Klinger cleared his throat slightly and redirected the conversation back to the slide on screen. "Getting back to the program at hand." He commented, his eyes starting to twinkle in fun. "You may have explained why BJ is standing on a table in his underwear, but what is your illogical explanation for your dignified exhibition?"

Everyone hooted and whistled slyly at the sight of Hawkeye standing on a Mess tent table, his pants down around his ankles.

"What was that all about?" Trapper asked as he laughed heartily.

"Let me guess." Ellie exclaimed, giving the culprit a mischievous look. "You were completely bombed."

"Actually, I wasn't. I only wish I had been." Hawkeye groaned loudly with exaggerated embarrassment. "Unfortunately I was very much sober at the time."

"So what pre-tell were you doing?" Trapper pressed, his eyes twinkling with expectation.

"I was sing 'You're the Tops' to BJ." Hawkeye replied, shooting his best friend a mock deadly look. "It was payment for a bet I'd lost."

"Oh, wait, you told me about that!" Trapper exclaimed excitedly. "That was when BJ pulled that big practical joke on you that everyone was in on. The one where you were positive that he was out to get you."

"You got it!" Hawkeye replied, then chuckling he added, giving his friend a mischievous look. "But I got him back."

"What did you do?" Peg asked curiously as she looked from her husband to his best friend expectantly.

"He shaved off half of my mustache while I was sleeping!" BJ replied eyeing his friend carefully.

"Well, it served you right!" Hawkeye exclaimed. "And you deserved more!"

"You mean like what you did to him another time that he pulled a prank on you?" Klinger remarked as he flashed a new picture on the screen.

"That's BJ!" Peg exclaimed in surprise as she looked at the picture. "And he's naked!"

"He's not quite naked." Hawkeye remarked as he shot his best friend a mischievous smile. "He's wearing a pillow!"

"And a mustache." Charles quipped giving Hunnicutt a wicked look.

"Oh, Charles, that is such a marvelous photo!" Hawkeye remarked eagerly, pretending to ignore the glare that his best friend was giving him. "I love the way BJ's eyes are spinning around in their sockets like that."

"I am a skilled photographer, aren't I." Charles agreed with a chuckle.

"And a modest one too." Margaret added with a sly smile.

"Klinger, how did you..." BJ sputter in deep embarrassment as he looked at the photo. "I thought I destroyed those pictures! I distinctly remember tearing them up!"

"Oh, you did destroy the pictures." Klinger confirmed with a nod, then with a sly grin he added. "But I kept the negatives." Hawkeye and Charles both exploded in amused laughter.

"That'll teach you to try to double cross me." Hawkeye remarked as tears of laughter began to roll down his cheeks. "Even after ten years it comes back to haunt you."

"Was that when you & Dr. Winchester stuck BJ in the nurses' tent for revenge?" Peg asked curiously.

"You got it!" Hawkeye replied with a huge grin. "See the nurses' peeking out the tent door?"

"It's good to see that some things didn't change." Trapper remarked. "Practical joking was still very creative."

"But the result could be very painful, or messy sometimes." Klinger joked as he switched the picture.

"What on earth!" Ellie exclaimed with a laugh as a picture of Margaret attacking Hawkeye, BJ and Charles with a pillow appeared on screen.

"What did you three scalawags do to deserve such a beating?" Mildred Potter asked with an amused chuckle.

"Oh, nothing much really." BJ replied with an innocent look on his face. "We just stole her tent."

"You stole her tent?" Patty exclaimed with profound disbelief.

"That's right!" Klinger laughed. "See!" He flipped the frame to show a picture of Margaret's quarter's sans outside walls.

"Oh, that's perfect!" Trapper hooted heartily. "I love it!"

"I'll bet!" Margaret chuckled good-naturedly as she shot him a knowing look.

"I only hope that he obeyed the door sign before he dismantled the tent." Trapper remarked with a mischievous look at Margaret and Hawkeye.

"But of course." Hawkeye replied in an exaggerated serious tone. "How could you think otherwise. I was always the perfect gentleman."

"Oh, yeah right!" Margaret exclaimed sarcastically.

"What sign are we talking about?" Louise McIntyre asked curiously.

"This one!" Klinger responded after quickly juggling a couple of slides in the projector. The shot that appeared was of Margaret's door.

"Knock Before Entering." Peg read the sign aloud. "Major M. Houlihan."

"A lot of good that sign did." Margaret chuckled. "Very few people heeded it."

"I always heeded it!" Hawkeye protested in a serious tone. "I followed it to the letter."

"That's right he did." Trapper vouched. "Even when we snuck in he always made sure that he knocked."

"To make sure that no body was home, right." Margaret exclaimed in amusement.

"Well, you know..." He looked at her and shrugged, his eyes twinkling mischievously. Margaret merely shook her head and smiled. As far as she was concerned all the pranks that Hawkeye and Trapper had pulled on her was just water under the bridge. She knew that Hawkeye was quite sensitive about it, but she had long ago forgiven and forgotten the things that had happened between them. And she'd assured him of that many times. She loved him too much to care about holding a grudge over things that had happened so long ago in a very strange time and place.

