Crabapple Cove
June 1989

B.J. and Peg Hunnicutt stood in the front of Gate Nine waiting for Hawkeye and Margaret's plan to land. Their plane landed and the two waddled off in their matching Hawaiian shirts and white shorts. When B.J. caught sight of them he began to laugh hysterically.

"B.J. don't you say anything."

"This is hilarious, look at them, two peas in a pod."

"How was your trip?"

"What's so funny Beej?"

"Oh nothing Hawk, just the fact you and Margaret look like lobsters," B.J. said between laughs.

"Lets just say my wife is an exhibitionist."

"What do you mean?"

"Well Peg I saw an advertisement for a nude beach and I said to Ben lets go and he said alright, so we went for the day."

"And we had fun!" Hawk said as he winked at Margaret.


"Did you wear sunscreen?"

"Yes, SPF 30."

"And you still got burnt?"

"Margaret wanted to stay on the beach from ten a.m. till three p.m."

"So how was the trip otherwise?"

"Terrible!" they both said in unison.

"What went wrong?"

"Well luckily the flights went fine, we flew first class. But when we got to the island that is when everything started. We walk up to the front desk and Ben tells her we have reservations for Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Pierce, she looked at him and said I'm sorry, but there are no reservations under that name, so I butted in and said excuse me I made these reservations over six months ago. And she has the nerve to tell me I'm at the wrong hotel, after that I asked to speak to the manager and he checked the log and found our reservation for the presidential suite. The next two days it rained so we shopped, and the next two days after that we went to the beach and the day after that was when we went to the nude beach."

"Doesn't sound too bad."

"That's not the other half of it."

"You're kidding?"

"No Beej, I'll let Hawk tell you the rest of it.'

"The food was horrible. The two of us got so sick. By the end of the trip all we were eating was ice cream. If she wasn't nursing me I was nursing her. The last night we spent spraying each other with solar cane and rubbing aloe vera on each other."

"What a wonderful trip," B.J. exclaimed sarcastically.

As the car drove down the driveway of the Pierce house Hawkeye and Margaret looked at each other and said in unison, "Home at last!"

As soon as the two were inside the house the left their bags in the foyer, walked upstairs and laid down for their first full nights rest in a week.

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