A Turning Point in the War

by Kris D

Chapter 1

After reading what he had written Hawkeye put down his pencil and turned towards the gas heater attempting to let it burn into a million smoldering embers. A mix of ash, sweat and tears covering every inch of his face. Letting the sadness wash over him the bewildered surgeon sat there for a moment with the reality sinking in "I've just got to face the fact that he really is gone." Then proceeding out the door letting the note fall to the ground Hawkeye made his way over to the Officers Club planning to drown his sorrows in booze. In the mist of his trek across the compound the wondering soul came across his new partner in scheming BJ Hunnicutt strolling out of the mess tent wearing his newly ordained army fatigues and lab coat over his shoulders. "Hey Hawk, nice night isn't it?." Looking towards his friend contently awaiting his reply " Yeah, sure is." The tall dark haired man mumbled while looking down at the ground. "You alright?." "I'm fine Beej, really." "You sure?." "Yeah don't worry about it." "Okay......buy ya a drink sailor?." "Don't mind if I do." Making way over to the Officers Club having a seat at a table in the back of the club with Colonel Potter and Major. Houlihan the night seemed to slow into a unusually calming rhythm but never the less it was welcomed with open arms. Before long, after everyone had had their share of drinks things were going down hill into the usual drunken stupor. "Then the orangutan sitting next to him looks at the bar tender and says give me what he has." Colonel Potter's joke was applauded with roars of laughter the loudest in particular was Hawkeye. "Col.....Colonel......Sherm. I've...me met a lot of fu...funny people in this army but you dear si sir are hilarious." With this comment the slightly hungover captain was pulled to the ground by the force of his own caterwauling. "That man is drunk...so...so am I." "Oh not so think as you drunk I am." Getting up from the floor Hawkeye staggered over to the Major sitting with her eyes towards him in a drunken state of mind. Taking her by the hand "Major Houligan.....Houli....an ....(the skinny pale brunette seemed to sober up with every word) Margaret, would you do me the honor of escorting me back to the SWAMP? I think I'm liable to fall over if I attempted this solo mission of mercy. Or if not, Trap....Trapper could walk beside me." Turning a slight shade of green the slightly drunken, slightly deranged Captain ran out the door knocking over Corporal 'O' Reilly over by the slot machine. "What's with him?."

Outside the doors to the Officers Club swung open as Hawkeye emerged proceeding to collapse into an oil drum letting the mixture of alcohol and mess tent cuisine exit his system. A few minutes after this BJ appeared finding his friend in this less then respectable position, picking him up off the ground " all right lets get you home." "I'm fine Beejsss......really." "Yeah right, and Klinger's insane." The two made way across the compound stopping from time to time for Hawkeye to vomit. Finally, reaching the Swamp BJ put Hawkeye to bed but not without hearing him mumble in his sleep "Boy, i wish Trap......were here." In between the usual sounds that emanate from his mouth.

To be continued...