What You See.... Is Not What You Get
Alternate ending to "Images"

by Hawkshotlips1

Margaret didn't want anyone to know she had been feeding the dog hanging around the camp. Her nurses formed the impression that she was all tough and a task master. But, she couldn't let them see this side of her. The word was now about Radar getting a tattoo and she had to put a stop to that and now. She headed for the Colonel's office and saw Hawkeye and BJ in there having a drink.

"Colonel, you have to stop Corporal O'Reilly...from... " she saw the smirks on BJ and Hawkeye's faces.

"Major Houlihan, are you his mother?" Colonel Potter took a puff of his cigar.

"No, sir, but... a tattoo. He's only a little boy." She said.

"Major, that little boy you so commonly referred is more grown up than some people I know.". Hawkeye looked at BJ.

"I agree with Hawkeye." BJ was laughing.

"You want to be put on report for corrupting him?" she said.

"Margaret, if Radar is old enough to sign up for the army, he's old enough to get a tattoo." Colonel Potter said

"I can't believe this...you of all people.. " she folded her arms.

"Major, let the boy get one... shoot, what harm can it do?" Colonel Potter said.

"A lot of harm...you don't know what harm..."she marched out.

"She's just mad at something else..."BJ said.

"Yeah, like not seeing lover boy, Donald." Hawkeye said.

"Stop it, let her be." Colonel Potter said.

Margaret was mad and she headed outside... a tattoo... Donald had a tattoo... but, he was different... he was... a man...he was... she saw the dog. "Well, don't tell anyone." she whispered. She walked to the back of the Mess tent and told the dog to stay. She got some scraps and put in a bowl.and then kneeled by the dog. "I had a dog." she had tears in her eyes. She petted the dog and looked around the camp.... she was getting attached to the dog.

She didn't see Hawkeye watch her and she headed in her tent. He walked up to the dog."Aha.. you have a new friend." he picked up the dog in his arms. He took the dog with him to the Swamp.

"I hope you like BJ's fudge." he took out the box and gave a piece to the dog. The dog licked his hand and then barked.

Hawkeye laughed."Shh... you aren't telling on me.. are you?" He took the dog outside and ran into Radar.

The young corporal was upset."I hear the Major doesn't want me to get a tattoo."

"Well, no. "Hawkeye said.

"You want to talk to her for me? "Radar had a piece of rope in his hand.

"Well, have you asked her what she thinks?" Hawkeye said.

"I tried.. but she says she's busy. "Radar said .

"Hmm.. look.. if you put a leash on that dog.. I'll convince the Major that you'll be getting a tattoo. "he said .

"Sure, Hawkeye. "Radar said.

Hawkeye saw Margaret and she glared at him.

"I am not agreeing to Radar getting a tattoo...in fact I'm getting one of those men to talk him out of it." she tapped her pencil.

"Well, excuse me.. Mother.. dear.. if you act like this.. to your patients.. you won't have any." he walked out of Post Op.

Margaret thought about this and she walked out. Maybe she was being to hard on the young corporal. She saw the dog tied up and she groaned inwardly. "Well, this is not very nice." she untied the dog and took him for a walk. She had her breakfast too and then gave the dog the left over tray. "You just hang around here for the food." she didn't want the dog to be tied up. She saw a burly man go to Rosie's bar. She ran to him. "Excuse me.. could you do me a favor? Oh. that's a nice tattoo." she gushed.

"You like it, honey?" he said.

"I love tattoos." she said.

"It's a mermaid." he said

"A mermaid... "she touched his arm "There's a young man, .who wears a cap and glasses.... he's going to get a tattoo... you want to talk to him?." she said.

"Okay... sure...I can't drink liquor...from hepatitis.. oh...don't worry.. I'm clean." he said.

"His name is Radar." she smiled

"Sure thing, for a pretty gal like you." he said.

"Thank you.. " she went inside and ordered him a drink and paid for it

"Grape Nehi." he said.

The next day, Radar decided to get his tattoo and went in to Rosie's bar and asked for someone to do it. He thought about things and decided to have the little teddy bear. He wasn't going to show anyone and that was it. A half hour later , he came out and sat down and had a Grape Nehi. Ah...that was better and he felt good. He wondered how people with tattoos did it. A Marine came over to him.

"Hey, are you Radar? "he said.

"Yeah. "Radar said.

"I was told to talk to you about a tattoo...by some looker... I got one and I can't drink. " he held up the bottle.

"Grape Nehi. "Radar said

"See...What did I tell you? The dame paid for one of these, yesterday." The man shook his head

"Whoever she was... well... she don't tell me what to do" Radar said

"Too, bad... as I said.. she was some looker." the man walked away.

Radar shook his head and he sighed. He could only guess it was Margaret that did this. And he would tell Hawkeye about it.. He walked back to the 4077th and went in the office. Hawkeye and BJ walked in

"Say, Radar... did you get your tattoo?" Hawkeye said

"Yes. "Radar put the paper in the typewriter.

"But where?" Hawkeye said.

"I'm not telling ."Radar giggled .

"We're doctors... face it.. we want to check for infection." BJ said .

"You want us to get the Colonel?" Hawkeye opened the door.

"What is it? "Colonel Potter said

"You want to see Radar's tattoo? "BJ said.

"Son, you went ahead and got one? Let's see it and that's an order ."Colonel Potter said.

Radar looked around and sighed." All right.. but I don't do this for just anyone ."he stood up .

"Ah.. it's so small. "Hawkeye laughed.

"A little teddy bear ."BJ smiled

"Radar... you should be careful, you could get something. "Colonel Potter said.

"Well, there's no chance of that.. sir.. next time I take a bath.. "Radar whispered

"A drawn on tattoo ." Hawkeye tried not to laugh again.

"Gee, sirs... who's going to know?" Radar said.

"It's definitely by the seat of his pants." BJ couldn't stop laughing .

"No, buts about it. " Hawkeye couldn't stop laughing either.

"Boys, listen... let the chap be." Colonel Potter tried not to smile.

"Thank you." Radar sat down again.

"Radar, we're sorry." Hawkeye stopped by the door.

"Really, we are. " BJ said.

It was the next morning and Radar saw a jeep come into camp. The man got out and looked at his watch

and shook his head. He looked around and then got in and backed up. Radar walked to the Swamp.

"Hawkeye... listen... there was a man.. who tried to talk to me about the.. tattoo thing... I think the Major...." he stopped.

"What is it? "Hawkeye said.

"Nothing.. "Radar thought he heard a whine.

"Well, you look all pale." Hawkeye said.

Radar was quiet and then he heard a scream of some kind. He closed his eyes and sighed ."I'm hearing things. " he said.

"You want to go out and take a look?" Hawkeye walked out and they heard a screeching of tires and they ran in that direction. Hawkeye stared at the jeep retreating and he shook his head. Radar shrugged his shoulders.

"I've seen him before.. I think it's.. well.. it's.. Colonel... the...Major's.. engaged... Colonel ." Radar whispered.

"Donald?" Hawkeye said.

"Yes... oops... I heard they had a date.. " he giggled .

"He left without her" Hawkeye said.

"She's not going to like it.." Radar said.

"Shh.. not a word to her." Hawkeye said

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