"What other interesting photos do you have in that reel, Klinger?" Potter asked curiously.

"Oh, there's still lots of goodies, sir." Klinger replied eagerly as he flipped the picture. "How about this?"

A hearty explosion of laughter erupted from the audience at the sight of Klinger dressed as an Egyptian princess, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

"Oh, man!" BJ exclaimed when he could finally speak. "I remember that! Klinger thought he was finally going to get his Section Eight."

"He wanted to get home to see his 'mummy'!" Hawkeye added, his voice strained from lack of oxygen.

"I must admit that that is an intriguing outfit, Klinger." Trapper commented as he wiped tears of laughter from his eyes.

"He looks like a hairy Claudette Colberg if you ask me." Potter remarked when he could finally speak.

"He looks like a hairy something." Margaret commented. "I'm just not sure what?"

"Oh, sure." Klinger exclaimed in a mock hurt tone. "Poke fun at the psycho."

"Get on with the show, Psycho." Potter remarked with a teasing glint in his eye."

"Yes, oh Compassionate One." Klinger commented as he changed the frame again.

"Hey, that's our troupe!" Ellie exclaimed with a great deal of delight. "That's a terrific shot!"

"Look Hawk, there's Marina." BJ teased as she shot Margaret a sly glance.

"That's the kid that had a thing for Hawkeye?" Trapper commented in disbelief. "She's certainly a looker, but I can't say much for her taste in men." He ducked the swat on the head that his friend attempted to give him.

"That reminds me." Hawkeye remarked after glaring a Trapper for a moment. "Charles, you never did tell us the story of how you and your lovely wife got together?"

"Yeah, Charles, how did you manage to get such a catch?" BJ exclaimed mischievously. "Hypnosis? Drugs? Did you have to club her over the head and drag her to the aisle?"

"How did you two meet up again?" Margaret asked, giving her husband and his friend a mock annoyed glare. She looked to Charles and Ellie, a look of curiosity on her face.

Charles and Ellie looked at each other and smiled softly. "Honoria and I had gone to a concert at the Boston Symphony and Ellie was a guest soloist."

"Really!" Margaret exclaimed, a large smile on her face. "Ellie, that's wonderful! What an honor!"

"Thanks, it was quite exciting actually." Ellie replied. "But not as exciting as when I got handed a note from Charles after I got off the stage."

"Why Charles you little romantic fool, you." Hawkeye teased, giving the other man a teasing smile. "I didn't think that you had it in you."

"Oh, don't let his stuffy front fool you, Charles has a real romantic side to him when he wants to show it." She reached over and squeezed her husband's hand affectionately. "When we met after the concert he had a single red rose that he'd bought off a street vender outside the theater."

"So, what happened after that?" Peggy pressed eagerly. She loved a good love story, especially one that involved her friends.

"Charles took me and his sister, Honoria out for drinks at this quaint little bar, then we did a little dancing. We had a marvelous evening. The next night Charles took me out to a beautiful French restaurant overlooking the river. We laughed and talked and had a wonderful time."

"How long before he proposed?" Margaret asked curiously.

"About six months." Ellie replied. "And he picked a truly romantic setting to do it too."

"Oh, do tell." Louise McIntyre pressed excitedly.

"After we went out to dinner, Charles hired a horse and carriage to take us through the old part of Boston. Under a beautiful starry sky he told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him."

"Charles, I must say I'm impressed." BJ commented, his tone sincere. "I really didn't think that you had it in you. Congratulations."

"Thank you." Charles replied with a sarcastic laugh. "That means so much to me, Hunnicutt."

"You know, speaking of love and romance." Hawkeye broke in, shooting a sly glance towards their host and hostess. "I'm intensely curious about the romance between our shy, quiet Radar and his beautiful bride."

"So am I." Potter echoed eagerly looking fondly at the younger man. Then with a gentle shake of his head he remarked. "I still can't believe our little Radar is married."

"I still can't believe that he goes by the name 'Radar'." Charles scoffed, his tone reflecting his disbelief. "Though I suppose 'Walter' isn't much better."

"Actually, I don't go by 'Radar' much anymore." The young man replied honestly. "Most people call me 'Walter' now-a-days." He smiled at his wife and then at his friend's. "It's just Patty and you guys that call me 'Radar' now."

"Which do you prefer?" Potter asked curiously. "What do you want us to call you?"

"Honestly, sir." Radar began slowly. "I wouldn't want to be anything but 'Radar' to any of you."

Potter smiled warmly. "You never could be anything but 'Radar' to any of us."

Radar smiled broadly and said. "Thank you sir."

Their former CO smiled gently and in a tone full of warmth and friendship encouraged. "I want you to start calling me Sherman." He looked at the rest of them and added. "That goes for all of you." The group around him smiled warmly at their old comrade. A few of them reached over and squeezed his shoulder affectionately.

After a few moments Hawkeye looked back to Radar and pressed. "So tell us how you and Patty met."

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