Trapper John, M.D.

"Trapper John, M.D." wasn't exactly your typical spinoff series. While the title character is based upon Trapper John McIntyre from M*A*S*H, there is little else to tie it into M*A*S*H. There is mention of Hawkeye in the pilot episode; however, this is the only mention of any other character from M*A*S*H. The hour long medical drama ran from 1979 to 1986. Fox's cable network FX currently reruns the 151 episodes of the series.

The series takes place in San Francisco twenty-eight years after the Korean War. Trapper John is Chief of Surgery at the San Francisco Memorial Hospital. He has a son, J.T., and an ex-wife, Melanie. J.T. is also a doctor and interns at the hospital. Now older and more sedate, Trapper John encounters Dr. Gates, a surgeon who is much like Trapper used to be. Dr. "Gonzo" Gates is a young rebellious surgeon who spent three years in a MASH unit in Vietnam and heard about the legendary Trapper John. During the 4th season, Marcia Rodd came on as Dr. E. J. Willoughby who marries Dr. Riverside. Dr. Gates later married Fran Brennan, a patient with multiple sclerosis. After suffering a stroke, Dr. Gates ended his career as a surgeon.


Executive Producer and Creator: Frank Glicksman
Producer and Creator: Don Brinkley
Producer (seasons 1 to 5): Don Brinkley
Producer (season 6 & 7): Deborah Zoe Dawson & Victoria Johns
Script Supervisor: Robert Gary
Original music: John Parker

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