"Is It Worth Living For ~ Namelesses Faces"

By nsalem

"Attention All personnel attention attention. Choppers ambulances wounded in the compound. All medical teams to compound."

Everyone runs into the compound and Hawkeye looks at a patient with a belly wound and arm wound. "Get this one in the pre-op. We might be able to save that arm."

"Doc. if you can't save this arm please don't save me," The patient said.

"We'll do everything we can," Hawkeye said while the corpsmen took him.

*in the OR 2 hours later*

"Dam," Hawkeye said while working on that boy.

"What is it son?" Potter asked at the next table.

"This kids not going to make it."

"Is it his arm?" BJ asked at another table.

"No its his belly. His arm cannot be saved. But I'm not sure I want to take his arm."

"What do you mean?" Potter said.

"Well if we save his arm he'll live a total of a day. And if we take away his arm he'll live for a week. No matter what he'll die in pain. Wouldn't it be better to let him die without the arm?"

"What about him? Maybe we can ask him?"

"We can't ask him when he wakes. We need to decide right now. He already said not to let him live without his arm."

"But all guys say that before they go under. They adjust later," BJ said.

"But this is different his going to die anyways."

"Keep it. It will let him die in peace," Father mulcahy said.

"Take it. He'll have a week to live,"BJ said.

"What are you going to do?" Potter asked.

*in post-op hours later*

"Doctor. I want to thank you," Hawkeye's patient asked Hawkeye as he walked by.

"Son I got to tell you something."

"Thanks for saving my arm doc."

"Son I didn't save your arm. There was to much damage. I had to remove it."

"I can still feel it."

"Its gone. I have to tell you something."

"What can you possible tell me other then I can't use my arm again?"

"Never mind son. Just get some sleep."

*Days later in the OR*

The Patient tries to commit suicide Hawkeye stops him.

"You son of a.... you should have let me die."

"I'm not going to let you die that way."

"Its not worth living without a arm."

*The next morning he died*

*the end*