The P. A. system came on "Attention all personnel. Incoming wounded. Choppers and ambulances in the compound. Report to triage"

"Let's go, people", said Colonel Potter as everyone cleared the mess tent

Klinger and Cathy Jo were performing administrative duties and looking after the twins at the same time while everyone was in the O. R.

"Hey, Klinger, what can you tell me about Charles? Is he single and what does he like for interests?" asked Cathy Jo

"Charles is definitely single and he has a love for arts and literature. Do I sense a little crush on him?" asked Klinger

"Well, I guess you could call it that. I've never dated anyone back home because I put my education ahead of my social life. I mean, I had several friends but I went to an all girls Catholic school, so there was no dating. I found him very sweet and kind when I came here yesterday" said Cathy Jo as she smiled and blushed

"Cathy Jo, I had no idea that you never dated a man before", said Klinger

"It surprises everyone because people see me as an outgoing person", replied Cathy Jo

Charles, B. J., and Hawkeye enter the office after the long hours of meatball surgery

"Hey, Cathy Jo, Charles has something to ask you!" said B. J.

"Come on, Charles, say it like you said it to us in the O. R.!" replied Hawkeye

"Cathy Jo, will you join me on a date to the Officer's Club for drinks?" asked Charles as he smiled at Cathy Jo

"Charles, I'd be delighted to join you. What time do you want me to be ready?" asked Cathy Jo as she smiled back at Charles

"Around 7 o'clock", replied Charles

"Sounds great! Meet me at my tent", answered Cathy Jo

"See, Charles, that wasn't that bad!" said Hawkeye

"I guess you're right, Pierce!" replied Charles

It's a few hours before Cathy Jo's date. Hawkeye, B. J., and Charles head to the Swamp for drinks. Meanwhile Cathy Jo heads over to Margaret's tent and knocks on the door.

"Come in. I'm just putting the twins down for a nap", said Margaret

"Margaret, could I ask you for some advice? You see, Charles asked me on a date and I accepted. It's just that I've never been on a date before and I don't know what to do!" asked Cathy Jo

"Well, Cathy Jo, I guess the best advice I can give you is to just be yourself", answered Margaret

"Thanks, Margaret. I guess I'm just nervous", said Cathy Jo

"I was nervous when I first went on a date with Hawkeye. I mean, you couldn't ask for a better husband and father like Hawkeye. B. J. is devoted to his wife, Peg, and writes to her every week. Charles writes to his parents back in Boston on a weekly basis", said Margaret

"Well, I guess I better get ready. I wonder if Klinger has any outfits that I can borrow. I want to look pretty for Charles", answered Cathy Jo

"Have fun, Cathy Jo, and let me know how it turns out. By the way, you did an excellent job babysitting the twins today", replied Margaret

"Why thank you! I'll let you know how the date turns out. Bye", said Cathy Jo as she leaves the tent

It's a few hours later and Charles and Cathy Jo are on their date at the Officer's Club. They sit at a quiet table for two and Charles pulls out a chair for Cathy Jo. She sits and smiles at him. Cathy Jo is wearing Klinger's pink dress with matching shoes and handbag.

"Cathy Jo, what would you like to drink? I, myself, like cognac. You look beautiful tonight", said Charles

"Thank you. I'll have a grape nehi because I don't drink alcohol", replied Cathy Jo

"I'll go and get the drinks. Don't go away!" said Charles as he smiled at his date

Charles goes over and gets the drinks. Klinger is tending bar tonight

"Klinger, one cognac and grape nehi! What did you find you about Cathy Jo? You must know something that I don't know. I mean, she must have had a conversation with you", said Charles

"No, nothing new came out of our conversation, although I must admit that she's a great clerk and excellent with the twins. I think she'll make a fine mother someday. Here's your drinks, sir! Doesn't she look great in my pink outfit?" asked Klinger

"She sure does. Thank you, Max" answered Charles as he heads back over to Cathy Jo

"So, what were you and Klinger talking about?" asked Cathy Jo

"Just the daily events!" answered Charles

"Oh, Charles, it's alright if you two were talking about me. I think it's sweet!" said Cathy Jo

