Part 1 by nsalem

"Hawkeye you got to go to sleep" Trapper said.

"I don't need any sleep. I am doing fine" Hawkeye responded.

"No you're not. You have been in here for 72 hours straight and you need to go to sleep."

"I will not go to sleep until all the wounded are done."

"No you won't or I will have to sedate you if you don't go quietly."

"I will not and don't you dare."

Trapper grabbed a shot full of sedative and quickly pushed it into Hawkeye's butt.

Part 2 by Colleen

"I don't think that will work, Trapper!" Hawkeye taunted.

"Yeah, well, we'll see in about 15 minutes. You'll feel the effects soon enough."

*30 minutes later*

'Why hasn't he gone to sleep?' Trapper asked himself.

Hawkeye was sitting calmly on his bunk, actually reading a book!

'I have better check that dosage again.' "I'll be back in a few minutes, Hawkeye."

"Take your time Trapper, I'll still be here...awake!" he smiled at him, looking up from his book.

Part 3 by nsalem

Trapper goes to the OR to check the shot. When he gets there he sees that it was a penicillin shot. Trapper goes back to Hawkeye to find him still awake. "Hawkeye I figured out what happened."


"I gave you the wrong shot. I need to give you another shot."

"No way."

"Come on Hawkeye."

They start fighting each other and start throwing punches.

Part 4 by Dayla

One particularly hard punch catches Trapper's jaw.

"You bastard!" Trapper says as blood fills his mouth. He walks out of the Swamp, and into the OR where Frank is on duty.

"What happened to you?" Frank asked absent mindedly.

"Hawkeye. He went berserk. I was trying to give him the sedative, but he absolutely refused." Trapper said after rinsing his mouth out.

"Pierce did that?" Frank started laughing hysterically.

"Yeah. Want me to show you just how he did it?" Trapper threatened.

Frank quickly went back to his work as Trapper summed up the damage Hawkeye had done.

"One tooth missing, one loose, and my jaw feels like it's cracked." Trapper told Henry. "Good enough reason for me to go to Tokyo for some dental work?"

"Yeah... but only one day. We're going to need you back here soon."

Trapper nodded in agreement, and started to walk to Radar's office for the pass.

"Oh, by the way, do you want to press charges against Pierce?" Henry asked.

"No. Just list under why my mouth is screwed up 'Accidentally ate the food in the mess hall.'" Trapper walked out of Henry's office.

Part 5 by SaRa

Hawkeye and Trapper are fighting...that's strange, thought Henry. Trapper walked into Radar's office. "Holy smokes! What happened to you?" asked Radar.

"Hawkeye did it."

"Cap'n Pierce? Why?"

"It's a long story, Radar."

"Oh. Why did you come in here?"

"I need a pass for Tokyo. Hawkeye butchered my mouth and I need to go there for some dental work."

"Ok. I'll just get Colonel Blake to sign and you'll be on your way."

"Ok, thanks, Radar."

Part 6 by nsalem

"Could you also get someone to give Hawkeye a sedative. Perferable Lt. Dish, Hawkeye wouldn't fight her."

"Yes sir."

Part 7 by Anne

Radar walked up to Lt. Dish and said, "Orders from Colonel Blake, you have to go to the swamp and give Hawkeye a sedative."

She smiled and grabbed a needle and a bottle of liquid. On her way to the swamp she filled the needle and stuck it into her pocket. She fixed her hair and unbuttoned her top button and knocked on the door. Hawkeye opened the door and she grabbed his shirt. She pushed him backwards and they locked in a tight embrace. They wrapped their hands around each other and they slowly eased down onto the cot. She pulled of his shirt and he slowly unbuttoned hers. They kissed each other all over their bodies and just then, Frank Burns walked in! He looked away disgustedly and told them to get a room. They pulled a blanket over themselves and tried to keep it quiet.

Nurse Dish woke up next to a naked Hawkeye on his tiny cot. Hawkeye was awake, staring at her. She kissed him while reaching down to grab the needle. Her hand grasped it and she thrust it into his buttocks. He yelped with pain and grabbed her hand. He couldn't believe what she had did! Before he could say a word he had fallen asleep. Nurse Dish pulled on her clothes and silently crept out of the swamp and back to her own tent.

Part 8 by Sandy

Trapper walked back into the swamp to check on Hawkeye yet again. He had gotten back from Tokyo only a couple of hours before. The dentist had done a great job of fixing his teeth. Thank God his jaw hadn't been broken. He was surprised that Hawkeye was still asleep. He had been given the sedative more than 15 hours before but he still slept on. He knew Hawkeye was going to be furious with him when he awoke. He would know that it had been him who put Lt. Dish up to it. She was a bit upset too. She hadn't liked tricking him even if it was for his own good. No he didnt envy either of them when Hawkeye woke up.

Part 9 by nsalem

Hawkeye woke up an hour later. Then he went to Trapper and punched him in the nose. "Thats for having Lt. Dish sedate me."

"You needed some sleep," Trapper said getting up.

"Well I have to go see a certain nurse bye."

Part 10 by Sandy

Hawkeye walked over to Lt. Dish's tent and knocked on the door. She came to the door and when she saw it was him she looked a bit uneasy. "Hawkeye."she stammered. "All I want to know is why!" he said looking at her coldly. "Come inside where we can talk in private" she said. "Why so you can drug me again?" he sneered. "No way!" "I only did it to help you" she said. "Trapper told me that you hadn't been sleeping and I knew you had to get some sleep. I didn't mean it to go so far. I was only going to kiss you long enough to distract you." she stepped closer to him. "But, I was the one who got distracted."

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