BYTES and Other Types of LUV
Alt end to "Mad Dogs and Servicemen"

by Hawkshotlips1

Hawkeye headed to Post Op and saw Margaret. He tried not to smile as she handed him a chart. He had to help find that dog to get tested for rabies... he just didn't want to think. He would take care of this patient and then find Henry.

"Corporal Travis."

"Shell shock."Hawkeye whispered.


"A theory from Sidney Freedman.. I don't want to do this." Hawkeye walked to the patient. "Corporal, look at me... " he said.

The young man turned his head.

"I know you can hear me... because. you just looked at me." he continued. Travis stared at him. "You know what happens to your legs if you don't walk... do you? Well, you'll end up with someone breaking their back to carry you... that's what." he sighed.

Travis shrugged his shoulders." Do you think I could? I'd try if I could.. that's the truth." he said.

"Try harder and you know where to find me.." Hawkeye headed for the door. Margaret stood there and saw tears on the patients face. She walked out and then she headed for her tent. She wanted to cry too and she did.

It was afternoon and Hawkeye went to Henry about the dog and they had to look for it. They walked along and Henry kept whistling. Henry saw Rosie's bar and then he saw Radar.

"Oh. boy." he said.

Radar saw the two. "She didn't see the dog." he said.

"You asked her" Henry said

"Yes, they ate a dog.. " he felt sick.

"Dog stew.. that's sick ."Hawkeye said.

"But, it's not the dog. that bit me." Radar said.

"Well, Radar, guess what you are getting the rabies shots ." Henry said.

"Do I need it?" Radar said.

"I'll hold your hand." Henry said.

Hawkeye smiled. "We'll even get you ice cream." he said.

"Thanks." Radar said.

Hawkeye kept an eye out for the dog. Henry went to the cages and put the animals back in.

"I don't think you have rabies.' he said. He saw Hawkeye.

Hawkeye said. "Oh, look" he said. The dog was five feet away.

"Shh." Henry said. Hawkeye stood there and then the dog took off. The two chased him.

"Mad dog!" Henry yelled. They headed for the volley ball game and the nurses screamed.

"Mad dog!" Hawkeye yelled as they went through the net.

"To the Mess tent." Henry said. They ran past the tents and saw the dog turn around.

Hawkeye was running and then he took a breath and went in the Post Op. Radar was in the bed and he was warm. Margaret put a cloth on his head and took his temperature. He just looked at her. She smiled at him.

"You have a letter from a young lady." She whispered.

"I don't know anyone." Radar said.

"I'll read it if you want." she took out the thermometer and placed it in his mouth. She took out the letter and read ."Dear Corporal O'Reilly..." she saw a smile on Radar's face. She continued..."I got your name from the red cross lady... she said it would be nice to write to someone. And is it okay with you? Answer yes or no." she said.

Radar nodded his head "Can you skip the rest of this?" he said.

"If you want, but she is just being friendly." Margaret said.

"Hmm.. 'Radar said.

She silently read it and then chose the answers carefully. She was shocked at this, but she figured she was helping him out. She noticed that he looked really flushed and tired and she supposed she would put this letter in his things. She took out the thermometer and read it 99.3 and she set it the bowl. She made a note on the letter as ..adorable. She sighed and folded the letter up. She stood up and then turned to see Hawkeye there.

"Let me see this." he held out his hand.

"It's private." she said .

"We can discuss how private it is over a drink ."he took her arm and they walked to the Officer's Club and sat down. No one was there and she sipped a drink. "Well?" he said .

"Hawkeye, you're just playing with me." she said.

"I like you a lot." he said.

"Okay, well.. I like you." she said

"Margaret, is that letter to Radar really personal?" he said .

"Yes. "she said .

"And you answered it for him?" he said .

"I did...but I'm placing it in his things." she said.

"Radar will really love you for that." he sipped the drink.

"Hawkeye, face it... I can't imagine why a little girl would write that way" she said

"It's the war and it does strange things to people." he said.

She sipped her drink. "I suppose it does." she said

It was later and Henry had tested the dog and he told Radar the news.

"Oh, good. "Radar said.

"Radar... you're out of the woods." Henry said.

Radar put his hands together and bowed his head. "Sir, a deal is a deal... no more more fibs and I promise not to watch my rabbits mess around anymore." he sighed.

"Radar... "Henry snorted.

"That's what I promised." Radar said.

Hawkeye stood there." Aw.. little Radar.. that's a big promise." he smiled

"Sir... I won't even peek when you mess around." Radar whispered.

"With whom?" Hawkeye said.

"With her." Radar indicated.

Hawkeye saw Margaret next to him ."We don't.... I think that letter is going to your head." he said.

"Oh, Corporal... " she smiled.

"And where were you two?" Henry said.

"We were checking patients out." Hawkeye said.

"Colonel Blake, we need to check on the patient of Hawkeye's." she said

"I saw him crawl to the Mess tent." Henry said

"He did?" Hawkeye said.

"Yes." Henry said.

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