Crabapple Cove, Maine
6 Months later, March 1954

It was a typical spring day in Crabapple Cove. The crabapple trees were in full bloom, and he air was warm enough where a light sweater was all you would need. The Dr. and Mrs. Pierce walked down main street hand in hand in to the towns only baby store,"Breslin's Nursery."

"Look, thats the one I want!"

"That one?"

"Yes, isn't it beautiful, antique oak crib, with matching changing table, dresser, toddler bed, and it even comes with a matching bassinet!"

"Can I help you?" asked a blonde woman with a very familiar voice.

"My wife and I would like to buy this nursery set."

"Aren't you Carlye... Carlye... uh... Carlye Walton?"

"Why yes , well I was Walton, its just Breslin now."


"Yes Hawkeye I am. I realized I wasn't in love with Doug I was in love with someone else. Well I see you got married."

"Yes and I've never been happier. I found that I loved Margaret more than medicine."

"And I loved him more than the army"

"Anyway, you were interested in this nursery set."

"Yes! said an eager Margaret Pierce.

"How much?"

"One- hundred and fifty dollars."

"Now Margaret are you absolutely sure this is the one you want?"


"Well if she wants it that badly then we'll take it," he said as he kissed the top of his wife's head.

" It will be delivered to your home around noon tomorrow afternoon. Margaret it has been a pleasure, Hawkeye it has also been a pleasure to see you as well, and I hope to be seeing more of you."

"For me it hasn't been and I doubt we will be seeing much of each other at all. You have a nice day!"

"Yea, you too!"

"Well my dear how does lobster sound?"

"Sounds good to me, any food sounds good to me.''

"Well lets go then and get some lunch I'm starving."

With that Carlye watched the happy couple walk out of the store and Hawkeye out of her life. She could tell Hawkeye and Margaret were truly happy.

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