potter.

Four hours later more wounded continue to pour in, the doctors and nurses continue to work hard, and everybody is starting to become agitated with overwork and worry.

"Will you hurry up with that scalpel?" Charles complains.

"What's your rush Charles?" Hawkeye asks, "you're usually slow."

"Impudent worm!" Charles spat out.

"Will you two knock it off!" Potter tells them, "I have enough trouble concentrating on these nerve endings!"

"Yeah! Knock it off!" Henry complains.

"Who are you telling to knock it off Henry?" Charles asks angrily, "you're not in charge of me."

"Keep your mouth shut Charles!" Margaret tells him.

"They're a little agitated today, Henry, because they are worrying about the safety of two members of our staff," Potter quietly tells Henry. "To be honest, I'm worried about them too."

"That's understandable," Henry says, "I'm worried about them too."

Two hours later Klinger enters the OR with an urgent message. "We have a patient outside who can't wait! Is anybody free right now?"

"I am," Charles answers him as he takes his old gloves off and has nurse Johnson put fresh ones on him.

Klinger and Goldman carry the patient, place her on Charles' table, and walk away. Charles examines the critically injured patient. To his horror he discovers that the patient is Rose. Rose looks at Charles with worry in her face. It is obvious that she is in pain.

"Will I live Charles?" she asks.

"You'll be fine Rose," Charles says sounding unsure.

"It hurts so much," she complains.

"I know that darling," Charles says to her in a soothing voice. "You take it easy, and I'll take care of you."

One of the nurses puts a gas mask over her. Charles begins to operate on her.

"Scalpel," Charles tells the nurse. "Come on! Get with it!"

The nurse hands Charles the scalpel and he starts to cut into her side.

"Forceps!" Charles demands.

The nurse gives him the forceps.

"We're loosing her doctor," another nurse (who is doing the gas passers job) tells him.

"No!" Charles exclaims.

He starts to do cpr on her.

"Come on! Come on!" Charles exclaims while he pushes her chest.

"What if she doesn't live?" Charles asks himself worriedly. "She's got to live! I got to save her! I love her so much that I couldn't bear it if anything happened to her."

"Does she have a pulse yet?" Charles asks.

"Not yet," the other nurse answers him.

"I'm going to have to do an open heart massage on her," Charles says. "Scalpel!" Charles demands.

The Nurse gives him the scalpel, and he uses it to open her chest and begin a heart message.

While Charles does that Father Mulcahy starts to give her, her last rites.

"We got a pulse," the other nurse says. "It's getting stronger."

"Great!" Charles says happily.

"Praise the Lord!" Father exclaims.

"Good work son!" Potter says.

"Congratulations Charles!" Hawkeye tells him.

"Good work Charles!" Margaret tells him.

"Atta boy Charles!" Henry says.

Charles smiles underneath his mask.

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