I woke up the next morning feeling dazed. Where was I, and what was this handsome man doing sitting next to me?

Then I remembered: Korea, the war, and Hawkeye. We had fallen asleep sitting up.

My watch said it was five A.M., Korean time.

"Good morning," Hawkeye said.

"Morning." I yawned, and something glittered on my left hand.

My engagement ring.

Hawkeye saw the glitter too. "That's not just for show, is it?" he asked, more a statement than a question.

"No," I said. "It's Clark Marxon's brand to me."

I cleared my throat and tried to change my demeanor. "He's a wonderful person," I said brightly. "He has a steady job in Milbrook, and his father did very well in the cattle industry."

Hawkeye nodded. "What time is it?"

"About five."

"I'd better be getting back to the Swamp," he said, standing up.

"The Swamp?" I repeated.

"That's my tent," Hawkeye explained. "All the comforts of home--a cot, rodents..."

I laughed. "Sounds lovely."

We both fell silent.

"You won't tell anyone about this, will you?" I asked. "I mean, not that this is this, but this is something and that'll really make my reputation as a nurse go sky-high."

"I won't if you won't." Hawkeye opened the door.

He stepped out into the compound.

Remembering the blank book I brought with me, I took it out. I was going to use it to chart the number of wounded we had in, but now it would serve a new purpose as a journal.


These have been the most interesting 24 hours of my life. I don't know what I'm doing. I met a man named Hawkeye Pierce. Then I went for a conference with Maj. Houlihan (the head nurse). I accidentally read one of her letters. How am I so idiotic! Hawkeye heard me throw my notebook and came to see what was the matter.

I woke up this morning and there he was.

I feel so guilty, but I don't know why. Clark is...Clark is in Stockton having an affair with Janice Delmore from across the street.

To Be Continued...

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