"Let Colonel Blake take care of that." he said. He kept yawning and lay down. She moved to the bunk and let him pull her back. She leaned her head against him .She didn't want anyone to see them., but it was night and only Trapper might come in. She could put up with Trapper's jokes if Hawkeye was on her side. She moved her head and then kissed him. He opened his eyes. "Thank you." he said.

"I'll see you in the morning." She whispered.

"You're not going to read to me?" he said.

"No." she said. She sighed and then heard the door open. She saw Trapper and then grabbed Hawkeye in an embrace. Hawkeye pulled her closer and kissed her. The lights were out and Trapper could see that his bunk mate had someone in a hug. He walked closer and stood there.

"Hawkeye... you didn't put a note outside to not bother you." he said.

Hawkeye was busy kissing her and he could see the smile on her face. He moved his head. "Trapper.. we're not doing a thing...Well.. not.. what you think.. it's.. only.. " he stopped.

"Which nurse do you have?" Trapper said.

"H O T L P S." Hawkeye said .

"No way!" Trapper said.

"Yes. "Hawkeye felt her arms around him. She tried not to laugh and then did. She put her head down.

"Trapper." she was trying not to giggle.

"You and Hawkeye?" he said

"Why not me and Hawkeye?" she said.

"I should have figured out by the scrabble game." he said.

"Hawkeye knows what I was doing ."she said

'If you want me to leave ."Trapper said.

She sat up. "I was just going." she said .

Trapper walked to the door and opened it for her. "Goodnight." he said.

"Goodnight.' she said.

Hawkeye sat up and yawned and then went to walk her to her tent. and smiled at her.

"I have something for you." he whispered

"Hawkeye.." she said.

"Shh.. " he kissed her and slipped a ring on her finger.

"It's an engagement ring." she said.

"Y E S." he said

What kind of ring was it? She figured he had been giving her hints and then she flirted back with him. Well, he better explain this to her in the morning. She hugged him and watched him head to the Swamp.

Hawkeye came back in and lay down.

"Hawkeye, did you really try to give her a bite?" Trapper said.

"I am not telling." he said.

"Well, you finally got to her." Trapper said.

Hawkeye moved his hand on his neck. He didn't have any love bites either and he wasn't going to let her do that.

"Is she really that hot lipped?" Trapper said.

"I told you... we're friends... " Hawkeye said.

"Friends.. wrestling on the bunk.. that's not friends.' Trapper said

It was at breakfast and Hawkeye and Margaret had their heads together.

"It's to keep the others away." he said

"What about you?" she said.

"Hmm.. it's not to keep me away." He said

"I don't mean that.. you need to wear one." She said.

"Well.. you know...I have the two wedding rings." he said.

"You are going to wear one." she took his hand.

"We have to say we're married, Hot Lips." he said. It was later and he was giving Radar a clean bill of health. The young corporal looked at Hawkeye's left hand.

"Hawkeye... what is that on your hand?" he said

"A bite." Hawkeye started to laugh.

"It's a ring.. so.. you snuck off to get married.... was it to Major Houlihan?"

"She wants me to wear one... we're N LV." Hawkeye said.

"You and she?" Radar said.

"Yes." Hawkeye said

Radar smiled at that. "She bit you ... huh?" he said

"Well, yeah...Radar.... she bit me by the love bug." Hawkeye smiled.

"Oohh... " Radar said.

"Not those kind. "Hawkeye laughed.

The door opened and she walked in. "Radar." she said.

"You and Hawkeye got married?" Radar said

"Engaged." she whispered.

"So you got bitten too?" Radar said.

"I guess so." she smiled.

Hawkeye stood up. "I think you're fine." he said.

"I am not going to let any other dogs bite me." Radar walked out.

"I'm not.. I mean. I'm not going to let any humans bite me." Hawkeye pulled her on the bunk.

"Sure..." she moved her head to his neck. She kissed him and then moved away.

The door opened and Radar and Henry walked in. "Oh. great..." Henry said.

"They're N L V " Radar whispered.

"I'm going to find a really good word for the next game... " Henry said.

"What is that sir?" Radar said.

"LV N M R R D." Henry went in his office.

Radar shook his head. "Hmm...yeah., that's a great word."

"Maybe L U V B Y T E is a word... and in Pierce's case... well.. heck.... it applies."

"I wonder what other words you can use." Radar said

"I don't want to know." Henry laughed.

"I'm sure they don't want to know either.." Radar was laughing.

Henry walked outside. "Listen.. you two.. I really don't want to invent any new words to think of for our scrabble games."

"How about this one...LV N M RR D " Hawkeye said

"Pierce, that's taken... I mean.. I thought of that word." Henry snorted.

"Henry, are you giving us the okay?" Hawkeye smiled.

"Get the papers, Radar." Henry said.

"I guess they won't be playing scrabble, huh?" Radar tried not to laugh

"No, I guess they won't." Henry said.

Outside, the two started to laugh. "What's so funny?" she said.

"Major Margaret Pierce." he whispered.

"Uh huh... but one little change... I'm keeping my name too." she smiled

"Okay, one more word... HSBNDNWFFRVR" he said.

"You got that." she kissed him.

The End

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