M*A*S*H Downloads

These files are all in the .zip format. Save the file as a .zip file and extract (unzip) the files from it using a program such as Pkunzip or Winzip. If you have questions email me.

M*A*S*H Icons

Below is a zip file with 11 icons in high color for Windows 95. To set your display type to high color, right click on your desktop and select "properties" from the menu. Next, click on the "settings" tab. Make sure the color palette is set to "high color (16 bit)" or better. The icons didn't look good in regular 256 color or lower so I only included the high color icons. They will not work unless your setting is at least high color. The icons are for personal use on your desktop only, not to be included or linked to from other web pages.

I have only been able to test the icons on a Windows 95 PC. If you have your display on high color and are running Windows 3.x or another operating system, please let me know whether or not they work.

M*A*S*H Font

This zip file contains the file for the true type font called "stencil" which is the font used in the M*A*S*H title. Download the file and unzip the stencil.ttf file to your font directory (typically C:\Windows\Fonts).

M*A*S*H Screen Saver

I am still planning on creating a M*A*S*H screen saver. In the meantime, there are many screen saver programs available which are customizable with different image files. Some are shareware and others are freeware.

To save the images on the web page, right click on the image and choose "save image as." If you don't see a particular M*A*S*H image you want anywhere, visit my M*A*S*H Moments. Put all of the images into one directory. Then Download.com and search for "screen saver." There are many programs out there which use jpg images. If you cannot locate one there, try MakeYourOwn Screen Saver.

Episode Database

This Access database contains details about the first 250 episodes (only missing the finale). It has many forms which organize the episodes by writers, directors, etc. The database was created by Nancy Temple using information from the Usenet Episode Guide. The database requires Microsoft Access 97 (or later versions) to run. Unzipped, the database is 1.32MB. Questions/suggestions regarding the database should be sent to Nancy Temple directly.