"A Thanksgiving to Remember"

by nsalem

"And they lived Happily ever after," Hawkeye said to his son while kissing him on the forehead. "Now go to sleep."

"Please dad one more story."

"All right since it is so close to Thanksgiving. This happened in Korea. A couple days before Thanksgiving."

"Nevermind I'll go to sleep." His son went under the covers.

"Oh come on. You asked for another story."

"But I heard them all. You told me about Korea a hundred times."

"But I haven't told you this one. This was some special Thanksgiving."

"Alright tell me."

"Well it was the year 1952. Boy do I remember that year. Radar was still around, Klinger was wearing dresses, Frank left...."

"Dad," His son interrupted.

"Alright alright. It was a couple days before Thanksgiving. Wounded where in the compound early that day like usual, but one patient was from special services. When I was finished with operating on the patients I had to work in post-op on duty. No sleep for the weary. "

"Dad your getting boring again."

"Sorry. Well the first person to see the kid from special services was Klinger. I was standing to the side where they can't see me so I heard every word they said. 'Hi Martin,' Klinger started talking to him while wearing a nurses outfit.

"'Are you a nurse?'

"'Not exactly. I hear your from special services.'

"'Yeah. Hey are you guys getting a turkey?'"

"Dad when are you getting to the good stuff."

"Be patient be patient. Well they went on and on about how the food was in the 4077 and the special services department.They finally decided to get a great looking turkey from special services. Which they did two days later. But we just couldn't give it to Igor to cook. He'd probably cream it."

"Cream Turkey?"

"Its been known to happy. He creams everything. including corn. So being our stupid selves we asked Charles to cook it. I asked him myself in the swamp and trust me it was a swamp. 'Charles can you do me a favor?'

"'No your not going to get me to cook.'

"'How did you know what I was asking?'

"'Klinger already asked.'

"'Come on Charles I'll do anything.'

"'You wouldn't have anything I would want.'

"'I'll take your post-op duty for a week.'"

"Dad whats post-op duty?"

"Its just keeping an eye on patients recovering from surgery. Well Charles wasn't to happy enough to go through it with just a week. 'Make it a month and I'll do it.'

"'A month.'

"'Take it or leave it.'

"'I'll leave it.' I said and started walking out the door.

"'Good luck finding a chef.' Well I couldn't leave after that.

"'Alright one month but this better be good.'

"'It will be done in a day.'

"Thanksgiving eve I went to the kitchen to find something surprising. 'You Burnt it.'

"'I didn't mean to. I'm not use to this oven I overcooked it.'

"'You burnt it. We would have been better off with Creamed Turkey. You know this means our deal is off.'

"'Now what are we going to do?'

"'Well we'll just have to serve that.'

"'Its burnt.'

"'There so used to the mess tent food they wouldn't know the difference.'

"Well they didn't know the difference. They ate it all up. But boy was the guy from special services mad. He told us that next time he'll send a turkey with a cook. Unfortunately he went home that year." Hawkeye just noticed his son was fast asleep. "Goodnight."

Hawkeye goes to the kitchen. "Hi Hon. How's Martin sleeping?"

"Okay Kelleye, I told him the Thanksgiving story."

"Well your going to have to tell it again Janes calling you. She wants you to read her a bed time story."

Hawkeye walks to Janes room and sits down next to the bed and starts "Once upon a time."

*The End.*