Gary Burghoff
The Birdman of Malibu

More Than Just Radar

This site is dedicated to Gary Burghoff, the painter, actor, musician, and preservationist. Most widely known for his acting, specifically his part as Radar O'Reilly on M*A*S*H, Gary has talents of which many fans may not be aware. In recent years, Gary has become well-known for his wildlife art. He has been devoted to conserving the nation's wildlife for many years. In the past he maintained a small wildlife sanctuary in his backyard in Southern California, earning himself the nickname "The Birdman of Malibu." He has also donated his time and effort for other causes such as helping the handicapped. He is also a talented jazz musician.

I was fortunate enough to meet Gary Burghoff in person at an art gallery; a couple years later, I met him after seeing him in Last of the Red Hot Lovers. I've found him to be one of the most understanding, kindest people I've met. Please take the time to learn more about him for he is much more than you may realize. While speaking with him after seeing Tribute, he said he would like to send his appreciation and love to all the fans.

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