Part 2

This is the second part of my little story...unless you like being lost, you might want to consider reading the first part. We'll pick up from that suspenseful ending...okay, I'll be quiet now so we can forge on through...

Still the same time, same place...

"Hawk? Margaret?"

They jumped up, moving apart from each other, obviously surprised and a bit embarrassed.

"Beej? That you?" Pierce squinted, shielding his eyes with his hand from the obnoxious light coming from the flashlight.

B.J. Hunnicutt came into view. "Hey, I've been looking everywhere for you two. Actually, the Colonel sent me to find you guys," he smiled at them.

"Well, seems like you had no trouble," Pierce remarked. "Major Houlihan and I were just out for a picnic dinner by the stream."

Margaret looked down, still somewhat flustered.

"In this weather? Uh huh...I see..." B.J. mused, smiling.

"Hey Beej listen, you didn't see anything. Okay?" Hawkeye whispered, laying a hand on his friend's arm.

Hunnicutt shrugged, "I didn't see a thing." He winked at them both and smiled. "How ‘bout a drink Hawk?"

Margaret and Pierce exchanged a glance.

"Sure, lets go," Pierce agreed. The three of them cleaned up the remains of the picnic and began their walk to the Officer's Club.

While walking, Pierce and B.J. talked about the wounded they had treated earlier that day. A few steps behind, Margaret walked with her hands shoved in Hawkeye's jacket's pockets. She shivered. It was beginning to get colder than it was before.

Walking, Margaret silently scolded herself for letting him kiss her, even more for letting herself kiss him the second time. Who needs a man who goes off with a different nurse every night anyway? All she had done was set herself up for another disappointment, like Donald...that slimy little cheating worm. She caught herself staring at Pierce, and looked away. Why did she have to feel like this toward him? How was she going to tell him? Wait a minute, she thought, I don't have to tell him anything. Besides, he has his choice of all the other nurses anyway. She sighed heavily and Pierce momentarily glanced behind him, she turned away coldly, not even wanting to look at him anymore. It angered her to even think of him. But then, how could she still feel the way she did about him? She shook her head. That was it. She would never think about him, even if she had to force herself...which would be hard.

Soon, they arrived at the front of the Officer's Club.

"Beej, why don't you go on in ahead. I'll be right there."

"Okay Hawk. I'll save you a seat." B.J. opened the door to the Officer's Club. "Oh, goodnight Margaret."

"Goodnight Captain Hunnicutt," she smiled at him as he went inside. Her smile disappeared as she turned to walk to her tent. "Goodnight Captain Pierce," she said somewhat icily.

He grabbed her arm. "No, Margaret, listen. Don't be angry at me. Don't leave."

"And why not?" She glared at him.

"Because!" he hissed, "I still want to talk to you. I want to see you...you know, later..."

"What?!? Are you crazy?!?" she screeched.

"Shhh! Margaret, quiet!" Pierce whispered, putting his hand on her mouth. "Not like that, I mean to talk with you. I'm going to have a drink with B.J., then I'll see you afterward."

Still glaring at him, Margaret was kind of angry and hurt that he was just going to go off and drink. She clenched her jaw, then relaxed. "Fine," she whispered, "but I'll only wait til 0-1 hundred, then I'm going to sleep-so drink quick buster!"

Pierce grinned. "That's the Margaret I like. Thanks." He glanced around quickly making sure no one was around, then put his hands on the sides of her face, pulling her close, and kissed her softly.

She had barely opened her eyes and he was halfway inside the Officer's Club. She sighed. Talk about mixed emotions. As much as she was angry at herself, and him, she was taken away by his kissing. She loved the way he kissed. Stop it, she scolded herself silently. She couldn't help it though. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, Margaret walked back to her tent.

Inside the Officer's Club, B.J. and Hawkeye sat at a table made out of jeep tires.

"So Hawk, how was your dinner with the head nurse really?" B.J. asked, grinning.

"It was really nice Beej, until you showed up that is. Didn't you ever hear of the saying, ‘Three's a crowd'?"

"Ha ha. Sorry. The Colonel was worried though. He thought you two had been kidnapped or something."

"Ah huh," Pierce smiled as he took a drink of his martini. "Yech! This stuff tastes as good as ours! Its awful!"

Hunnicutt grinned. "Of course, the finest in all Korea."

They talked for a while and finished their drinks. B.J. yawned, "Well buddy, I'm gonna get some sleep. It's almost twelve-thirty in the morning."

"Good idea," Pierce said as he stood up. They both left some money for Klinger, who was bartending for the night.

"G'nite you guys." Klinger waved as they left.

Exiting the Officer's Club, Pierce snuck a glance toward Margaret's tent. It was still bothering him as to what was bothering her. He just had to find out what was on her mind. After all, what were friends for? Her light was still on, which had to be a good sign.

They walked to the Swamp whereupon B.J. unceremoniously collapsed onto his cot. "Ahh...home sweet home." He kicked off his shoes. "Goodnight Hawk."

"Nite Beej." Pierce laid on his cot and waited. He knew Charles was asleep already, and waited for about ten minutes for B.J. to fall asleep. He slid off his cot quietly, praying that B.J. was asleep. Opening the door, he stepped outside, then shut it quietly behind himself.

He walked to Margaret's tent and tapped lightly on the door. Seconds later Margaret opened the door wearing her robe. "Oh, it's you."

"The one and only."

"Just get in here before someone sees you." She grabbed his arm, pulling him inside.

"Yes ma'am."

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