"You? And Me? Huh?"

by Jess

This is somewhat of an ongoing story...Mostly because I didn't know how to end it. I might continue it if it makes enough sense ;o) All the characters are the property of the show, and I'll never make any money off of this...so don't sue me!!! The whole idea behind my story is just something I thought of, and takes place a while after Margaret is divorced from Penobscott...that turkey. And even though Margaret and/or Hawkeye would never react the way they do in my story...so what-its my little creation, and I tried not to make it too mushy J Hope you all enjoy...if not...oh well! Peace J

December 29th - Early Morning

Captain Doctor Benjamin Franklin Pierce, known by most as "Hawkeye," groggily rolled off his cot onto the dirt floor in the "Swamp." He felt tired but had to get up. He had promised the Commanding Officer, Colonel Sherman Potter that he would take his horse, Sophie, for a morning walk today.

He pulled himself up and put his boots on. In the cots next to him Captain Doctor B.J. Hunnicutt slept close to peacefully as did Major Doctor Charles Emerson Winchester III.

Hawkeye sighed and stood up. He left the tent and made his way over to the stable.

Sophie pawed at the ground anxious to run out in the field, but Pierce would have to be careful of the bombs that could be in the ground. There was no telling where one could be.

He saddled Sophie up and was just about to lead her out of the stable when Major Margaret Houlihan walked over.

"Well, aren't you up early," she said.

Pierce looked at her, a bit surprised, "Of course, didn't you know that the early bird always catches the worm? Mine is still wiggling in the Mess Tent." He smiled wryly as he continued to lead Sophie toward the edge of the camp.

The sun was barely up, an orange-red fuchsia spilling over the camp. A brisk wind blew lightly, making it somewhat cold.

Margaret followed them, her hands in her pockets. "Taking Sophie for a ride?"

"Yeah. I promised Colonel Potter last night. He told me he wanted to get some extra sleep today."


Pierce jumped up onto Sophie's back, holding the reins loosely. "Well Margaret, have a nice breakfast, even if it is from the Mess Tent." With that, Sophie slowly began to trot away.

"Wait! Pierce!" Margaret ran up to him.

He slowed Sophie down and looked at her, "Yeah, what?"

"Is it alright if I come with you?" She looked away for a second, hoping she did not sound too desperate, then looked him in the eye, "Please?"

Hawkeye shrugged, "Sure, I guess. Sophie," he bent down toward the horse's head, "you don't mind do you?" Sophie reared her head back a little, almost like a reply to his question. "Great, it's settled, Margaret you've been accepted," he held out his hand to help her up. She grabbed his hand and climbed up to sit behind him.

As Sophie began to trot off once again, Margaret wrapped her arms around Pierce's lean waist. She sighed, looking off to the scenery, or what was considered so.

Pierce felt that something was bothering Margaret, she was never this quiet. He wanted to ask her about it, but he did not want to be intrusive. Besides, he felt like being quiet for once too, maybe because it was too early for him to be awake.

They rode in silence for about 45 minutes, then headed back to the 4077th.

The sun was now shining brightly as they entered the stable. Hawkeye got down from Sophie's back. He tied the reins to a post then put his arms out to Margaret. Somewhat reluctantly she slid down into Pierce's arms. She quickly moved away from him and began to take a few steps from the stable. As an afterthought she turned around to face him, and walked somewhat slowly over to him. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. Pierce put a hand on her back, one on the back of her head and held her.

"Margaret...I didn't want to disturb you when we were out there or be nosey...but, is there something wrong?"

She sighed and pulled away from him, "I'm okay...I just-"


"The war has no manners Margaret, c'mon," Hawkeye grabbed her hand, shut Sophie's gate and they jogged over to Pre-Op.

Ambulances had just pulled in with wounded American soldiers.

B.J. Hunnicutt and Colonel Potter met up with Pierce near Pre-Op, as Margaret was called away for help.

"What do we got Colonel?" Pierce asked as he looked over a young soldier, all of 18 years old.

"Battalion Aid got shelled pretty bad a few hours ago. They sent half of their wounded here and the other half to the 8063rd." Colonel Potter skillfully looked over a young soldier, "Get this boy prepped for OR, he's got some heavy internal bleeding." He followed the corpsmen that carried the soldier into the OR to go scrub up.

B.J. and Pierce methodically sifted through several wounded, determining which were most severe.

"Hey Beej - where's Charles?" Pierce asked as he sent a soldier with a gunshot wound away with a nurse and a corpsman.

B.J. shrugged just as Charles himself half-walked/jogged over to them.

"Darn that Corporal Klinger," he said breathlessly, "I told that fool to wake me up promptly at seven!" He mumbled to himself some more as he stumbled into Pre-Op to scrub.

"Good morning to you too Charles," B.J. smiled. "Well, buddy, see ya in OR," he told Pierce as he followed a patient into the OR

Hawkeye nodded as he checked out a young soldier with a chest wound. "I need this kid in OR! Quick!" he yelled out as some nurses came over to carry the boy into the OR. Pierce followed behind.

@ * @ * @ * @ * @ * @ *

"Ten hours! Of meatball surgery no less," Hawkeye lamented tiredly as he peeled off his bloodied scrubs.

"I hear ya," B.J. said as he yawned.

Winchester silently disposed of his scrubs. Finishing, he looked over to Pierce and Hunnicutt, "Well, gentlemen, I will be on my way to bed again."

"And I'm right behind you." B.J. stood and followed Winchester. "How 'bout you Hawk?" he asked.

Pierce waved his hand, "You two go on, I'll catch up later."

"Okay, see ya later then." B.J. smiled and left the room.

Sighing heavily, Pierce sat down. Repairing blown away pieces of young and old soldiers alike often took its toll on him. He put his head in his hands, closing his eyes.

"You okay son?" Colonel Potter asked, walking into the room.

Pierce looked up, somewhat startled. "Oh, yeah. Fine...just tired. Only ten hours of surgery instead of twenty. Very tiring."

"Yeah, it never does seem to get better...probably won't either," Potter said as he finished removing his scrubs. "Oh, thanks again for taking Sophie out for me."

"No problem Colonel, anytime." Pierce smiled.

"Well, I'd better get caught up with that darn paperwork." Colonel Potter smoothed his white-gray hair down as he put his green cap on.

Pierce stood up, stretched and yawned. "Hey, uh Colonel...do you know where Major Houlihan is? I didn't see her come back to wash up after the OR"

Potter stood by the door. "Hmmm...I imagine she went back to her tent."


"Yep," Colonel Potter replied as he left.

Leaving Post/Pre-Op Pierce stopped by the Swamp and got some of his things to take a quick shower. After taking a shower he headed back to the Swamp to put his stuff away.

Then, he made his way over to Margaret's tent. He knocked on her door. Not hearing anything, he knocked again. "Major Houlihan? If you're in there, I hope you're indecent because I'm coming in." Hearing no reply, Pierce shrugged. He quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watching him and then slowly opened the door.

He saw Margaret collapsed on her cot, asleep, and still wearing her scrubs and boots. Pierce slowly walked over to her after shutting the door. Quietly, he knelt down next to her and gently began to untie her boots. He set them on the floor next to the cot. Suprisingly, Margaret never moved. Being the easiest person to wake up, Pierce was sure she would have jumped out of when he came in.

He moved toward her head and undid her pinned-up hair, letting the blonde hair fall softly on her pillow. Pierce stared at her face. She looked very un-major-like; that was what she meant, he remembered. That she was only herself, but different sides of her showed at different times. Pierce liked this side of her; she was asleep and quiet. But he enjoyed when she was in a joking mood too, which was somewhat infrequent.

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