At that moment Klinger enters the OR with some good news. "I have some good news!" Klinger says excitedly, "There is no more wounded and BJ is on his way back!"

"Yes!" Hawkeye says excitedly. "We should have a surprise party for: Henry, Charles, and Rose." Hawkeye quietly suggests to Potter.

"Good idea," Potter says. "We'll have it in my office."

The next day Rose is in the post-op recuperating from her injuries. She is currently playing checkers with the little Korean girl who is sitting up in the next bed. The little girl's mother and Charles are watching them play. Hawkeye enters the post-op and approaches them. He see the little girl move her black piece twice over Rose's red pieces.

"I won again!" the little girl says happily.

"You're very good," Rose tells the little girl.

"We have a champion," Hawkeye says as he smiles at a little girl.

"Let's play another game," the little girl says.

"That will be enough," for tonight Hawkeye says as he tucks her in bed. "You need to get some rest now."

"We'll play again tomorrow," Rose says to the little girl. She kisses her on her cheek. "Goodnight."

"Charles, Rose, Potter wants you in his office right away," Hawkeye says.

"What for?" Charles asks.

"You'll see," Hawkeye answers.

"Able, can you bring a wheel chair over here?" Hawkeye calls out to her.

Potter's office is decorated with red, white, blue, and green streamers. Two banners: one with the words, WELCOME BACK HENRY, and the other with the words CONGRATULATIONS ROSE AND CHARLES, are hanging in the front of the room. On Potter's desk are two bottles of scotch, and a few dishes. On the table are two bottles of lemon aid and a large white cake with yellow trimmings. The words, Congratulations on your engagement Charles & Rose, and Welcome back Henry, are stenciled in blue. There are no food or drink anywhere else in the tent. Potter, BJ, Margaret, Klinger, Father Mulcahy, Igor, and two patients, are waiting for the arrival of Hawkeye, Henry, Rose, and Charles.

"I'm glad you returned safely my son," Father Mulcahy tells BJ.

"Thank you Father," BJ says to Mulcahy.

"I'm glad Henry is alright," Igor says to Margaret.

"I am too," Margaret tells Igor.

At that moment, Hawkeye and the others enter the room. As soon as they enter the room, Hawkeye and the others yell, "Surprise!"

Henry, Charles, and Rose, are in shock.

"I can't believe it!" Charles exclaims excitedly.

"Congratulations!" Hawkeye tells Charles and Rose.

"This is so nice of you," Rose says happily.

"This is wonderful guys!" Henry exclaims.

Everybody helps themselves with food and drinks. Igor grabs a biscuit and tastes it. The biscuit tastes as if it came freshly out of the oven.

"Who made these biscuits?" Igor asks. "They're delicious."

"I did," Margaret answers.

Hawkeye opens a scotch bottle. He pours it in everybody's glasses and hands them to them.

"Let's make a toast," Hawkeye announces, "to Henry and BJ's safe return, and to Charles and Rose's engagement."

Everybody clinks glasses.

"Colonel, try one of my biscuits," Margaret says.

Potter takes one of Margaret's biscuits and tastes it. The biscuit tastes as if it came freshly out of the oven.

"Mmm, this is delicious," Potter says. "How did you make them?"

"Actually colonel, my mother gave me the recipe a long time ago," Margaret answers him.

"I'm glad you're back BJ," Hawkeye tells him.

"I'm glad I'm back too," BJ says.

"This is a great party!" Henry says to Hawkeye and BJ. He takes a sip of scotch.

Charles and Rose join their conversation. Rose is holding on to Charles arm.

"Indeed it is," Charles says happily.

The End


Henry went home a few hours after the party ended. This time he made it home safely, and his family rejoiced. A few months later he visited Radar. Radar was glad to see him again.

After the war ended, Charles and Rose got married in a Presbyterian church near his home. One year later Rose gave birth to twin girls.

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