"Cathy Jo, tell me a little bit about yourself!" asked Charles

"Well, my father's a doctor with his own private practice. My mother's a nurse and works for my father. My sister, Elizabeth, is also in the army. She works at I. C. O. R. My twin brothers, Jonathan and Matthew are still in high school at an all boys Catholic school. I enjoy fine dining, classical music, and classic novels", replied Cathy Jo

"You like classical music and classic novels? Isn't that interesting because I like the same things!" said Charles

"I also like going to plays and operas. I especially love Shakespeare, Dickens, and the Bronte sisters' works. I love poetry. You see, going to an all girls school made me appreciate culture in everyday life. What the 4077 needs is culture. I've never been on a date before, so if I seem a little nervous, that's why! Enough about me, tell me about Charles Winchester!" said Cathy Jo

"Well, I went to Harvard Medical School and was stationed at Tokyo General before I came here. I've never been married and I would like to be working at Boston General right now. My sister, Honoria, lives with my parents, Charles and Emily Winchester, in Boston. I'm 35 years old. I've never been in a long-term relationship because I'm dedicated to my work!" replied Charles

"I'm 25 and never been married. I've never made love to a man because I'm saving myself for that special someone", answered Cathy Jo

"Cathy Jo, what do you say we go back to my tent and listen to some Mozart or Beethoven. We'll have the place to ourselves because Hunnicutt is on Post Op duty!" said Charles

"I'd like that very much. You are so charming and handsome!" replied Cathy Jo

"You are sweet and beautiful yourself, Cathy Jo!" said Charles

They leave the Officer's Club and head over to the Swamp where Charles puts on a Bach record

"Charles, this music makes me want to waltz. Would you dance with me?" asked Cathy Jo

"I'd love to. You're a good waltzer, have you taken lessons?" asked Charles as he was dancing with Cathy Jo

"Oh, my father taught me because I might need it someday", replied Cathy Jo

They keep dancing and Charles kisses Cathy Jo on the lips. She doesn't push him away at all.

The next morning, Charles comes into the O. R. in a good mood. He actually smiles and whistles a tune.

"Morning, Winchester! You're in a good mood today. Are you sure you're feeling alright?" asked Colonel Potter

"I decided that I might as well get used to being here!" replied Charles

"Colonel, that's not the reason Charles is in a good mood. When I got back to the Swamp after Post Op duty, Charles was kissing Cathy Jo goodnight", said B. J.

"Charles, you stud! I just can't picture you with a woman. I can't believe you went on a date!" said Hawkeye in a joking mood

"And I can't believe that you and Margaret are still happily married!" replied Charles in a snooty way

"Charles, what's that supposed to mean! Hawkeye is the most loving husband and father a woman could want!" said Margaret and then she kisses Hawkeye on the lips

"Maybe that's just what Winchester needs is to loosen up. Cathy Jo is a very responsible woman. I think you'll be happy with her", answered Colonel Potter

"As it turns out, we have a lot in common. We both like classical music and classic novels, we both come from wealthy families, we both went to Harvard, and we both like to dance. I think she's a wonderful girl and I think I'll ask her out again", replied Charles

"That's great, Winchester! What do you plan on doing tonight?" asked Colonel Potter

"I think we'll have a late night picnic and recite poetry. She loves poetry!" answered Charles

"Did she mention that it was her first time being with a man on a date. She came and asked me for some advice while I put the twins down for a nap", answered Margaret

"Yes, she mentioned that she never dated in high school or college because she put her career first", replied Charles

Charles leaves the O. R. after his patient is finished and walks out to the office to see Cathy Jo. She was changing the twins diapers and getting their bottles ready when she sees Charles

"Did you enjoy our date last night?" asked Charles

"Oh, yes, I enjoyed it very much!" answered Cathy Jo

"How about joining me on a picnic tonight!" asked Charles

"I sure will!" answered Cathy Jo

"I noticed that the mail came in. Anything for me?" asked Charles

"No mail for you, but here's something from me. Charles, you're the sweetest man I've ever known. I think I'm in love with you!" said Cathy Jo

"I think I'm in love with you too, Cathy Jo!" replied Charles

Charles and Cathy Jo kiss passionately as Klinger looks on as he is putting the twins down for a nap. B. J., Hawkeye, Colonel Potter, Father Mulcahy, and Margaret enter the office after their O. R. session. They are surprised to see the new couple kissing. Each of them commented on how the couple make such a lovely pair.

The End

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