You're My Favorite Officer
Alt end to "Aid Station"

by Hawkshotlips1

Margaret didn't like to cut open a patient. She looked at Hawkeye and she sighed.She trusted him though and listened to what he said. She heard the shelling and she closed her eyes.She was soon done and on to another patient and that kept up for what seemed like hours. She finally was able to scrub clean and pull off her clothing and change. She was hungry and it was dark and then it was just the two of them eating. Hawkeye offered her some food and she took it. She looked over at Klinger, who was now asleep. She didn't hear Hawkeye call her name.

"Did you say something?"

"Want some more food?"

"No thanks."

"Hmm.. " he got up tossed the tins. He moved to his side and lay down. He was sleepy.

She turned her head away and heard the noises.

"Captain.. you did well."

"So did you... I think you did better... without Frank."

"He's a coward."

"I wonder if he's whining all night?"

"He does that a lot."

She pulled the blanket around her more.

"Do you think the snipers will get closer?"



He looked at her."Are you cold?"

"NO.. I'm.. "

He moved closer to her and pulled his blanket around her. He moved his arms around her."You hate snipers."


"And you volunteered."

"Hawkeye.. I was the only one in the office.. I'm a nurse."

"And it was down to one of us three."

"Well.. I'm not sure of Frank.. he would have ran out of here.."she tried not to laugh.

"Trapper.. well.. he might have..."

"I would have put him in his place."

"What about me?"

"Well.. you are kind of cute."

"And you let me hug you."

"Well...I respect you as a doctor.

"I could get you alone."

"No you wouldn't."

"Yeah.. well..I'm too tired." he kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you."

"For what? The kiss?"


"You did good work.. really good."

"Not too many people say that."

"I say what I think."

She leaned her head against him. She closed her eyes and moved her hands on his arms. She figured that if she had his protection and his respect.. they could get along.

Hawkeye closed his eyes and felt her hands on his arms. He wanted to get her alone, but well.. he'd try a better place. He thought she was a good nurse and he was really attracted to her.

It was morning and they packed up to leave. Neither of them said a word and they got in the jeep when the replacements arrived. Klinger sat in the back and he noticed the tension. He wanted to leave here and go back home.

Hawkeye stopped the jeep on the pretense of the engine. He got out and popped the hood. "Major.. you want to come and see this?"

She got out and walked to the front and sighed. "We have engine trouble?"

"Shh.. no." he gave her a smile.

She frowned and stared at the engine."Either we have it or not."

"Margaret.. " he put his arms around her.

"Hawkeye." she put her arms around him.

Klinger wondered what was taking so long."Hey... what's going on?"

Hawkeye moved away."It's under control."

She whispered to him."What kind of answer is that?"

Klinger couldn't stand it and got out and walked to the front of the jeep.His jaw just dropped and he cleared his throat.

Margaret moved her head and looked at Klinger."What?"

"Under control.. it sure is."

Hawkeye looked at Klinger."She's my favorite officer in the whole U.S. army."

"I'd hate to see the one who isn't."

"Not a word to Ferret Face."

"Major Burns.. right.. well. .. you can do a lot better."

"She can."

"Hawkeye." she felt her face getting red.

"I'm cute.. you told me that."

"I think we should go."


"If you and she want to sit in the back."

"Uh.. no. we don't want to draw attention."

"No.." she sighed.

She looked at Hawkeye and he gave her a smile.

"Major.. you really did good."Klinger smiled.

"She sure is."


Captain .. is she blushing?"

"She is adorable when she blushes."

The three got in and headed to camp. Hawkeye stopped the jeep and sat there.


"I won't say a word.. Captain."Klinger said.

Hawkeye leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She put her hand on her face.

"Don't you hate the mushy part?"

"Oh, right."Klinger laughed.

She didn't say a word at all and even when they came back. She went to her tent and cleaned up.

It was later and Hawkeye unpacked.

"Hawkeye.. spill it." Trapper said.

"Cold.. noisy."

"Right.. and how was she?"


"You're holding out on me."

"I am not.. you just think something happened.. there is nothing that happened."

"Uh huh... you have to listen to Frank moan when she was gone."

"Frank is just that way."

"I'm sure he is."

In her tent.. she was unpacking and Frank sat there.

"Margaret.. you can't tell me.. nothing happened.. I just don't believe you."

She put down the things and sat down to brush her hair.

"I wrote you a love letter and I had your boot under my pillow... and.. well.. well.... "

She kept brushing her hair.

"I missed you." he came closer and tried to kiss her.

"Frank.. I have a headache."

"I knew that.. I knew you did... and.. you were with him." he opened the door and walked out.

It was later and they sat at the table. Trapper sat across from Frank and then Margaret was on his right. Hawkeye was on the right of Trap with the Padre across from him.

"I can't make out what I'm eating."Frank held up the forkful of food.

"Try mustard... ketchup. salt .. pepper.. sauce... flavor."

She tried not to look at Hawkeye and then she did.

"And the coffee's cold again." Frank held up the cup.

"At least it's not purple." Trapper said.

Hawkeye tried not to look at her and he did. She looked over at him again and saw him smile slightly... and she raised her cup to him.

She saw the Padre get up and she headed outside. Hawkeye headed outside and nearly bumped into her. She gave him a smile. He took her arm.

"Don't tell me you wanted some fresh air?"she whispered.

"No." he said."

"Well.. so.. what was that all about?"

"You were looking at me."

"So were you."

"Come on."

They walked to the OR and into the supply room. He closed the door and found a crate to sit on. She stood there and sighed.



"Someone is going to come looking for us."

"They won't look in here."

"You don't know that."

"You want to listen to him moan."

"Well.. no."

"So, you're in here with me."


"And.. well?"

She walked to him and stood there. "I do respect your work."

"You want to get to know me?"

"Well.. "

He reached for her hand and she took it. She didn't let go and she found herself pulled on his lap.

"I won't.. do anything unless you want me to."

She looked at him."That kiss.. you know...well.. I liked it.. "

"You want a real kiss?"

"You gave me a real kiss a few times."

"That was to get him mad... this is the real thing." he kissed her.

She had her arms around him and kissed him back. She heard the door open and she moved her head.

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