"First off, any kid that's mine is going to be able to do simple arithmetic. You're six weeks, he or she'd figure it out anyway eventually. You deserve a nice wedding, we'll get married in the states when we get back if that's what we want. Am I right in assuming it is?"

"Yes, I'm sorry, I know I said I wouldn't force you, and I still can't, but now that I know this is real, I can't imagine raising a child without its father. I love you, I don't want to lose you," she was crying as she said it.

"It's okay Margaret," he reached over and wiped her tears, "that's what I've been wanting you to say. I love you, I want to marry you." Margaret heaved an audible sigh of relief. "As for everything else, we'll try to keep you here as long as you want to stay. I think the Colonel wants to keep you almost as much as you want to stay, and depending on how long that is, yes, I'd think we'll have to tell everyone." He wrapped his arm around her, and she was asleep before they got another mile down the road.

It was later that night, and Hawkeye and Margaret were in the Colonel's office. "Well?" he asked, with a sympathetic look.

Margaret took the lead in this conversation. She'd gotten over her shock and was facing everything. "The test was positive Colonel, I'm six weeks pregnant." She said the words with a smile because she was, in fact, excited about it after further thought.

"Well, congratulations Margaret! That's good news. You do know this means you're out of the army thought, right?" He was excited for her, but sympathetic because it could be the end of her career.

"Um, actually Colonel, I was hoping to stay on, at least until I'm a little farther along, I mean army paperwork could take a while anyway. Can't you just start the paperwork now, and if this isn't over with by the time I'm six or seven months, I'll go."

"Margaret, I don't know. I know the army wouldn't like that, and don't you think you should be back in the states? You know I'd hate to lose you, but..."

"Sir, this is a hospital. I have four excellent doctors around if I need anything. And there's more to it than that." She hand't really wanted to tell him, but she figured he'd know eventually. "Hawkeye is the father."

"Pierce?" The question was directed at Hawkeye.

"Uh, yeah sir, it's true, she's not making it up to stay," answered Hawkeye.

"Well, galloping gorillas. This does change things, at least to me. Uncle Sam might not think so though. Are you two thinking marriage?"

"Yes, sir, as soon as we both get back to the states," answered Hawkeye.

"And Pierce, what do you have to say about Margaret staying here?"

"You know she would never do anything to endanger herself or the baby. If there's anyway she can stay for a while I think we should go for it. She wants to stay here, and I don't want to be like Beej with a family on the other side of the world, at least not as long as we can help it. If the war's not over she'll still be able to leave in six or seven months."

"See Colonel? And believe me, knowing my colleagues, no one will even let me near anything remotely dangerous if it can be helped."

"Well, Margaret, I'm still not sure of this, but if it's what you want, I'll try to get it straight with I-Corps.

"Thanks," said Hawkeye, and the two men shook hands.

Hawk and Margaret started to walk out, Potter called out to them, "Don't forget Margaret, you need a physical and we need to put you on some vitamins."

"Like I could forget being a nurse, living in a hospital, and having a doctor as the father of my child." Margaret called back jokingly.

They walked back to Margaret's tent. "C'mon in Hawk, we need to talk."

Talk they did, for several hours. By the time they were done they ad decided several things. When they both got back to the states they would live in Crabapple Cove. If Margaret got back first, she would live with David Pierce until Hawkeye returned and they found a home. Margaret would stay at the camp for the time being and they would tell all their friends as soon as possible. Hawkeye would move in to Margaret's tent, mostly so she could have someone close by if she needed anything.

This worked out for the next six months. Margaret worked side by side with everyone else, keeping up despite her condition. She and Hawkeye lived together without incident, with Hawkeye visiting B.J. daily for parenting advice and drinks from the still.

"Hawk, calm down. It's okay, this is fine."

"Were you calm three years ago when Erin was born?" Hawkeye retorted to his friend. It was October 1st, and they were waiting in the waiting room at the Crabapple Cove General Hospital. They had all gotten home the first week of August, and B.J. flew to Maine just two months later for the week of Margaret's due date to be there for Hawk whom, despite his insistence that he was a surgeon, wasn't going to be allowed in the delivery room. Margaret's old friend Lorraine was with her, along with the normal team of doctors.

Margaret had gone into labor at 3 a.m., and it was now noon. B.J. was doing everything he could to keep his friend from punching in the walls. Finally, at three o'clock, Nurse Sallie Mae Madison came in

"Hawkeye," before she could say more, Hawkeye had run through the doors and B.J. was hot on his heels. Margaret looked relatively calm, lying in bed holding the baby.

"It's a boy Hawk," said Margaret smiling. He bent over and kissed her on the cheek, and his new son on the forehead.

"So," asked Lorraine, "what's this little guys name?"

Margaret smiled approvingly up at Hawkeye, a signal for him to tell everyone what they had secretly decided months before. "His name is Blake Jonathan. B.J. Pierce."

The End

I'm sorry the ending was a bit of a let down. I kind of lost interest, and since school is over for the summer I don't have to write to waste time in study hall anymore. If anyone really wanted it to end a different way and feels like writing it up, maybe you could send it to me and we could e-mail it to the very nice web masters who post these and add a new, improved ending by a different author. On a final not, I hope everybody noticed my tribute to Henry and Trapper in Baby Boy Pierce's name.

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