Part 11 by nsalem

Trapper went to Radar's office. "We need Sidney."

"What for?"

"There's something Hawk's not telling us."

"What can it be?"

"I don't know just call."

The first place they went was Lt. Dish's tent. "Lt. Is Hawkeye there?"

"No, why would you ask that?"

"Hawkeye disappeared. We're worried."

"Hold on." Lt. Dish said while dressing and making noise.

Part 12 by Sandy

Inside the tent Hawkeye was doing his best to stay out of sight. "What on earth had possessed him to come here?" he wondered.

He should have known that they wouldn't leave him alone.

He didn't need to sleep, he didn't have to sleep and no one I mean no one would ever make him sleep again!

Part 13 by nsalem

When Trapper walked away from the tent Hawkeye came out from behind the cot. "Hawkeye," Lt Dish said. "Maybe you should talk to Dr Freedman.

"No way."

"What's up with you?"

"Nothing." Hawkeye leaves banging door behind him. Then he went to the VIP tent forgetting about Sidney and fell asleep on the bed.

Part 14 by Anne

Sidney arrived late at night and after checking in with the Colonel he went straight to the VIP tent to sleep. He found Hawkeye asleep on the bed. Sidney gave Hawkeye a gentle shove to wake him up.

"Hawkeye, do you want to talk?"

"No. I wanna sleep."

"Maybe you better go to the swamp and get some sleep."

"Sure, just point me towards the bed."

Sidney pulled Hawkeye to his feet and had Radar drag him the rest of the way. Next morning Sidney went to the swamp to talk to Hawkeye. He found a unmade but empty bed. He woke up Trapper and tried to get him to tell him where Hawkeye had gone. Trapper didn't know but supposed that he had gone to Rosies. Sidney checked out a jeep and sped toward Rosies.

Sidney found Hawkeye slumped over the bar at Rosies surrounded by half filled glasses and peanut shells. He settled down on the stool next to Hawk and ordered a bourbon. He got his drink and asked for 2 glasses of water. The barkeeper looked at him strangely but got it for him. He took one glass and poured it over Hawkeye's head. He awoke with a start and grabbed his head in pain.

Sidney handed the other glass to him and Hawkeye drank it with loud, slow slurps.

"What's going on?" asked Sidney.

"I have no idea" replied Hawkeye.

"Do you remember what happened a few days ago? In the OR and the swamp?"

"Maybe. Something about Trapper and sleeping. speaking of sleeping, I'll see you in a half an hour." Hawkeye said as he laid his head down.

"Not now, maybe in a few minutes, but first, do you remember hitting Trapper?"

"Yes. I think. Is he okay?"

"I think he'll be fine. Can you remember what happened with Nurse Dish?"

"She sedated me. I can't believe they don't trust me to take care of myself."

"You hadn't slept for a few days! what would you do if Trapper had done that?"

"I don't know. Probably sedated him."

"And that's what he did. He was just trying to take care of you."

"I don't need him to take care of me! I don't need anyone to take care of me! Just stop it! They take care of me, you take care of me, the barkeep takes care of me! I don't need it! I don't need it!"

With that he finished off his last few drinks, threw his jacket over his shoulder and angrily walked out. Sidney finished off his own drink and followed Hawkeye. He drove back to the 4077 but Hawkeye wasn't there. He was almost positive he had come back here but he wasn't. He had now officially gone AWOL and they would have to call the MPs. They knew Hawkeye was tiered and drunk and would only make it worse if they approached him. They decided to look first and hoped they were the first to find him.

Part 15 by nsalem

Radar starts looking for Hawkeye everywhere and finds him 15 minutes outside of camp fast asleep. Radar takes Hawkeye back to camp and to the swamp. Radar tucked Hawkeye in bed and started leaving but got interrupted by the noise of..........

Part 16 by Anne

..a drunken Trapper and Henry stumbling into the tent with Frank whining behind them.

"Sir, you are in no condition to run this camp. Either you allow me to take your place or I will report you."

"I guarantee you that ico..ico..doesn't car..oh, whatever, report away ferret face." mumbled Henry.

"Hmmph" Frank snorted as he marched out of the swamp.

"Um, sir," Radar said quietly, "I think you better go to bed."

"You know, I think that's a reallly good idea." Henry said as he fell onto Frank's bed.

Just then Frank came back and found Radar standing in the middle of the room, trying to figure out what to do.

"Get him out of here corporal."

"Uh, yes sir, Major sir." Radar said as he attempted to pull Henry to his tent. Sidney happened to be returning to his own tent and offered to help Radar. He accepted and the both of them walked the drunken Henry back to his tent. They laid him on the bed and Radar went off to the office while Sidney decided to go for a stroll. He was standing by the minefield when he noticed something strange occurring in the hills.

To be continued...(by you?)

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