Part 3B by Sarah

"I have to ask Klinger." Margaret said.

"What?!?" Hawkeye questioned.

"I need to know when he can have my dress ready." She said. Hawkeye stood up and grabbed Margaret and twirled her around. "Hold on, I want an answer. Just say it: Yes or No." Hawkeye said, setting Margaret back down.


Hawkeye slipped the ring onto her finger. "Oh, it's beautiful!" She said.

"Come on. I want the whole world to know how happy I am." Hawkeye said, leading Margaret out of the mess tent, and to the P.A. system.

Part 4B By Chrissy

"Attention all personal, especially you ladies. It's your favorite joker here to tell everyone that as of five minutes ago I am now an engaged person. Yes it's true ladies I have asked our very own Margaret Houlihan to be my wife." Hawkeye practically screamed into the speaker.

"Well, zippeddedoda. Pierce you got her to say yes," Potter said as he came into the office. "Margaret congratulations."

"Thank you sir," She said as she hugged him.

Meanwhile in the nurse's quarters..........

"I can't believe he went and asked the Major of all people," Able said gruffly.

"I know, I thought they hated each other? Why would he even consider marrying a prude like her?" Bigelow stated.

"I know and why would she want to marry such a casanova like Hawkeye," Kellye said.

"Oh come off it Kellye! Tell me if Hawkeye Pierce asked you to marry him that you would turn him down!" Able argued.

"Well you have a point."

"I think we should think of some way to ruin this whole wedding thing," one of the other nurses piped.

"Yea!" They all said in unison except Kellye.

"That's not right" Kellye stated thoughtfully.

"Well then you don't have to be a part of it," Bigelow said gently.

"OK good. And so I don't hear any more of this little plan, I'll go elsewhere. See-ya later," Kellye said as she left the room.

"Well, what are we going to do?" asked one of the other nurses.

To be continued...

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