Part Six - In Radar's office.

"Whoa easy, easy "BJ said as he ducked. He narrowly avoided a cup. He and Hawkeye where trying to talk to Radar but so far where not having much luck. That was because the little guy was in quite a rage.

"Why? The one thing that districts me from this place and they go ruin it. Why?" He kicked the waste paper basket. "Henry left and well it just isn't fair!" he backed up this point by slamming his desk draw shut. He then turned to Hawkeye and BJ "he was the closest thing I had to a father". He finally wore himself out and Collapsed onto his Cot. He picked up his cuddly bear a flung it at the dividing door between his office and the CO's office. Those remaining inside the office had crowded round the door but with the cuddly bear being thrown backed up and shut the door quickly. However Hawkeye caught the bear and took it back over to Radar. "Wow! Where did that Come from?" He asked Radar. Radar was breathing so heavily he couldn't answer. "Listen to me. There is nothing wrong with the way your feeling. I felt exactly the same way when my Mom died"

Radar had finally caught his breath back.

"Its just not fair! He was going home ya know, he never hurt anyone and look where that got him!"

BJ quickly assessed the room for anything else that could be thrown. He then approached cautiously. "I never knew Henry but from what iv been told he was a wonderful person. I'm so sorry. However you shouldn't let it all build up, its just not healthy. You should have said something before now." He sat down next to him, Hawkeye on the other side of him. That seemed to have a calming influence on him.

"Yeah Beej is right. Next time there's something bothering you talk to someone about it."

Radar took a deep breath to steady himself. "I tried. I started to so many times but the words just wouldn't Come out. I knew what I wanted to say but I Couldn't get it out. It was the same when I had to write home to his family. I started so many times....." He drifted off. "I thought about just letting Major Burns do it but I knew it would just get passed back to me. Besides it annoyed me the way he just slid in there and took over so easily. It was like he didn't care!" From inside the other office there was a gasp and sounds of shock. Radar felt numb and strangely tired. Hawkeye and BJ exchanged a look. They both had the same thought. He shouldn't be left alone tonight. But he doesn't look like he would make it out of here with out being carried. With that Hawkeye and BJ Shouted together


Klinger put his head through door, saw Radar was calm and walked in.

"Yes sirs?" He said, his head tilted in enquiry.

"What state is the Swamp in?" Hawkeye asked.

What a strange question..they where there to. He thought Ah that's not what they are asking, they want to stay relatively close to the little guy He finally answered "Well personally I wouldn't sleep in there. And I have slept in some right dumps."

Coronal Potter and the others walked in. "What you two thinking" he asked.

"I can't face tidying it now. Can you" He asked BJ.

"Nope I am ready to crash right here" His bunky replied.

"I'm sure Charles feels the same" Hawkeye said. Charles had come in for Coffee when Klinger walked in. "Agreed" He said as he pulled a face at the taste of it.

"And we have to accommodate Frank tonight and possibly Sidney and Trapper too." BJ pointed out. " Plus , Correct me if I am wrong but by the sounds of It Margaret's tent isn't much better tonight. Anyone have any suggestions of where we can bunk down for the night!"

Margaret Yawned. "post op. That's empty now, we bussed out almost everyone apart from the Korean twins and Charles chest case." She said.

"Suits me. I have rounds to do in" BJ checked his watch "Four hours"

Hawkeye also yawned. "No arguments here!"

With that the current and ex swamp rats and the head Nurse walked into post op, surprising both Kellye and the patients. They promptly Collapsed on the available beds and fell asleep. The others watched the group go through apart from Radar who had feel into a deep sleep. "I suggest that we try to get some sleep to" Sherman said to the padre. That's what they did.

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