It was the next day and Margaret hoped the patient would walk. She wasn't sure what to do and went in Henry's office. Hawkeye and Henry and Trapper were all playing scrabble.

"Xenophobia.. that's a word." Hawkeye said

"I'll need a dictionary." Trapper said.

"It's a word." she said.

"Are you on his side?" Trapper said. She looked at the letters on Trapper's little board and moved them around. He just looked at her ."What the...heck is that?" he said .

"Something that is going around.' she whispered in his ear..

"L V B Y T E" he said

'Think, McIntyre." she looked at Hawkeye. He smiled at her.

"L V B Y T E" Trapper put the letters on the board.

"Trapper what is that?" Henry said.

"L V B Y T E." Trapper said.

"Don't you mean L O V E B I T E?" Henry said

"You made that up.." Hawk said.

"Hey, she did that!" Trapper said. Margaret looked at Hawkeye's tray and she saw the letters. K S S R and she put them on the board.

"What?" Hawkeye said.

"She's out to get you two." Henry laughed

"What does your tray say?" Trapp said.

Henry shook his head " ZYCM.. "he said.

"Well, I guess.. I win." Hawkeye said

"No you don't" Trapper said.

"Add up my points.. "Hawkeye said.

"I am not counting K S S R." Trapper said.

"I am not counting L V B Y T E." Hawkeye said.

Margaret stood behind Hawkeye. She knew that Hawkeye had tried to give her a love bite and she had squealed. She didn't want one and she told him. She put a hand on his shoulder.

Trapper added up the points. "I guess he does." he walked out.

Hawkeye reached back and pulled her arm .

"What were you trying to do?" he whispered.

"Helping you win.' she said.

"I was winning." he said.

Henry turned to look at them. "K S S R.. what is that?" Henry said

"This." Hawkeye grabbed her and pulled her to him and planted a kiss on her mouth. She moved her hands and then she started to laugh.

"Okay.. well., what was L V B Y T E?" Henry said.

"I tried... but she told me no." Hawkeye had her on his lap.

"A love bite... Pierce... really." Henry said.

"She's pretty playful." Hawkeye said.

"Hmm." Henry said.

The door opened "Captain Pierce?" the man said.

Hawkeye stood up. "Well.. you're taller." he said.

"Yes sir.' he said.

"I love a man in uniform." Hawkeye teased. He took the patient's hand.

Margaret smiled. "He's joking." she said .

"Well, shall we?" he came after her to the door.

Henry looked at the board. "Interesting." he said.

They were in the Mess tent and Margaret looked at him.

"Corporal do you play scrabble?" Hawkeye said

"Sure." he said.

They went to get the game and sat in the corner in Post Op. Hawkeye looked at his letters and then at the board. It was now an hour later and he didn't have a real word.


"I'm not sure." he put down the letters. L V S U.

"That's not a word.... You are missing some letters." she said.

"I'm sure you have them."

She studied the board and then placed her letters on the board and smiled.

"Major...what kind of word is that?"

"Never mind." she said.

Captain Pierce, do you and she have a thing for one another?"

"Yes... and I let her win at scrabble."

"He does not." she reached over to his tray and moved the letters.

"Aha... stop that." he grabbed her hand.

She held on to his hand and then heard the door open ."Saved by the orderlies..."

"Corporal, I guess your ride is here ."Hawkeye stood up and got the chart. and signed it.

Margaret got the Corporal's things and took his arm. "I think you won." she whispered

"You aren't going to tell on me are you?" Travis said.

"Nope." she smiled.

They were at the truck. Hawkeye opened the door and helped Travis inside. "She let you win.... I counted your points." Hawkeye said

"It doesn't matter." Travis said.

"I put a letter in your bag from us, if you want to write." Hawkeye said.

"Sure I do." he held out his hand. Hawkeye shook it.

Margaret tried to push him away. "Pierce." she said. She hugged Travis and then backed away.

Hawkeye closed the door and hit it with his hand. "Well, you want to finish our game?" he whispered

"I think it was over." she said .

"You want to play another game?" he said.

"We have patients to look at ."she said.

"How about Post office?" he said.

"I'll think about it." she whispered

"Charades?" he saw her smile.

"You are in a better mood." she said.

"I wasn't aware that I was in a bad mood." he said

"Well, you gave that talk to him... and.. I know it hurt you." she said.

"I'm not doing that again.. leave it to Sid." he opened the door to Post Op. He got the charts and looked at them and concentrated on the patients care. He yawned and saw it was now nine. He didn't see her and he walked outside to shower. He came out and saw her waiting.

"Did you want a date?" she said .

"I'm sleepy." he yawned .

"No, you're not." she tickled him.

He moved his hands and laughed as they walked to the Swamp

"Where is Trapper?" she said

"He has a date." he said.

She saw the empty bunk. "You should get another roomie." she whispered.

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