Gary Burghoff: Wildlife Artist

Gary Burghoff is more than a great actor. Since 1992 he has also been a well-respected wildlife artist. Although he only started painting professionally in the early 90's, he has been painting all his life. While in high school in Wisconsin in 1961, he was awarded the Hallmark Award for his painting "Men of Jazz" which was also sent to represent the state in a national competition. Wildlife has also been a lifelong passion for Gary. He believes that true beauty exists primarily in nature. Once called the "Birdman of Malibu," Gary had a wildlife sanctuary in his yard when he lived in Malibu. His love of wildlife even inspired the creation of Radar's zoo in M*A*S*H. Gary has also been a spokesperson for the Federal Duck Stamp Program; in 1994 he was a judge in the Federal Duck Stamp Competition. In 1996 some of his art was part of an art auction to benefit the Rainforest Action Network (RAN).

For the past few years, Gary has traveled to art galleries across the United States displaying his wildlife art. I had the great fortune of meeting him when he visited the Renaissance Art Gallery in Wayne, PA in August 1997. His work was presented by Image Makers Art, Inc. It was a dream come true for me and Gary is one of the nicest people I've ever met. In my opinion his artwork is extraordinary.

His art captures a wide range of wildlife in their natural surroundings. His "Eye To Eye" series brings us up close to many animals. Regarding this series in a television interview, Gary said "the personality, the soul of the animal comes through the eye." He has been working on his "North American" series, a series featuring endangered species from each of the 50 states which are making a comeback. Gary has also painted ducks, deer, and many other animals.

Here are some examples of his artwork:
Eye To Eye Series

"Eye To Eye I"

"Eye To Eye II"

"Eye To Eye III"

"Eye To Eye IV"

"Eye To Eye V"
North American Series

"California Gold"

"Feather Bed"

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