Part Two - problems for Sherman.

Four people. Two from the direction of Radar's office, two from Major Houlihans tent. One destination. The tent of one CO Coronal Sherman Potter. The four arrived as one, each with anxious looks on their faces. Two had tear stains on their face, all dressed in robes, pajamas and boots. They were joined by a another. A man in a dress carrying a gun. He had been called over by one very scared Major and an angry Captain. However he was on his way over anyways. The five trooped into the tent and found the CO asleep. They looked at him, then at each other then back at him.

"This will wait till morning "whispered Radar as he made his way to the door.

"No it wont" replied BJ as Klinger moved to block the door. BJ and Hawkeye looked at each other. "It has to be done" Whispered Hawkeye. BJ nodded. They crouched down at either side of the bed. "Oh No!" Radar said and Margaret started crying silently. It was the first time she had brought herself to look at Radar. Klinger for his part looked Confused at the spectacle before him.

"WAKE UP!" BJ and Hawkeye shouted. It had the desired effect as Sherman shot up in his bed. He looked around, found his glasses and brought the group into sight. "Whatever it is can it not wait in till later?" he asked.

"Yes" muttered Radar.

"No" said the other four. Sherman sighed. He had a feeling he was going to regret asking but he did anyways, "What's wrong?"

All five responded at once.

"Sophie's got lose and has gone on the rampage by the kitchens. She's already caused chaos by the latrines." Was Klinger's Contribution.

"We need to get Sidney over here. Radar's been having some pretty horrific nightmares. He woke me up screaming" Said BJ.

"It's really nothing sir, just a few nightmares." Said Radar.

"My ex, so called husband is just causing a few problems, not just for you but for Radar to." Said Margaret.

"I have a strong urge to kill that idiot Flagg, his up to his dumb ass tricks with Penobscott

Sherman Potter really regretted asking! "Sophie, nightmares, Sidney, Flagg, Penobscott hat!?" was everyone's various response.

"Okay, one at a time! Klinger first!" said Sherman trying to restore some order.

"Sophie's got lose and has gone on the rampage by the kitchens. She's already caused chaos by the latrines." He repeated.

"Well, go catch her then!" Sherman said.

"I tried. Zale tried. Igor tried. We eventually caught her but she got lose again. Zale and some of the enlisted men are trying to catch her but she won't keep still. She's walking funny to and she's got a liking for the food here!" Klinger reported.

"At least someone appreciates it" Potter mused. "Okay keep going after her but if any harm Comes to her it's on your head! Try using an apple and go find Winchester and get him to give her this." With that he walked over to his footlocker, rummaged around it and produced a syringe. "This should calm her down. Mildred sent some from home just in case." He sighed.

"Um sir. Where should he administer it?" Klinger asked.

"Where do you think? Where his a pain-in her butt!!" Potter responded as he passed it over. Klinger smiled as he took it, he was going to enjoy watching Major Charles Emerson Winchester the third inject Sophie. He exited to find the doctor in question "oh Klinger" Sherman's voice called out. Klinger stopped and turned around. "No else is to disturb me tonight Comprende?" "Yes sir" Klinger responded as he exited the tent.

"Right whose next?" Potter asked. The two swamp inhabitants looked at each other, then at Margaret then at Radar whom had grown paler at the memory of his nightmare. Potter looked at the all and felt a real need for a stiff drink. He stated so and everyone else but Radar agreed. "Let's go over to my office for one" Sherman suggested. Or several he thought sadly to himself.

The short walk between Potters sleeping quarters and his office was oddly silent. That was until Charles indignant voice filled the air waking everyone else up. "You want me to inject whom? With What? Never!"

"You have to. Oh come on just this once. Please Winchester just do it." Was Klinger's reply. Nurse Kellye whom had been caught unawares between the battle of Sophie and the latrine was struggling along side Klinger, Igor, Zale and a bunch of other Corpsmen. She soon ended that particular argument when she accidentally on purpose stomped on Winchesters foot. This caused Winchester to fall forwards and luckily the needle went in the right place. Another not so gentle stomp on his foot as provided by Zale brought home the message to Winchester whom did the appropriate actions to administer the Contents of the syringe. This however caught Sophie by surprise as she bolted forward again. Unfortunately in the opposite direction of her paddock. The group chased her to make her go in the right direction where she came to a halt and calmed down. She eventually allowed Klinger to take her back home where she laid down to sleep of the effects of the sedative much to everyone's relief. However Klinger also noticed someone else in there. Holy Toledo! This is a turn out for the books. It's just going to be one of them weeks. He thought but what's he doing in here? With that he went to find Sherman. He will know what to do! I hope! Klinger left quietly-he did not want to around with him there.

Someone else knew the identity of the person in Sophie's Paddock. And he was going to add to Radar's problems. If he was not in the need of the services of Doctor Sidney Freedman before he sure as hell would be needing them soon. Coronal Potter was having a hard time believing what he was seeing. Margaret Houlihan was yet again in tears. She was about to explain what was happening but managed as far as "his back" before bursting into the human equivalent of Niagara Falls. "Who is?" said Sherman at this point completely lost.

"Coronal Flagg" Said Hawkeye

"Donald" said Margaret.

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