Boston Mercy Hospital
June 13, 1954

"I want to know why I can't be in there with her!"

"Only medical personnel is aloud in sir."

"I'm a surgeon, a doctor, a physician. I probably, well not probably, definitely have more experience than any man in that room."

"Yes, that may be, but you do not have privileges here at Boston Mercy."

"Pierce, just sit down and let me handle this. Dr. Winchester Chief of Thoracic Surgery, you see my dear friend here would just like to be with his wife on this blessed event. I can put in a good word for you. Do you know who Mrs. Pierce's uncle is? He is Dr. Robert Harwell."

"I'm sorry Dr. Winchester, but bribery won't work and I don't care who her uncle is, Dr. Pierce is not allowed in the maternity room. You gentleman will just have to take a seat in the waiting room with the other expectant fathers."

With that the two men joined Daniel Pierce, and Isabella Winchester, who was five months pregnant with their first child, in the waiting room.

"Pierce, would you stop pacing around your driving me nuts."

"Son, sit down she'll be fine."

"Pierce see seat? Sit!"

"Charles I would pay to see you in four months when Isabella has that baby. So what are you going to name it."

"Well Charles and I agreed that if it is a boy we'll will name him Charles Emerson Winchester IV and if it is a girl Whitney Wintrop Winchester."

"Nice strong names, very aristocratic."

"Why thank you Pierce."

"You know this is the first time I've left her side since we left Korea."

Just then the doctor walks in.

"Dr. Pierce?"


"Congratulations, Dr. Pierce, its a boy!"

"A boy? A boy! I have a son? A son!"

Hawkeye jumped with joy and hugged the doctor, his father, Charles, and Isabella.

"Dr. Pierce I can't apologize enough for my nurse's behavior, you should have been allowed in there with us. Don't worry this incident won't go unnoticed."

"Thank you, and I appreciate that. Can I see my wife?

"Down the hall to room 205."

Hawkeye ran down the hall screaming and jumping for joy. He walked in the room to see his wife holding his brand new son, who weighed in at eight pounds and five ounces and was twenty- one inches in length. It was the most perfect picture. He walked over kissed his wife on the head and met their new son.

"Ben meet Benjamin Franklin Pierce Jr."

"Well hello there, I'm your Daddy," he said as he lifted the little guy out of Margaret's arms.

"He has your eyes Ben."

"And your nose."

"And you can already see he has your height, you know Ben we do good work."

"We sure do Margaret, we sure do," he said looking down at his gorgeous wife and his beautiful baby boy, he couldn't help but shed a tear of joy.

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